How to Connect EXTERNAL Microphone to Canon EOS 3000D?

Connect External Microphone to Canon EOS 3000D?

If you are shooting a video with your DSLR camera, you got to use an external microphone to get a clear and noise-free sound. This is because the internal microphones of a DSLR are not as effective as the external ones.

For those who have recently bought the Canon EOS 3000D, there’s every chance that you may come through with this issue.

So, here we are to help you with a detailed and stepwise tutorial on “how to connect an external microphone to the Canon EOS 3000D”.

Before you start make sure you get a 3.5mm sound jack

Connecting External Microphone to Canon 3000D

Step 1.

Unscrew the base of the external microphone so that you can slide it on top of your camera. After you have slid it in, tighten it by rotating.

Step 2.

Now get the cable that comes with the external microphone and plug one end to the microphone and the other at the side of the camera.

You will find two spots on the left side of the camera. Plugin the other end of the microphone to the place that is denoted as ‘MIC.’

Step 3 (optional).

You can cap the bare microphone with a windshield that comes with it. This completely depends on your preference. But, it surely helps to make the sound noise-free.

Step 4.

To use the external microphone, you should first make sure that your camera is in manual mode. If not, then put the camera into Manual Mode by rotating the dial, situated on the top of the camera.

Step 5.

After you have set your camera to manual mode, turn your camera to video mode.

Step 6.

Next up, go to Menu by pressing the ‘Menu’ button given on the camera. Go to shoot settings after that. On the first page, you will get an option saying ‘Sound Record.’

If your Sound Record option is ‘Disabled’ by default, then make sure to put it up on ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual.’ This way, the microphone will pick up the sound.

And you are done. Yes, you can connect your external microphone to your 3000D Canon EOS very easily.

Tips For Better Sound Quality

These tips will help you get a better noise-free sound with your microphone. Try to choose a good microphone.

The whole deal is settled there; the right microphone will give you the best audio. Don’t keep your camera too far away from the source of the sound.

The reasons are apparent; if the cause of sound is too far, then the music picked up on the microphone will be very unclear.

When you are using the external microphone, it is better not to zoom. This is because the microphones can pick up the sound of the lens zooming in and out.

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