How to Install Nest Outdoor Camera

How to Install Nest Outdoor CameraHow to Install Nest Outdoor Camera

Before starting to install your Nest outdoor camera make sure you connect it to the Nest App.

Recommended steps regarding how to install Nest outdoor camera

Step 1. Getting started.

How to Install Nest Outdoor Camera

How to Install Nest Outdoor Camera – Recommended steps

First, make your mind about the spot where the Nest camera needs to be mounted. Afterward, go to the location you choose to install your Nest camera with your smart device and check if your camera gets Wi-Fi signals properly.

This will help you in getting a general idea about the Wi-Fi coverage in the provided zone. If you find no or minimal signals, you may have to opt for a different spot.

Another thing you need to think about is the power cable’s path en route to the power outlet.

The nest outdoor camera package will include certain cable clips that can help you attach these wires to the walls and other surfaces.

This way, you can keep the cable secured and safe from any damage.

Once you’re done with this, check about any direct exposure to the sunlight with the Nest outdoor camera. Please note that direct exposure to sunlight can make your Nest outdoor camera heat up.

Hence, it would be best if you looked for a shaded zone or spot for its installation. Moreover, check out the safety guidelines and instructions provided in the user manual for further reference.

The camera package will include certain tools like the mounting magnet, adapter, camera wall plate, wall screws, wall anchors, and cable clips.

Besides, you must arrange other tools like a screwdriver, a drill, and a hammer for the task.

Step 2. Mounting the camera

The Nest outdoor camera comes with a mountain magnet that helps you position the camera according to your choice and preference.

The back portion of the Nest outdoor camera automatically attaches to the double-sided magnet mounted.

Hence you can mount the camera according to your convenience. Once the camera is attached to the mounting magnet, you can twist and turn it to get the required field of view.

In case you are installing the camera upside down, you can also rotate it on the mounting magnetic.

In case you don’t have a metallic surface to accommodate the mounting magnet, you can even position the camera metal wall plate.

This way, you can successfully attach the Nest outdoor cam with the mountain magnet plate and rotate the camera accordingly to your choice and preference.

Once done, you now need to connect the camera to the power adapter by inserting the camera’s USB connector.

Afterward, connect the power cable and adapter to a power outlet. Later, you must check for the Wi-Fi coverage with the camera.

To get ahead with the same task, point over the camera to the required spot and check on the live video screen with the next app’s help.

If the camera cannot establish a connection with the nest app, you may have to choose the location with a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

Just in case you have to install the camera to the desired location only, try opting for a Wi-Fi extender.

You now need to install the wall plate by removing the protective sticker and backing foam from it.

Try to drill some pilot holes before attaching the wall plate with the screws at the surface.

If the surface is made up of random materials like stone or brick, you can use the attached wall anchors.

Once done, gently connect each of the anchors to the wall with a hammer, until they are successfully attached to the surface.

Afterward, you just have to position the wall plate along with the screws.

Once you are assured of the Nest outdoor camera positioning, attach the mounting magnet to the wall plate.

Once done with the task, you then need to attach the Nest outdoor camera with the cable clips.

Afterward, you need to remove the sticker on the Nest outdoor camera lens and check its functioning and working according to your choice and preference.

It would help if you then safeguarded the power adapter and cable by using the camera package’s cable clips.

You can also paint the clips and the cables to make them match your home surroundings. While doing this, try not to paint the camera as that could hamper its efficiency and performance.

Step 3. Testing the camera

As your Nest outdoor camera is successfully installed, you now need to check for its performance and functioning.

Open the Nest app and check whether you’re getting the required field of view in the live video streaming.

Moreover, you can make the required changes in the camera settings according to your own choice and preference.

Also, refer to the user manual in case of any issues or simply call the nest customer support for further assistance.

The bottom line for How to install Nest outdoor camera

The process related to the installation of the Nest outdoor camera is pretty straightforward.

Ensure using the right tools and accessories to avoid any future issues. Additionally, please let us know in the comments section if you want us to include your favorite device in our future posts.

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