How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws

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How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws – Overview

Mounting a security camera without screws is a great solution for those who prefer not to damage their home’s décor or face restrictions in rented accommodations. Fortunately, there are effective methods to install a security camera securely without drilling.

For this installation, you’ll need:

  • The security camera for installation
  • Detachable adhesive strips, double-sided industrial tape, or suction cups for mounting
  • Ethernet cat cables and extension cables for wired connections, if necessary
  • Power adaptors
  • A router for network connection

Here are the steps to mount a security camera without screws, ensuring both your surveillance and aesthetic needs are met.

Recommended Steps for Mounting a Security Camera Without Screws

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws – Recommended Steps

Step 1: Measure the Distance

First, determine the distance between the intended security camera location and the router. This helps in understanding the length of Ethernet cables needed, if applicable. Allow for extra cable length for flexibility in placement.

Step 2: Power Off the Security Camera

Ensure the security camera is powered off before installation to avoid any potential damage to the device.

Step 3: Mount the Camera

Choose the installation spot based on your surveillance requirements. Attach the security camera using the chosen adhesive method. If the adhesive does not stick properly to certain surfaces, consider using 3M industrial tape for a stronger hold.

Step 4: Connect the Camera to the Router

Once mounted, connect the camera to the router using an Ethernet cable. Conceal the wiring as much as possible for a neat setup.

Step 5: Power On and Connect to the App

After establishing all connections, power on the security camera. Download and install the camera app on your smart device, ensuring both are on the same network for easy syncing and live streaming.

Step 6: Test the Security Camera

Test the camera’s functionality by moving around its field of view and checking the live feed on your smart device. Troubleshoot any connectivity or visibility issues by reviewing the setup and connections.

Considerations When Mounting Without Screws

– Choose a strategic location that meets your surveillance needs without cluttering the space with wires.
– Ensure the camera is securely attached to avoid accidental falls.
– Avoid mounting on moisture-prone surfaces as adhesive strength may diminish over time.
– Always power off the camera before beginning the mounting process.

Bottom Line

Mounting a security camera without screws is a feasible and effective method, especially when avoiding wall damage is a priority. While adhesive mounts offer a non-permanent solution, ensuring the camera’s security and functionality are not compromised is crucial. Regularly check the mount’s integrity and consider alternative mounting methods if necessary.

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