How To Use Canon 5d Mark IV?

How To Use Canon 5d Mark IVHow To Use Canon 5d Mark IV

How to Use Canon 5d Mark IV? – Overview

Bought a new Canon camera recently but want to learn how to use the Canon 5d Mark IV full features. Well, you need not worry as understanding a few basic features and settings can give you get an expert hand on this masterpiece.

The Canon 5d mark iv is one of the most innovative models within the Canon EOS segment. Still, you may face initial troubles during its usage due to the absence of certain basic features and settings that were sported by its predecessors.

So, we recommend you go by the steps and guidelines mentioned below to master its exquisite features and settings

Getting started

This camera may go a bit complicated for everyone who has used the earlier EOS models launched by Canon. There is an Auto + mode that makes you click some amazing shots while keeping most of the settings under the camera’s control.

So, before you jump any further with its usage, you first understand the functioning of its settings, features, and lenses according to your photography requirements. You won’t find fully automated modes in this camera; this is where you must bring your creativity and style into play.

Understanding the ISO settings

ISO plays a key role in delivering the perfect essence of your shots and this is where you got to be mindful regarding its usage. Talking about the ISO settings of Canon 5D mark iv, the Auto ISO settings in this camera can be increased from 100 ISO to 32000 ISO in default mode.

So, once you start shooting in low light conditions, the camera will automatically choose higher ISO settings. Same way, if you are carrying out a shoot in well-lit surroundings, the camera will automatically go into the lower ISO settings mode.

Still, there is a catch to this ISO thing. In case of an increased ISO setting ( above 6400 ISO), the image you have captured may look grainy and noisy. So, you still have to be a bit careful regarding its usage.

Learning about the shutter speed

The shutter speed can lay a key impact on the brightness of the image or video you are capturing. In the case of Canon 5D mark iv, the shutter speed settings range from 1/30th to 1/8000th.

The shutter speed plays a critical role when you are about to capture action shots( like a speeding vehicle or a running animal). Still, it’s more important for the camera to avoid camera shaking during the shoot.

Adjusting the aperture

The aperture is referred to as the opening in the lens that controls the amount of light entering it. Keeping the right aperture value is quite important for your photography as the same light can make or break the quality of the shot you are capturing.

Being a beginner in photography, you may find it hard to learn about the aperture ( simply due to the random alphanumeric digits used ). Still, it largely depends on the quality and number of lenses you are using during the photography.

Talking about the Canon 5D mark iv, the basic model comes along with a wider aperture while keeping the value between f5.6 and f8.

Understanding the sensor size and lenses

The Canon EOS mark iv comes with a full-frame sensor that is quite an advantage for all the conventional photographers around. The lens size is also 22mm x 15mm which is enough to make you capture some stunning shots even from a distance.

On the other side, the camera only goes compatible with Canon’s EF range lenses ( signified by the red dot you can see on the camera mount). If the camera supported lighter and smaller lenses, you would’ve found a white square aside from the red dot.

A Sneak peek into the Camera layout

The top plate of the Canon 5D Mark IV would feature the following controls and buttons.

  • On/ off button
  • Mail dial
  • Shutter button
  • Mode dial
  • LCD top display
  • Lens release button
  • Dioptric adjustment dial

On the other side, the rear end would come up with the following features and controls.

  • Main Menu
  • Info button
  • Magnify button
  • Playback button
  • Erase button

Bottom-line for Canon 5D Mark IV

This camera is quite amazing in its sense. With a range of stunning features and settings, you can bring your imagination and photography style into play.

So, just in case you find it hard to control its list of settings and features, going by the above guidelines can be helpful.

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