How to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone

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How to Detect Spy Cameras With Your Phone

With technological advancements, spy cameras can now be disguised as everyday objects, making them harder to detect. However, your smartphone can be a powerful tool in identifying these hidden cameras, whether connected to a WiFi network or using night vision.

How to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone

How to Detect Spy Cameras With Your Phone?

Scanning for Spy Cameras Connected to a WiFi Network

To begin, ensure you’re connected to the local WiFi network. Utilize apps designed to scan the network for devices that could potentially be spy cameras.

Here’s how:

  • Disconnect your device from the network to reduce confusion.
  • Use the app to scan the network, looking for devices that might indicate the presence of a spy camera.
  • Examine the list of unusual or unidentified devices, noting any suspicious ones.
  • Investigate any open ports on these devices, especially looking for services like RTSP or RTMP that indicate live streaming capabilities.
  • Attempt to connect to any services using HTTP or HTTPS through a browser for potential access to live feeds.

Detecting Night Vision Spy Cameras

If the spy camera uses a different network or is a night vision camera, the WiFi scan method may not be effective. Most night vision cameras use infrared technology, which can be detected with your smartphone’s camera:

Test your phone’s cameras with an infrared remote to identify which one can detect infrared light. In a dark room, use the camera that detects infrared light to look for flashing lights that could indicate the presence of a night vision camera.

Scan the entire room, paying special attention to corners, ceilings, and vents. Assess the room for out-of-place devices or non-functional appliances that could house a camera.

Additional Tips for Detecting Spy Cameras

While there’s no universal method for detecting spy cameras, the abovementioned techniques can enhance your chances of finding hidden devices. Always source spy camera detection apps from trusted platforms to avoid malware.


Detecting spy cameras with your phone requires technical knowledge and vigilance. The methods outlined provide a starting point, but always remain cautious and consider professional advice for comprehensive security solutions.

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