How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws?

How to Mount Security Camera Without ScrewsHow to Mount Security Camera Without Screws

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws? – Overview

There are many reasons for you to mount a security camera without screws- you don’t want to ruin the perfect décor of your house, or either you live in a rented place, and the landlord is not too comfortable with drilling holes in the walls.

Regardless of the reasons, you have to find a way that brings a win-win situation to both your surveillance needs and concerns regarding the security camera’s safety.

Guess what? There is a way! And it can cater to all your security needs without drilling a hole into your house walls. That said, you have to arrange the below-mentioned list of devices, tools, and accessories to go through the entire process.

  • The security camera device that needs to be installed
  • To mount the camera to the wall, you may need a detachable adhesive strip, double-sided industrial tape, or a suction cup.
  • To solve the purpose of long-distance wiring, include Ethernet cat cables and Ethernet extension cables.
  • Power adaptors
  • A Router

Once you have secured all the above-mentioned devices, tools, and components, you can now proceed with the steps regarding how to mount a security camera without screws.

Recommended steps and guidelines regarding how to mount a security camera without screws

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws – Recommended Steps

Step 1. Determine the total distance between the security camera spot and the router

First up, you have to measure the total distance between the security camera installation spot and the router.

This way, you can quickly ascertain the length of Ethernet extension cables required for the whole task.

While you do that, please ensure to pick the most straightforward wiring path. Moreover, do keep a few feet of excess wire for future rearrangement of both terminations if necessary.

Step 2: Power off the security camera before installation

There are times when security camera owners turn on the camera to ensure its proper functioning.

While doing that, they further proceeded with the installation process without powering off the device.

Do know that any such act of installing the camera in active mode may lead to inevitable mishaps.

Besides, it may damage the device entirely. Hence, turning off the device before mounting it to a particular spot or location is always recommended.

Step 3. Mount the camera with the help of adhesive tape

As the security camera is in power-off mode, you can now proceed with the installation. Decide on the installation spot according to your surveillance needs and preferences.

Afterward, attach the security camera to the wall or the desired surface via an adhesive strip.

There may be a situation when the adhesive strip isn’t sticking well with certain surfaces. For all such cases, use a 3M industrial tape.

Step 4: Connect the camera’s Ethernet wire to the router

As the security camera is appropriately attached to the desired surface, establish its connection with the router.

You can do so while using the Ethernet cable. Try hiding the wiring behind the baseboard to keep the area uncluttered.

Step 5. Power on the security camera and connect it to the app

Check whether all the necessary connections have been successfully established. Afterward, it would help if you powered on the security camera.

Once done, download and install the security camera app on your smart device (subject to the security camera brand you are using)

Ensure that both the security camera and smart device are connected to the same router.

This way, the app will sync with the camera without much delay, and you will be able to watch live streaming simultaneously.

Step 6. Test the security camera

You have successfully mounted the security camera without screws. All you need to do now is check and analyze its functioning according to your security needs and preferences.

Try making random movements around the security camera and see whether it’s relaying the desired info on your smart device. In case it isn’t, you may need to check the wiring and other connections.

Points to ponder while mounting the security camera without screws

  • Choose a location that suits your security needs and doesn’t seem cluttered with all the wirings and cables.
  • Attaching the camera with tape may compromise its safety. Ensure fixing the security camera correctly with the surface.
  • Don’t use adhesive tapes on surfaces that attract moisture. The attachment may weaken with time.
  • Power off the device before initiating the mounting process

Bottomline for How to mount security camera without screws

Mounting the security camera without screws is possible. Yet, attaching the security camera using adhesive tape may put the safety of the device at risk.

Hence, you must go for this alternative when no other option is left. Moreover, keep checking this space for more news and updates about your favorite security devices and gadgets.

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