How to Set Up Arlo Pro 2

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Before diving into the setup procedure for Arlo Pro 2, it’s crucial to understand its key features and specifications.

This security camera offers up to 1080p HD video resolution and wire-free motion detection, enhancing its suitability as a security device for protecting your home or office. It also features digital pan and zoom capabilities.

Now, let’s proceed with the installation and setup steps.

Specific instructions must be followed to integrate the camera successfully with Arlo Pro base stations. A distinct process is required if you’re connecting a different camera model to the base station.

Initially, ensure a connection is established between the power adapter and ethernet cable to the base station.

Subsequently, download the app and adhere to the instructions provided below.

Steps for setting up Arlo Pro 2

Step 1. Insert the battery

Access the battery compartment by pressing the latch and pulling it back gently. Insert the battery as the user manual indicates, then secure the battery door.

With the battery in place, activate the camera by pressing the power icon on the device’s top.

Step 2. Positioning the camera

Position the camera within 1 meter (approximately 3 feet) of the base station, ensuring it’s placed at the optimal angle and location for your security needs.

Step 3. Establishing the connection with the base station

To sync the camera with the base station, press the synchronization button on the base station’s side for 2 seconds, then release.

Be cautious not to press the synchronization button too long; otherwise, the LED under the USB symbol may blink amber for 10 minutes, indicating a block in the synchronization process.

For Arlo Pro 2 stations, press the button atop the base station for 2 seconds and release. Wait for the LED light to blink green, signaling successful synchronization.

Step 4. Syncing the devices

Press the sync button on the camera’s top for 2 seconds and release. A blue LED on the camera will indicate it’s in sync mode.

If the camera’s LED blinks blue, synchronization has failed, and the process should be repeated.

Check the base station’s LED; a solid green light indicates the synchronization is complete.

Step 5. Confirming the setup

Repeat these steps for each camera. Remember, if synchronization isn’t completed within 60 seconds, press the base station’s top button and try again.

Conclusion on setting up Arlo Pro 2

The setup process for Arlo Pro 2 is straightforward. Following the detailed instructions above should make the rest easy.

However, setup guidelines vary across models, necessitating attentiveness.

If you encounter difficulties, consider consulting a certified electrician or technician. Keep an eye on this space for further information and updates on your preferred security devices.

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