How to Hide Spy Camera In Car?

How to Hide Spy Camera In CarHow to Hide Spy Camera In Car

How to Hide Spy Camera In Car? – Overview

Hiding a spy camera in a car may lead to certain ethical issues. Please use this guide to hide a spy camera in your car and only for safety reasons.

Hiding a spy camera on someone else’s car may be quite dangerous as the driver may panic in case he or she detects it while driving.

There could be several reasons for this – You may want to keep track of your vehicle against theft or want to ensure its wellbeing once someone has borrowed it for the weekend.

Recommended steps regarding how to hide a spy camera in the car

Step 1. Pick the right spy camera

Whether you own a Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, or MUV, there is a lot to think about once you are hiding a spy camera within.

First, pick the best and smallest spy camera from the market with all the high-end features and controls.

To do that, you must opt for the spy cameras already disguised as random car accessories like GPS navigators, Air fresheners, USB adaptors and so on.

If you cannot find the required spy cameras, go for portable and tiny spy cameras that can easily be concealed around random spots in your car.

Besides, you have to pay good attention to audio and video recording capability, WiFi connectivity, battery life and connection to random smart devices.

Step 2. Decide on the location to hide the spy camera

The next step is to find a perfect location for the car’s spy camera. This is something that depends on the subjects or objects you want to focus on.

For example, if you want to protect your car against any theft and want to capture the face of the car thief, you must place the spy camera somewhere around the dashboard while focusing on the driver seat.

This can also be done to track and monitor the person’s random gestures and behavior at the driver’s seat.

Similarly, if you want to focus on the people in the back seats, you must position the camera somewhere around the front seat’s backside.

While you do that, pay special attention to the positioning to ensure that the spy camera is not easily noticed by a person you’re trying to spy on.

For best results, try to hide the spy camera in an object easily removed from the vehicle.

Random objects like bubblehead figures on the dashboard, sunglass clips, GPS navigators, and car stereo speakers are some of the best examples in the same regard.

Step 3. Testing the camera

Once you have properly positioned the spy camera in the car, you now need to test its functioning and recording capabilities. This is required to check whether the spy camera provides you with the required video footage.

Even if the spy camera’s positioning is spot-on, it sometimes comes up with random issues related to connectivity and the live feed.

Check whether the spy camera’s focus is providing you with the required field of view. Additionally, make necessary changes in the spy camera settings to suit best your specific needs and requirements.

Points to ponder regarding how to hide a spy camera in the car

  • Pick a spy camera that is small in size, yet big enough in terms of required features and controls.
  • It is recommended to buy a spy camera that can easily be disguised as random car gear and accessories.
  • Check whether it can be connected to your smart device while offering live feed and motion alerts.
  • Check whether certain devices hamper its functioning and performance in the car i.e. GPS navigator, or a car stereo.
  • Buy all the required gears, tools, and accessories in advance to help yourself with the installation of a spy camera in the car.
  • Check for any obstruction in its field of view while testing the spy camera in real time.
  • Carefully go through any provided rules and regulations regarding the usage of spy cameras in your region, city or state

Bottom-line for how to hide a spy camera in the car

Once you go through the above-mentioned steps and points regarding how to hide a spy camera in the car, the rest of the task is as easy as pie.

Do let us know if you want us to come up with some more ‘How to’ posts regarding your favorite security gadgets and devices.

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