How to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Without a Password

How to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Without a PasswordHow to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Without a Password

How to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Without a Password – Overview

Many Wi-Fi networks come with password protection. However, you can still access a wireless network without a password. Read on to learn how to connect Wi-Fi router without a password.

It is worth mentioning that attempting to access someone else’s wireless connection is a breach of proper manners and sometimes the law.

Ask for permission from the network owner before trying any of these methods.

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Method

Wi-Fi protected setup is a security guideline that operates in networks through the Wi-Fi protected access security protocols (WPA and WPA2).

WPS suggests that if a wireless router is within a guest’s reach, all they need to launch a network connection is to push a button on your router instead of entering a password.

WPS is commonly used to connect guests within a small office or home environment. Anyone outside your office or home cannot gain a password-free connection to your router because they can’t access the router.

To use WPS successfully, you should ensure you have the correct settings on your gadget. You should also have physical access to the router.

Here is how you can connect to a wireless router without a password using a smartphone. Remember, the steps may vary based on the version of your operating system.

  • Tap on the settings app on your smartphone and go to the internet and network category.
  • Press Wi-Fi
  • Press the Advanced option
  • Press Connect by WPS button

You will see a dialogue prompting you to press the Wi-Fi-protected setup knob on your router. Execute this process within 30 seconds, as delaying will have you repeat the process.

Now push the WPS knob to allow your phone to access the Wi-Fi network connection.

Once your gadget connects, you can continue using the network as long as you do not press the forget network option on your device.

Some routers come with a WPS PIN. If this is the case with your router, you will have to press that feature in your internet settings before entering the PIN available on a sticker on the router.

WPS is an effective and practical technique you can use to connect to a wireless network without a password.

While you can use this method on a wide range of Windows and Android devices, Apple is not compatible with the WPS principle.

Further, you cannot enjoy this technique if your device comes with Android 9.

Guest Mode

Many modern routers are compatible with the guest mode feature. Network administrators can configure a guest network on the router without a password or input a simple password.

Guest networks work on a wide range of devices. Remember, a password-free guest network is not secure.

Here is how to set a guest network on a router.

  • Launch the browser on your computer and paste the IP address of your router in the address bar. You can obtain the IP address from your router.
  • Log in to your router using your administrator details.
  • Find the guest network option. Often, you will find it from the Wireless Settings category.

Activate Guest Network

Name the guest network and leave the password option blank. You can also select a simple password.

Click save to verify your settings and complete the process.

One of the advantages of the guest network is that you can restrain its bandwidth to discourage intruders from using it.

The QR Code Method

If you want to allow people to use your Wi-Fi network without a password, consider using a QR code. Remember, the QR code technique is complex and requires technical knowledge.

Writing your Wi-Fi network password for your guests is easier than configuring the QR code technique. Still, some people prefer it. Here is how to share your wireless connection with QR code sharing.

  • Open a browser on your computer and search for a QR code generating tool.
  • Find “Data Type Menu” at the left part of your screen. Click on the Radio option located alongside the Wi-Fi login feature.
  • Enter the name and password of your network. Click on the drop-down menu to choose the network type.
  • Once you get your QR code you can print it on blank paper. Install a QR code scanning application on your phone. Android users can download a free QR code scanner app from Google Play free of charge. iPhone users, on the other hand, can use the inbuilt camera application.

Use your phone to scan the code, and you will connect to the wireless connection automatically.


A password-free wireless network allows your guests to connect automatically with minimal struggle.

Remember, this type of connection is insecure, but you can restrain its bandwidth to deter unauthorized access.

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