How to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone

How to Detect Spy Camera With Your PhoneHow to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone

Detecting a spy camera with your phone is a tricky process. So, you may require some basic technical knowledge and logical reasoning to succeed with the task.

Most spy cameras are made to be disguised as everyday use objects like wall clocks, smoke detectors, and even wireless chargers.

Hence, detecting their location may come over as a cumbersome task. Still, there are specific ways to scan for all such spy cameras with your smartphone.

How to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone

How to Detect Spy Camera With Your Phone?

Scanning for spy cameras connected with Wifi Network

Whether you are staying in a hotel or a friend’s place, you must look for access to the local wifi network. Certain apps allow you to scan any such Wifi network for a potential connection with a spy camera.

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Once you sign in to the same app, you can start ahead with the rest of the task. The purpose here is to search for every device connected to the local network. Before you jump on, disconnect your device from the local area network to avoid confusion.

Wait for the phone to finish scanning, and it will prompt you with the list of available devices. Watch out for any device that resembles the name or brand related to a spy camera or any surveillance device.

Even if you cannot spot any device in the same list, carefully check through every available accessory or device around. If you come around something unusual (with no proper details), note the details down with immediate effect.

On the other side, if you come through any suspicious devices on the network, you must scan any open ports those devices may be using. Tap on the app you are using and go for the “Network” button at the bottom part of the screen.
The list will bring out all the ports that stayed open and the services they are using.

Watch out for terms like RTSP and RTMP( as that signifies a live streaming facility).

Moreover, if you locate anything with HTTP or HTTPS as a service, you must try to create a connection with it via the browser. Once connected, it will prompt you with real-time access to live video streaming.

Detecting the spy cameras with Night vision

There may be a chance that the spy camera got connected to a different network. In that case, the procedure referenced above stays null and void.

Moreover, if you are trying to locate a night vision camera, the process goes differently. Most IP cameras bring infrared technology to use for night vision purposes. While infrared rays stay invisible to naked eyes, you must use your smartphone for scanning purposes.

Certain smartphone comes aboard with random filters to scan out infrared light on their primary camera.

Still, you won’t find the same facility in the front camera. To check what camera goes well for the purpose, you can use an infrared remote like the one used for the TV.

Simply point the remote to your smartphone’s primary camera and press any button. If you detect any random light on the screen, it could be infrared. In case you won’t, try the same process with the other camera.

Once you detect any such infrared light on the camera, turn off the lights in the room you want to check on.

Once done, turn on the smartphone’s camera and check for any flashing lights. IP cameras don’t bring along any standard configuration, so you may witness a specific combination of lights.

Try scanning the whole room while using the same methodology. Thoroughly check all the random corners, the ceiling, or the vents.

Besides, you can start ahead with a general check-in of the surroundings. See if every other device, accessory, or appliance in the room is placed according to their relevance. Moreover, check whether there is any non-functional device or appliance placed within the room.

Bottom-line for how to detect spy cameras with your phone

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one method suits all’ kind of trick to detect spy cameras.

Still, if you want to make your best effort in the same direction, referring to the techniques mentioned above is highly recommended.

Additionally, always download spy camera detection apps from a verified source. By doing that, you can still avoid any malware or viruses making their way into your smartphone.

Also, please let us know in the comments section if you want us to cover more such topics in our future posts.

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