How to Create a Custom Storage Folder on Nikon D5600

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Nikon, renowned for its leadership in the photography industry, offers a variety of camera models. Among these, the Nikon D5600 is a trendy choice many professionals favor.

Owners of this model will be familiar with its image storage system, which organizes photos into a default folder named 100D5600. This folder has a maximum capacity of 999 still images. Upon reaching this limit, or when the display shows the number 9999, the camera automatically generates a new folder, sequentially named 101D5600, and continues accordingly.

To aid in the organization and retrieval of photos, Nikon D5600 users have the option to customize their folder numbering. This feature is invaluable for sorting images for easy access in the future. The following is a guide to setting up custom storage folders on your Nikon D5600.

Custom Storage Folder Setup on Nikon D5600

For better organization, you can create separate folders for different types of photos, such as personal versus professional shots.

Customizing folders helps in efficiently managing and storing your images. Here are the steps to create your custom storage folder.

Step 1

Navigate to the shooting menu and select the storage folder option. If this is your first time customizing or if your image count has not exceeded the limit, the camera will display the default folder name, 100D5600, which can be viewed in playback mode.

Step 2

In the shooting menu, choose the folder you wish to modify. Use the up or down arrow to navigate. An icon next to the folder number indicates an existing folder. A full icon means the folder is at capacity and cannot hold additional images.

Step 3

Assign a new folder number by scrolling next to the current folder. Change it using the Multi Selector. A new folder will not display an icon until it contains images.

Step 4

With your desired number selected, confirm by tapping the OK button.

The Nikon D5600 will create and switch to the new folder, ready to store up to 999 new images.

Ensure the camera is set to save photos to your custom folder to maintain organization. If your folder is not displayed, use the select folder option to enter your folder number manually.

Forgetting a folder number is common; in such cases, use the Select Folder number option to locate and select the appropriate folder for your images.

Initiating custom folder creation on the Nikon D5600 starts with accessing the settings menu and proceeding to the shooting options.

Remember, the custom folder is not established until you press OK after naming it. Otherwise, images will default to the standard storage folder.


Creating custom folders on the Nikon D5600 is an effective way to organize your photographs, ensuring easy identification and retrieval. By starting the counter anew for each folder, managing and locating specific images becomes straightforward, especially when transferring files to a computer.

Embrace the customization options of your Nikon D5600 for a more organized and enjoyable photography experience.

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