How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor?

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor? – Getting Started

The PCs and laptops of the modern era are quite amazing, yet their single screen display always comes as the only constraint. So, if you have to perform several tasks at the same time, you may have to bring in an external monitor into play.

Now if you own a dell laptop and don’t know much about ‘ How to connect Dell laptop to monitor’, here we are with some really useful methods in the same respect.

Recommended methods regarding ‘ How to connect dell laptop to monitor’

Method 1. Connecting a Dell Laptop to monitor using VGA port

Some of the dell laptops have the built-in setups for easy connection while some others require more adjustments. To make some easy adjustments, follow the following steps.  Please note that the following set of steps is recommended only for the flat-screen monitor.

Step 1.

Find out the 15-pin, female VGA port on your laptop>>> plug in the 15-pin male adapter.

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor
How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor

Step 2.

Set the laptop to “External Monitor Mode.” You can do this by pressing the “Function” key. The abbreviation for the same is “Fn”. After that, you can continue with pressing one of the function buttons( F1 to F9).

Step 3.

Press the “Auto Adjust” button on the Dell monitor. The step will ensure that the monitor has a resolution that is synced with the settings of the computer

Method 2. Projecting from a Laptop

Every DCS classroom that has the support of the data projector comes along with the VGA cable. This part allows the steady connection of the laptop to the projector. The VGA port on the laptop comes inclusive of the three rows that comprise of 5 holes.

The classrooms also have the digital classroom systems these days that work with the HDMI inputs for projection from the laptops becomes an easy way.

In this method, to begin with, you have to see if the classroom has a data projector or not. Then, you have to search for the room and click on the tab for technology. In order to ensure that the room also has the HDMI input, you have to click on classroom features and then proceed to check the additional items.

This day, the newest laptops may have the VGA or HDMI port. In case you find that the laptop does not come with the VGA or HDMI port, you’ll have to purchase the adapter that will allow the connection of one of the cables to the laptop.

It’s always recommended to buy the power supply.

Step 1.

Turn on the system >>> select the appropriate button for the laptop.

Step 2.

Connect the VGA or HDMI cable to the port VGA or HDMI for the laptop. When you’re using the HDMI or VGA adapter, it’s better to plug the adapter into the laptop. You can also connect the provided cable to another end of the adapter.

In case you find that the VGA and HDMI cables are missing, it’s better to connect the other end of the cable to the jack.

Step 3.

Now you’ll have to switch on the laptop. When you see that the desktop gets loaded new laptop image, it will automatically start with projection.

Method 3. Switching to an External Monitor

The Dell laptop comes inclusive a graphics card adapter port that is built-in into the motherboard. You can use the port for connection to the laptop and then to the external device.

It is useful because it gives a vivid display of the images on the computer and will keep the large audience engaged. You can get the correct type of cable for the port of your laptop.

Most recent Dell laptops come with the feature for toggling between the monitors by simply pressing the two keyboards keys.

Step 1.

In this step, you will have to check if the Dell laptop you are owning has an S-Video port, VGA port, or DVI port. You have to check the ports on the back of the external device with which you are wishing to connect. Finding out the type of Port the monitor has will help you in the objective.

Step 2.

Once done, you are then required to arrange for a  corresponding cable. You must connect the end of the cable to the port on the Dell laptop and the other to the external monitor you are connecting it with.

Step 3.

Now you have to press the “FN” and “F8” keys together for switching the display to the external monitor. The step helps in showing the monitor display and the laptop’s screen at the same time.

Step 4.

Now press the keys for switching back to displaying images. You can see this on the laptop’s LCD screen of Dell.

Step 5.

Open the Start menu in case you find that the “FN” and “F8” combination isn’t working. Then, you have to click “Control Panel” >>> select “Personalization.”

Step 6.

You have to click “Display Options.” >>> “Identify Monitors”. This will help in the location of the external monitor. Now you’ve to click the drop-down menu. Now, proceed towards choosing the external monitor with which you want to switch the display.

Summing it up

We hope you are now aware of the best methods for connecting the Dell laptop to the external monitor. You can simply try these steps for taking your multitasking routine to the next level.

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