How to Set Up Arlo Pro 2

How to Set Up Arlo Pro 2How to Set Up Arlo Pro 2

Before Jumping on to the procedure regarding how to set up Arlo Pro 2, you first need to have a basic understanding of its key features and specifications.

The security cam comes with a video resolution of up to 1080p HD with wire-free motion detection capability.

Moreover, the digital pan and zoom facility make it a perfect security device to safeguard your home or office premises.

That said, let’s take a look at the recommended steps regarding its installation and setup.

For setting up the camera, you will have to follow the instructions properly. The instructions are quite necessary to streamline the Arlo pro cameras with Arlo pro base stations.

In case you are linking any other camera with the base station, you will have to follow a different process altogether.

Before starting with the final setup steps for the connection, you must consider establishing a connection of the power adaptor and ethernet cable to the other base station.

Then, you have to download the application and follow the set of instructions below.

Recommended steps regarding how to set up Arlo Pro 2

Step 1. Insert the battery

Open the compartment for the battery. For that, you have to press on the latch and pull back gently. Once done, insert the battery by following the diagram mentioned in the user manual and close the battery door.

As the battery is now inserted, power ON the camera by tapping on the power icon on the device’s top plate.

Step 2. Positioning the camera

You have to bring the camera within one hour 3 feet, approximately 30 to 100 centimeters of the base station.

Ensure that the camera is placed at the appropriate angle and location, right according to your security needs and preferences

Step 3. Establishing the connection with the base station

Start synchronizing the camera to the base station. In case you’re using the other based station, you have to place it on the synchronization button that you will find on the base station’s side.

Do so for 2 seconds and then start releasing the button.

However, in this position, you must know that if you are pressing the base station’s synchronization button for a longer time, the LED under the USB symbol starts blinking in the amber color for 10 minutes.

At this point, you will see that the USB LED starts blinking, and there the synchronization procedure gets blocked immediately.

In case you’re using the Arlo Pro 2 station, you have to start pressing the button on the top of the base station for 2 seconds straight and then release the button. Wait to confirm the status of synchronization as the LED light blinks green.

Step 4. Syncing the devices

Press on the sync button that you’ll find on the top of the camera for straight 2 seconds before releasing it. At that point, you will be noticing the blue LED on the camera that is glowing randomly.

For the confirmation of the synchronization mode, the LED on the camera will start blinking, and then you have to note that the synchronization is not successful. So, you have to start repeating the process.

You have to check for the LED light of the camera on the base station. In case the LED on the base station shows a solid green color, it means that the synchronization process is complete.

Step 5. Confirmation of the setup

You have to repeat the above-mentioned steps for every camera.

However, at every point, you should note that if you did not complete the synchronization process within 60 seconds, then you have to press the button right on the top of the base station and start trying again.

The bottom line for How to set up Arlo Pro 2

The setup process for this camera is quite easy and simple. You have to follow the detailed list of steps mentioned above, and the rest of the task is like a simple cakewalk.

Still, the guidelines differ for different models, and this is where you have to be careful.

Additionally, consult with a certified electrician or technician if you cannot take care of the task yourself. Moreover, keep checking this space for some more information and updates regarding your favorite security devices.

How to set up Arlo Pro

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