How to Set Up Arlo Pro

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How to Set Up Arlo Pro – Overview

The first step in setting up Arlo Pro is deciding between professional installation and a DIY approach. Once you’ve chosen, follow the steps below to ensure a smooth setup process.

Recommended Steps on How to Set Up Arlo Pro

Step 1. Downloading the Arlo App

Begin by downloading the Arlo app on your smartphone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Open the app and select “New to Arlo.” Then, choose the Arlo product you are setting up, specifically “Arlo Wire-Free.” The app will instruct you to install the Arlo Base Station.

Proceed by connecting one end of the Ethernet cable to the Base Station and the other to a free port on your router.

After setting up the Base Station, click “Continue” in the app and wait for the hub to power up. The app will automatically search for your network-based hub.

Step 2. Choosing the Right Timezone

Once ready, click “Choose Timezone” in the app, select your timezone, and hit “Save.” Then, use the back arrow to return and tap “Continue.”

Next, you are prompted to name the Base Station. Choose a simple yet identifiable name and press “Continue” once done.

Step 3. Creating a Netgear Account

Create a Netgear Account by entering your email address and pressing “Continue.” You must also input your name and password while agreeing to the terms and privacy policy. Press “Next” to proceed.

Step 4. Syncing the Camera with the Base Station

Sync the Arlo Cameras with the Base Station one at a time, ensuring each camera is within range of the Base Station.

In the app, press “Continue,” then press the sync button on the Base Station and the camera until the blue LED light stops flashing.

Once the Base Station and camera sync, click “Continue” in the app. Select “Add More Cameras” and repeat the process if you have additional cameras.

Step 5. Updating the Firmware

After syncing the cameras, tap “Finish” to access the main screen of the Arlo app, where you may see notifications for updates.

Tap on “Update Base Station” and wait for the update to complete. Repeat for other cameras as necessary.

Step 6. Initiating the ‘Live View’

With everything updated, tap the “Live” button to view the live feed from your Arlo camera. You can set alarms, manually record videos, take photos, and enable or disable audio capture through the app.

The Bottom Line on How to Set Up Arlo Pro

Setting up Arlo Pro is essential for enhancing the safety and security of your home and office. Following these steps will help you achieve optimal surveillance coverage.

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