How to Set Up Arlo Pro?

How to Set Up Arlo ProHow to Set Up Arlo Pro

How to Set Up Arlo Pro? – Overview

Before you proceed regarding how to set up ARLO PRO, you first need to decide whether you are taking the help of a professional or setting it all by yourself.

Once decided, you can then start ahead with the following steps and guidelines in the same respect.

Recommended steps regarding how to set up Arlo pro

Step 1. Downloading the Arlo app

To get started with the procedure, you have to download the Arlo app. Do this on your smartphone because the application is freely available for iPhone and Android devices.

Right after this, open the app and tap the “New to Arlo” button. Then, you will be taken to the next screen. There, select the Arlo product that you wish to get set up.

That said, you will have to get access to “Arlo Wire-Free.” This is the app that keeps telling you to install the hub Arlo Base Station.

Going ahead with this procedure, plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Base Station. You can rest assured that it is included in the kit.

Moreover, put the other end into a free Ethernet port. This is the port that you can find on your router.

Once you’ve got the Base Station setup, you have to click on the “Continue” option in the app. Now keep waiting for the hub to power up. You can see that at this point, the app automatically searches for your network-based hub.

Step 2. Choosing the right timezone

As soon as you see that it’s ready, click on the “Choose Timezone” option. You can see this option in the app. Make the selection of your time zone. After doing that, hit on “Save”.

You can see that this menu is available in the top-right corner. Then, tap on the back arrow. You can see it in the top-left corner. To proceed with the menu, tap on “Continue”.

Then, proceed with this option.

Next, you have to suggest the name of the Base Station. In this step, you can be creative. However, always keep in mind that something simple works fine. Start tapping on the “Continue” button as soon as you see that you’re done.

Step 3. Creating a Netgear account

Now go ahead with the creation of a Netgear Account. You have to go ahead with the process while entering the email address. Then, you can go by tapping the “Continue” button.

Besides, you have to enter the name and password while agreeing to the terms and privacy policy. To proceed with the rest of this process, hit on “Next”. You can find this option at the bottom.

Step 4. Syncing the camera with the base station

You can also sync the Arlo Cameras to the Base Station. This will open the way for the synchronization of the Arlo cameras to the Base Station.

Doing this will require building the connection for one camera at a time. At every point, you’ll have to see that the cameras are situated within some distance of the Base Station.

Go ahead with tapping on “Continue” in the app. Press the sync button that is located on the top of the Base Station. You will get this option on the camera itself.

Continue with the process until the blue LED light stops flashing on the camera.

BOnce the sync mode is developed for the Base Station and the camera, the camera and Base Station are connected. To take the connection to the next level, click on “Continue” in the app. With this, you will get the “Sync Complete” screen.

You will then have to hit “Finish” or “Add More Cameras”. Afterward, follow this step in case you see that there is more than one camera to connect.

Step 5. Updating the Firmware

Always update the Base Station and Camera Firmware. After you get done with the cameras’ syncing, you will have to hit “Finish”. This is the point where the Arlo app’s main screen appears.

You will see that the notifications for the update are available.

Afterward, tap on “Update Base Station”. This is the point where you will have to wait for it to update. That said; repeat the same steps for the other cameras.

Step 6. Initiating the ‘Live View’

As soon as you see that everything is updated, you will have to tap on the “Live” button. You will see the live view of the Arlo camera.

When you have the app, you can set the alarm. You can also start manually recording video, snapping a photo, enabling, and disabling audio capturing.

Bottom-line for How to set up Arlo Pro

The camera can prove crucial for the safety and security of your home and office premises. So, learning how to set up Arlo pro is critical for achieving the same objective.

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