How to connect Canon g7x mark ii to computer

How to connect Canon G7X Mark II to a computer 

You will have high-resolution photos and videos and transferring them might take too long unless you use a high-speed USB cable 

connect Canon g7x mark ii to a computer with high-speed USB cable

How to connect Canon G7X MARK II to computer

How to connect Canon g7x mark ii to computer via USB

To connect the Canon G7X MARK II camera to your Desktop or Laptop, you will need a dedicated USB cable for those two devices to communicate with each other. You will be able to connect your camera even if your computer is already working on some other applications.

Important Note: The user must install the software and driver pack that come with the Canon digital camera solution disk. Otherwise, the pc system won’t recognize the camera.

The following factors need to be kept in mind before getting started:

  • When making a connection through a USB cable, you don’t have to turn off the camera or even the computer.
  • To acquire knowledge about your desktop or laptop’s USB ports, please read the manual that arrives with the pc.
  • It is recommended by us to use a battery pack that is fully charged. You can even use a compact power Adapter kit ACK-DC20 (you have to buy separately) for powering the camera when connected to a computer.
  • If you execute a connection to the USB 2.0, you must know that the compliant board may not provide complete assurance.

Before you even start the operation that is shown below, make sure that you exit the software that is in use. Now let’s study how to connect Canon G7X MARK II to the computer.


First, install the drivers (only if you are using a platform other than Windows XP) and software applications that came with the Canon digital camera solution pack.

After that, it is essential to set the image browser to start automatically.


How to connect Canon g7x mark ii to computer -USB

How to connect Canon g7x mark ii to computer -USB

After that, you have to PLUG that USB cable’s one end to the USB port of your computer and the other end to the digital camera.

Regarding the information about the USB port of your digital camera, please read the user manual.

When the connection of both the devices is successfully made, the camera’s LCD monitor will become blank, and the power/mode indicator will emit a yellow glow.

Keep in mind

  1. Make sure to use only the dedicated cable. You must use it to connect the Canon G7X MARK II to your computer.
  2. Loose connections will cause malfunctions or corrupt the files. So, push the plug firmly into the socket to prevent any connection loss.
  3. Do not connect your camera or computer via a hub, as it won’t work correctly.
  4. If you use multiple USB devices (excluding mouse and keyboard) while connecting to your MARK II, you may face some connecting issues. Do not connect two cameras on the same computer as it can cause malfunction.
  5. If your MARK II’s battery is not charged enough, taking the help of a compact power adapter kit ACK-DC20 is beneficial as you can continue using the camera despite the low battery.
  6. While being connected to your camera, do not put your computer to sleep mode. Even if you do, make sure not to disconnect the USB cable from your camera or computer, as in some cases disconnecting the cable while in sleep mode causes some real troubles. So, you must bring your computer to working mode from the sleep mode, and then disconnect the cable.

Canon G7x Mark II Overview

This camera hosts a 20.1 megapixel 1-inch CMOS sensor, while the lens is the same as its predecessor.

The MARK II has a little switch next to it for toggling between the smooth and stepped rotation of the control ring. One of the biggest upgrades is that it gets a powerful DIGIC 7 Processor.

It has a 3-inch tilting touchscreen display, which helps the user by capturing beautiful shots from different angles. Although 4K is not available, still this camera can record FULL HD video.

Also, for sharing purposes, users can avail of both WIFI and NFC connectivity.

These guidelines will lead to the successful connection of the Canon G7Mark II to your computer.

How to connect Canon camera to computer