How to Cool Down Computer | 8 Tips to Quickly Cool Down Your PC

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How to Cool Down Computer

Your PC contains a lot of parts, most of which generate heat when the computer is on. Some parts like the graphics card and processor get so hot you could burn your finger on them.

In a correctly set up desktop computer or laptop, several fans placed in various locations eliminate a significant portion of this heat from the computer.

If your PC isn’t eliminating the hot air fast enough, the temperatures inside can get so that you risk seriously damaging your computer.

So it goes without saying that keeping the internal components of your PC cool should be a top priority.

In this review, we have listed eight PC cooling solutions for anybody. Most of them are free, so there’s no excuse why you should allow your computer to overheat. 

1. Change Your Computer’s Settings

How to Cool Down Computer

How to Cool Down Computer – Change Your Computer’s Settings

There are settings you can change on your PC to ensure it’s running optimally.

These settings include lowering the display’s brightness and completely shutting down resource-hogging applications or software you’re not using. 

It’s also vital to double-check your computer’s power management settings. You’ll find plenty of options and pre-set configurations than can maximize saved energy. 

2. Clean Your Computer

Clean Your Computer

The fans inside your PC have been placed there to cool it down. So what could slow down the fans? Dirt in the form of carpet fibers, dust, pet hair, etc.

They all find their way into your computer, and a lot of them get stuck in the fans.

One of the most efficient ways to cool your computer is clean the fans. Simply shut down your PC, remove the case and use canned air to remove dirt from all fans.

If the computer is very dirty, take it outside and clean it there or else the dirt will settle on the carpet or walls and eventually end up in the fans. 

3. Don’t Overclock Your Computer

Don’t Overclock Your Computer

If you don’t know what overclocking is, you’re probably not doing it, so this is something that you shouldn’t worry about. But if you’re overclocking your PC, you’re well aware that it pushes your computer’s abilities to the max.

What you may not know is that these changes affect your CPU’s temperature and any other overclocked internal components, including the graphics card.

If you’re overclocking your CPU but haven’t taken the necessary measures to cool the internal components, we recommend reverting the PC to factory default settings. 

4. Invest in A Cooling Pad

How to Cool Down Computer

How to Cool Down Computer – Invest in A Cooling Pad

You can invest in a cooling pad that essentially works like your PC’s external fan. Cooling pads are relatively cheap and connect directly to your computer via the USB port.

However, keep in mind that cooling pads only cool the external part of your computer; they might not have as much of an impact on the computer’s internal heat. 

5. Invest in A Water Cooling System

Invest in A Water Cooling System

For instance, in high-end computer setups, those used for 3D rendering or gaming, heat build-up has become such an issue that even the best fans won’t solve the problem. 

If you face a similar problem, installing a water cooling system is your best bet. Water evens out the heat inside your PC and can considerably reduce your CPU’s temperature.

6. Relocate Your Computer

How to Cool Down Computer

How to Cool Down Computer – Relocate Your Computer

Your computer will likely collect a lot of dust if you’ve placed it on the floor and the room is carpeted. Plenty of dust inside can increase the heat in the internal components.

So if you’re using a desktop computer, relocate the system unit. Also, ensure that it’s not in a corner or close to a heat source such as a radiator.

The fans inside the computer need enough room to be able to pull in cold air and push out hot air. 

7. Shutdown Your Computer

Shutdown Your Computer

Perhaps the simplest and most dependable way to cool down your computer is to shut it down and allow it to rest for some hours.

As human beings, we need to unwind by sleeping to be ready for the next day; PCs aren’t very different from us in this regard. 

8. Upgrade the CPU Fan

How to Cool Down Computer

How to Cool Down Computer – Upgrade the CPU Fan

Your computer’s processor is probably the most expensive and sensitive internal component. It also presents the highest probability of overheating alongside the graphics card. 

Unless you’ve replaced the processor’s fan, the one meant to cool it down is a bottom-tier fan that cools the processor just enough to keep it working.

However, you can scour the web and look for a 3rd party large CPU fan that can help you keep your computer cool more than a stock fan ever could. 

Final Thought

As you can see, it’s not difficult to cool down your PC; with several easy steps, your system can run at optimal speeds.

By immediately cooling down your computer, you’ll save money and boost its lifespan. 

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