How to Install Wireless Security Camera System at Home?

How to Install Wireless Security Camera System At HomeHow to Install Wireless Security Camera System At Home

Gone are the days when wired security cameras were used to ensure the safety and security of any given asset or vicinity.

Over the past few years, most people have switched to wireless security cameras that have proved more effective and efficient in every aspect.

You can easily install and move these security cameras to your preferred location, and that is something that gives them an upper hand over the traditional wired security camera systems.

Now, if you have bought a wireless security camera recently and don’t know much about ‘how to install a wireless security camera system at home, just read through the below-mentioned instructions.

Steps to follow while installing a wireless security camera system at home

How to Install Wireless Security Camera System At Home

Step by Step How to Install Wireless Security Camera System At Home

Step 1. Decide the location

You have to choose the right location while installing the wireless security camera system. While doing the same, check on the exact angle and location at which the camera needs to be installed.

The same location and position can be changed later as per convenience, but it’s always better to start with a general idea in mind.

Step 2. Decide the height

Once you have decided on the location and position, it’s time now to choose the right height.

Although the height must be decided as per your surveillance needs, it’s always better to go as high as possible to keep the device safe from intruders.

Furthermore, a higher angle would accommodate a broader range for surveillance, so it is always recommended to choose the highest point during its installation.

Step 3. Installing the device

After deciding upon the height and location, you need to start with the installation process.

Initially, you are required to mark the screw hole spaces with a pencil while holding the mounting bracket against the wall at the given location.

Afterward, use a bit to drill holes in the wall. While doing that, make sure to use a smaller bit than the bracket screws to make the screws go into the wall without any unwanted damage.

Step 4. Placing the mounting bracket

Once done with the process, gently hold the mounting bracket beside the wall to align the screw holes with the holes in the wall.

Afterward, carefully insert the screws into the same spot and check whether the mounting bracket is correctly fixed or not.

Step 5. Plugging the camera into the bracket

You are now required to plug the wireless security camera into the mounting bracket while inserting the required batteries.

The camera is all set to go, and you are now required to sync it with the receiver as per the directions mentioned in the user manual of the device.

Step 6. Setting the receivers

You can install the receiver in any location at your convenience but do check whether the signals are correctly received from the camera device.

Summing it up

We hope that you have been able to successfully install your wireless security camera by following the guidelines mentioned above.

Keep checking this space for some more news and updates on your favorite security cameras and devices.

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