How to Connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi

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How to Connect PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi—Overview

Vacations or business trips can be fun, but staying connected is crucial for gamers, especially during tournament season or when trying to rank up before the season ends. Connecting a PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi might seem challenging, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide.

Most hotels nowadays provide guests with a good-sized TV screen and free Wi-Fi. With this guide, you’ll be back to gaming in no time.

Connect your PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi

1. Start your PS4; from the home screen, navigate to the “Settings” tab at the far right, just before the power icon.

2. Scroll down to find “Network” in the settings menu.

3. Select “Set Up Internet Connection,” the third option on the network screen.

4. Choose “Use Wi-Fi,” then select “Easy.” The Easy option allows your PS4 to configure advanced network settings automatically.

5. Search for your hotel’s Wi-Fi name in the list of available networks. This is usually provided on a card in your room, or you can ask the front desk for details. If it requires a password, the hotel will provide it.

6. Back at the network menu, select “Test Internet Connection,” the third option in the menu.

This test may fail initially, but don’t be concerned. The following steps will address this issue. If the test succeeds, your PS4 will be ready for online play.

7. If the test fails, navigate to the “Library” bar from your home screen, select “Applications,” and choose “Internet Browser.”

8. Enter any website URL, such as, and press enter. You’ll be redirected to the hotel’s homepage to gain internet access.

9. Enter the login information provided by the hotel, typically your name and room number, to ensure internet access is restricted to guests.

10. You can now play your favorite games online. Return to the “Test Internet Connection” page to verify your connection.

Connect to Hotel Internet Using an Ethernet Cable

If you prefer not to connect wirelessly, an Ethernet cable offers an alternative.

1. Connect your PS4 to an Ethernet cable in your room by plugging it into the console’s Ethernet port.

2. Navigate to “Settings” on your home screen.

3. Select “Network.”

4. Choose “Set Up Internet Connection.”

5. Select “Use a LAN Cable,” then choose “Easy.”

6. Click on “Test Internet Connection.”

Repeat steps 7-10 from the Wi-Fi connection method if necessary, ensuring you navigate to internet browsing to enter your login information. This will prepare you for online play.

Connecting to Hotel Wi-Fi with a Custom Server

If the direct Wi-Fi method is unsuccessful, try this manual setup.

1. Go to “Network” in the settings menu.

2. Choose “Set Up Internet Connection,” the third option.

3. Select “Use Wi-Fi,” but choose “Custom” instead of “Easy.” This setting allows your PS4 to connect to a public server, bypassing the hotel’s network restrictions.

4. Adjust the DNS settings to connect your PS4 to a server run by Google:

  • IP address settings: Automatic
  • DHCP hostname: Do Not Specify
  • DNS settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU settings: Automatic
  • Proxy server: Do Not Use.
  • 5. Run an internet connection test, and you’ll be ready to use your PS4 online.


Connecting your PS4 to the internet during your hotel stay can significantly enhance your vacation, especially for gamers eager to play their favorite games or participate in tournaments. Although it might seem straightforward, connecting your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi requires effort.

Following the above steps, you can enjoy online gaming whether you prefer a wireless or wired connection. Just remember to use the guest network and obtain the hotel’s front desk password. Happy gaming!

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