How to Use a Dash Cam?

How to Use a Dash CamHow to Use a Dash Cam

How to Use a Dash Cam? – Overview

How to Use a Dash Cam? Dashboard camera helps car owners record sounds and images while driving. The cameras are known as dash cams. Dash cams are gaining popularity in the population.

The primary function of the dashcam includes recording details inside and outside the car. Then, a dash cam can serve a range of purposes.

Who Should Use a Dash Cam?

Many people use the dashcam for several reasons. Some of the common buyers of dashcams include:

  • Regular drivers
  • Driving Instructors
  • Bus Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Police Officers

As the name suggests, the user can put the camera on the car dashboard. Also, the device integrates well with recorders and GPS devices.

How to Choose the Dash Cam?

Buying the dashcam is a task in itself. To begin, you need to understand your options.

Check the features of the device carefully. Also, take the time to compare the prices of the device with a similar configuration.

The reason for buying the device will also affect the type of dash cam you buy. If you want to keep a dashcam for proof purposes, the quality of the video is not important.

However, you might want to capture road trips with the dashcam.

Here, you have to limit options to high-quality audio and video-capturing dashcams.

Keep your budget, needs, and car compatibility in mind while making the decision.

How to Use a Dash Cam? – Steps to Install

Broadly, there are four steps to install the dashcam.

1. Insert Memory Card

The first task is to insert the memory card. Find the appropriate slot and push the memory card into it.

2. Attach the dashcam to the dashboard

The dashcam you buy will come with an installation guide. Some dash cams come with a suction cup to attach the device.

Others come with a dashcam holder with double-sided tape at the bottom. Remove the protective layer and stick the dashcam holder in place.

Then, mount the dashcam on the holder and secure it.

3. Plug the power cord

Dashcams need a source of electricity to function.

They might come with a battery backup to record while the car engine is off.

However, you will get a power cord to attach to the camera and car engine to recharge the device.

4. Check the recording light

Dashcam comes with an indicator to show when the camera is recording.

So, check the user manual to find the right way to check if the dashcam is working.

Once you see that the dashcam is working, the installation is complete.

How to use a Dash Cam – A Check on Features

The model of your dashcam will dictate the features. So, take the time to read the user manual carefully.

Check the recording limit of the device. Also, in the menu, you can set the video segment limit.

Also, seamless recording ensures that you do not lose even 2-seconds of footage between the segments.

Lastly, check all the features of your device to get the most use out of the money spent.

How to Use a Dash Cam – Purpose of the device

A dash cam is ideal for many circumstances. The third eye that records incidents can serve the following purposes.


Dash Cams record incidents. It helps prove innocence. The lawyer can use videotape as evidence in a court trial.

It is one of the strongest proofs that you can offer. Hence, in the long run, dash cams save you money, trouble, and time.

A Cure for Undisciplined Drivers

The road has several undisciplined drivers that can put your life at risk.

Dash Cams can help you report such instances and ensure proper safety. Also, when you are not at fault, the bad drivers can put your life at risk.

Therefore, with a dashboard camera, you can report the mishap to the authorities with proof.

Records Your Road Trips

Another not-so-grim function of the dashcam is recording road trips.

Use it on a long drive and come back home with footage that offers nostalgia.

Creative people can use the video to create masterpieces.

Prevent Parking Accidents

Beginners can find parking challenging. So, leave the dash cam on while taking a trip to the grocery store.

In case of a parking accident, you can find the culprit and get proper compensation for the mishap.

Dashcam also deters observant beginners from parking near your car in case of a collision.


A dashcam can save you in a pinch by providing evidence. So, learning how to use the dashcam is an investment that you should take seriously.

Hence, take the time to find the best device for your needs and budget.

Proving the fault of the other party with video evidence helps keep the car insurance cost low.

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