How to Create a Custom Storage Folder on Nikon D5600

Nikon, one of the world leaders in photography has many models of cameras in their cart. One of them, which is most popular, is the Nikon D5600.

It is one of the cameras that many professionals use. If you own this model, then you are aware that the camera stores all the images in one folder.

It is named 100D5600. The capacity of the folder is 999 still photos. As one exceeds that number or the 9999 number is displayed, the camera creates a new folder by default, and the name of it becomes 101D5600 and so on.

It is possible to customize the process of folder numbering so that one can segregate the images and find them easily for later viewing. Let us look into the process of custom storage folder on your Nikon D5600.

How to create a custom storage folder on Nikon D5600

If you want, you can create different folders for different purposes. Some photos you take might be of personal use, and some may be for professional use.

Therefore, customizing the folders is essential to separate the images and store them accordingly. Follow the simple steps to customize the storage folder.

  • Step 1

Press the shooting menu and select the storage folder. If you have never created a custom folder or crossed the image numbers, then the camera will show the folder name 100D5600 by default. One can see the folder name in the display mode during playback.

  • Step 2

After pressing the shooting menu, it is time to select the folder number that you want to change. Tap the up or down arrow. If there is an icon aside from the folder number, it indicates that the folder already exists. If the figure is full, it means the capacity of the folder is complete, and one cannot put any more pictures in it.

  • Step 3

It is now time to assign a new folder number. Select the digit by scrolling the box alongside the folder. One can change it by tapping the Multi Selector. After creating a new folder with a unique number, the folder icon will not show up as it is empty.

  • Step 4

After creating the folder with your desired number, it is time to tap the OK button.

The Nikon D5600 will create a new folder with your custom number, and it will be your current folder to store the new images up the capacity level to 999.

One should remember that while shooting, one should make sure that the camera stores photos in your customized folder created by you for segregation. 

If the folder number created by you is not visible, then one should proceed to the select folder option and input the folder number to save the images.

If you forget the folder number, which is very common, then one should go for the Select Folder number option from the list. Pick the right folder to store the desired images.

It may be mentioned here that the starting steps for creating customizable folders in your Nikon D5600 begin with visiting the settings options and then selecting the shooting menu.

Unless you tap the OK button after being given a new name, the custom folder is not created, and the camera will store the images as per its default folder options.


Creating a customized folder is a great option to save the photos clicked with the camera in the desired folder. The counter starts from the beginning, and one can ascertain what pictures are stored in which folder.

As you upload the folders on your computer, it is easy to search for any image in the designated folder without wasting time. So go for it and enjoy shooting on Nikon D5600.

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