How to Remove Red Eye on Nikon D90?

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How to Remove Red Eye on Nikon D90

We all know that the perfect picture can be ruined by the red-eye effect caused by flash. Do not worry! If you own a Nikon D90 camera, you can easily remove the red-eye effect from your pictures.

You do not even have to use a third-party photo editing app. The photo enhancement filter effect on your Nikon D90 camera is enough to remove red-eye. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Displaying Your Picture

The first step is to select the picture you want to fix. For that, you must display the picture spoiled by the red-eye effect.

You need to ensure you display your picture in a single image view. After you have done so, you have to look for the OK button. After locating it on your Nikon D90 camera, press it.

Step 2: Retouch Menu

After you have followed the steps mentioned above, you will see that the retouch menu appears.

The retouch menu has several tools to correct various errors in your picture. You will be able to see the ‘Red-eye correction’ option.

The next thing you need to do is highlight or choose this option. If your Nikon D90 camera can detect the red-eye error in your image, it will apply this filter to correct the error.

If it cannot detect red-eye, you will see a message on the screen. The red-eye correction option is dimmed when your chosen pictures are taken without a flash.

Step 3: Inspecting The Correction Properly

After applying the red-eye filter, you must inspect the image properly to see if all the red-eye-related errors have been corrected.

You can even use the Qual button on your Nikon D90 camera. It is used to magnify the image to check whether the camera has fixed the error appropriately.

Step 4: Using The Multi-Selector

After magnifying the image, you can scroll up, down, and sideways. Press on the multi-selector and move it towards the left or right.

This is done to move the display sideways. You can also use the multi-selector to move the display upwards or downwards.

You will see a yellow box in the navigation window on your screen. It can be found in the lower right corner of your screen. This box indicates the part of the image viewed on your Nikon D90 screen.

Step 5: If Correction Is Done

After inspecting the image and if you are satisfied that the correction for the red-eye is done correctly, you can proceed. All you need to do now is to look for the OK button on your Nikon D90 camera.

After you have found it, press it to save changes. Press the OK option twice to save the edited copy if you have magnified the image. On the first press, the button helps you to zoom out.

Step 6: If Correction Is Not Done

If you are unhappy with the corrections for the red-eye, you can discard the edited image. All you need to do is press the OK button once.

After that, you have to click on the playback menu. It will help you discard unwanted changes and return it to its original condition.

Fixing red-eye errors has always been a challenge. But now, it’s part of the Nikon D90 fun process.

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