How to Use Canon PowerShot SX50 HS?

How to Use Canon PowerShot SX50 HSHow to Use Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

How to Use Canon PowerShot SX50 HS? – Overview

The Canon Powershot SX50 HS can be deemed one of the best point-and-shoot cameras in the market.

Speaking of its stunning features, the camera comes on board as the world’s first compact digital camera with a 50X optical zoom facility. This enables you to capture most of the shots from a wide-angle 24mm to 1200mm focal range.

Getting started with Canon Powershot SX50 HS

The camera comes with certain security guidelines and instructions referred to in the user manual. Make sure to read them over before putting this camera to use.

Moreover, you first need to charge the battery that is provided separately in the camera package. To do that, take out the battery from the bundle and tenderly insert it into the tiny slot in the camera’s upper right zone.

When done, charge the battery with the help of the USB cable and the AC adaptor. When the camera gets completely charged, plug off the AC adaptor from the power source.

Subsequently, set the date, time, and language while going into the main menu of the camera’s settings. Doing that is significant as the details will work like a timestamp for your shots and videos. So, if you need to look and find any video or picture from the memory card, you can do that while checking the date and time.

Checking and adjusting the camera settings

Capturing images

As you are using the camera for the first time, going with the SMART AUTO would be the right idea. When you do that, the camera will pick the default settings to capture the desired shots and videos.

Pick the AUTO mode by tapping on the AUTO mode dial situated at the camera’s upper right plate. Starting there, place the focus on the subject, and as it’s done, the camera will welcome you with a click sound. This guarantees that the focus is appropriately placed on the subject.

The camera will also bring along certain symbols and icons on the screen and image stabilization modes on the camera screen’s upper right segment.

These will assist you in enhancing and adjusting the image quality according to your preferences. This camera’s 50X Zoom feature is the best among all the other point-and-shoot cameras in this segment.

To continue with the photo shoot, you need to press the shutter button halfway, and the camera will confirm the required focus setting on the subject. By then, press the shutter button completely, and you will then hear two Clicks sounds (confirming that the shot has been captured).

Recording videos

After capturing the images, you then need to learn about the recording of videos. To do that, you simply need to tap the MOVIE button set on the upper right part of the SMART AUTO button. Once you have tapped on the Movie button, the camera will prompt you with a beep sound that confirms the recording process.

Furthermore, the REC icon will show up on the screen. Whenever you are done with the video recording and finish up with the process, tenderly press the MOVIE button again and the camera will again react with two beep sounds.

Playing back the images and videos

The images and videos stored in the camera’s memory card can be reviewed and played by entering into the PLAYBACK mode.

This option is available on the left part of the SMART AUTO button. Gently tap it and it will take you through to the most recent video or image captured by the Camera.

You can utilize the arrow keys to scroll between the images or videos available in the camera’s memory card. Besides, the images or videos can be erased by tapping on the DELETE button on the camera screen. It must be mentioned that once deleted, the images or videos cannot be recollected.

Bottom-line for Canon Powershot SX50 HS how to use guide

This Camera boasts some coolest features, settings, and controls that will simply blow away your mind. Still, consider going through the Canon Powershot SX50 HS ‘how to use’ guide to get the best knowledge and information in the same respect.

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