How to Connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi?

How to Connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi - steps to connect

How to Connect PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi—Overview

Being on a vacation or business trip is fun but being a gamer is different as you will need your PS4 to be connected to the internet, especially if it’s tournament season or you have to play those 2 games to rank up before the season ends. Yet connecting to hotel Wi-Fi with a PS4 isn’t as simple as it seems but don’t worry, we have got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi.

Most hotels nowadays offer a good-sized TV screen and free Wi-Fi for their guests. You can use the hotel’s wifi to get back to gaming in no time.

Connect your PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi

1-Start up your PS4, from your home screen go to the “Settings” tab which is located at the far right before the power icon.

2-Scroll down to find “Network” in the settings menu.

3-Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” which is the 3rd option on the network screen.

4-Select “Use Wi-Fi” then choose “Easy” – Easy option allows your PS4 to automatically configure advanced network settings.

5-Look for your hotel’s Wi-Fi name from the list of the available networks and make sure to choose the network made for guests. Where you can always find it on a card in your room or you can ask the front desk for it. Also, if it requires a password ask the hotel to provide you with it.

6-Back at the network menu, choose “Test Internet Connection” which is the 3rd option in the menu.

This test will fail most of the time, but don’t worry. We have got you covered. The following steps will solve this issue and if the test succeeds, you will be ready to play online.

7-In case the test failed, head to “Library” bar from your home screen and select “Applications” and choose “Internet Browser”

8-Enter any website URL, for example, and press enter. You will be redirected to your hotel’s homepage to grant you internet access.

9-Enter the login information on the hotel website page that is provided by the hotel it might be your name and number which is to make sure that the internet is accessed only by the guests.

10-Play your favorite game online as you will be connected to the Wi-Fi and you can also go back to the “Test Internet Connection” page where you can make sure of your connection.

Connect to the hotel internet using an Ethernet cable.

If you don’t want to connect to the hotel internet wirelessly, you can always use the ethernet cable as an alternative.

1-Connect your PS4 to an Ethernet cable which you will find in your room by plugging it into the PS4’s ethernet slot which is in the back of the console.

2-Head to “Settings” on your home screen.

3-Choose “Network”

4-Select “Set Up Internet Connection”

5-Choose “Use a LAN Cable” and then select “Easy”

6-Test your connection by clicking on “Test Internet Connection”

Repeat the 7–10 steps from above just like when connecting your PS4 to Wi-Fi where you should head to internet browsing and enter your log-in information. By doing this you will be ready to play online.

Connecting to hotel Wi-Fi with a custom server

In case the Wi-Fi method didn’t work for you, try out this one which will be made manually instead of making your PS4 configured automatically.

1-Go to the “Network” option, which is in the settings menu.

2-Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” which is the 3rd option.

3-Choose “Use Wi-Fi” but this time choose the “Custom” option instead of the easy one by doing this you will be giving access to your PS4 to connect to a public server instead of the hotel’s one which will allow it to connect to the internet.

4-Change the DNS settings for your Wi-Fi server, which will allow your PS4 to connect to a server run by Google. Once your PS4 redirects you to the settings page, choose these options:

  • IP address settings: Automatic
  • DHCP hostname: Do Not Specify
  • DNS settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU settings: Automatic
  • Proxy server: Do not use.

5-run an internet test connection and then you will be ready to use your PS4 online.


Staying connected to the internet on your PS4 adds huge fun to your vacation, which is important for gamers who want to play their favorite game or win a tournament. While it may sound basic to connect your PS4 to your hotel’s Wi-Fi, it takes a little effort to do so.

By following the steps above, you will be able to play online whether you prefer a wireless or wired connection and remember to choose the guest network and request the password from the hotel front desk. Happy gaming!

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