How to Use GoPro Remote?

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How To Use Gopro Remote? – Getting Started

Well, before you jump on to the list of guidelines regarding how to use the GoPro remote, you must first have a deep understanding of its functioning.

A GoPro remote allows you to control the features and settings of your GoPro action cam from a distance of up to 180m. So, if your GoPro is mounted on a gear(selfie stick or drone) and you want to capture some breathtaking shots, using a GoPro remote is highly advisable.

What features and settings can you control via a GoPro remote?

With a GoPro remote in your kitty, you can easily power on/off the cam, stop/start recordings, click photos, and adjust most of the camera’s key settings.

Moreover, you can add/delete the HiLight tags to the video, which can help you mark the key moments and portions of the video clip. While using this GoPro remote, you can control as many as 50 GoPro cameras in one go.

Pairing a GoPro remote to the camera

The process of pairing a GoPro camera to the remote depends on what GoPro model you are using. Below, we have listed the process of pairing a GoPro remote with some of the most famous GoPro action camera models.

Pairing a Hero8 black/ Hero7 black/Hero5 black/Hero6 black or Hero Max to GoPro remote

  • Power On the GoPro while pressing the Mode button
  • Open the Preferences tab while swiping down to the LCD touchscreen and click it.
  • Choose Connections from the menu and then opt for Connect device
  • Opt for Smart Remote from the device list and prepare your Gopro remote for pairing
  • Your GoPro Remote is now connected to the GoPro cam

Pairing Hero4 to the Gopro remote

Step1. Prepare the GoPro Hero4 for pairing with the GoPro remote

Prepare the Hero4 for the pairing process by powering it on. Once done, look out for the Setup menu and tap on the top shutter button afterward to trigger the wireless connection.

After entering the WiFi menu, press the camera’s front button until you get the ‘REM CTRL’ highlighted. Once you get it, please tap on the shutter button to select it.

You will then be welcome with three new options – NEW, EXISTING, or BACK. Opt for NEW. Your camera will enter into the pairing mode, and the process will continue for at least 3 minutes.

Step2. Preparing the GoPro remote for pairing

Once the GoPro Hero4 is ready for pairing, you need to prepare the GoPro remote for the same process. To get started, power on the GoPro remote. While you do that, the WiFi icon will appear on the remote screen.

Press and hold the Settings button on the remote, and you will see two arrow signs flashing on the remote screen. Release the remote settings button you were pressing until now as the remote has entered the pairing mode.

Step3. Finishing up with the pairing process

Both the GoPro remote and cam must be showing the arrow signs by now, and within a minute or so, you can expect them to get paired with each other. Once this process is concluded, the remote will prompt another device for pairing.

Just tap the mode button while selecting NO and opt for the red button to stop any new pairing process. You will then see the arrow signs on the screen with no devices connected ( 1).

Tap on the red shutter button placed on the remote to finish up the pairing process. You must now be seeing the remote to mirror the LCD screen of the GoPro cam. It means that the pairing was successful between both devices.

If you cannot pair the remote with the GoPro cam, try repeating the same process once. Still, if it doesn’t go through, try connecting to the camera’s WiFi network via a phone or tablet. In this case, you have to switch to the GoPro app mode from the WiFi menu of the cam.

Bottomline for How to use GoPro remote

A GoPro remote is the perfect way to control and manage the GoPro action cam from a distance ( of up to 600 ft or 180 m). Still, different settings need to be checked for different GoPro cam models, and the steps mentioned above will surely help you in the same regard.

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