How To Check Shutter Count on Canon 7D?

How To Check Shutter Count on Canon 7D?

Before we go on to how to check for shutter counts on Canon 7D, let’s understand what it is and why it is crucial. Shutter counts, also known as shutter actuation, are an estimation of the longevity of the usage of the camera. It is a record of the number of photographs taken by the camera. If you were buying an old or second-hand camera, this becomes one of the crucial pieces of information, indicating how much the previous user had used the camera.

DSLR cameras possess a mechanical shutter mechanism that moves back and forth every time you take a picture to conceal and expose the digital sensor. This again moves at a fixed rate as per the shutter speed you selected. The whole process of covering and exposing accounts are for a single shutter count.

Steps To Check The Shutter Count Of Canon 7D

This is how you can check the number of shutter actuation on your Canon 7d:

Step 1.

Switch on your camera and press Menu.

Step 2.

Pick the third symbol that appears on the screen. It will resemble a Wrench symbol and is yellow.

Step 3.

Press to see the battery info.

Step 4.

Select Set.

Your shutter count will be up on display.

Besides this, you could even download the EOSInfo software on Windows computers or 40D Shutter Count software for Mac users to view the shutter count.

1. Install the software application on your computer.

2. Plugin your Canon 7D, and you should be good to go.

Not all DSLR models make it easy for the user to view the shutter count; instead, most models do not even record how frequently the shutter as clicked. Also, if some model does, accessing it can be pretty fussy. For several models, the shutter count numbers stored in the EXIF data, which is the data attached to each photograph like ISO and aperture, which can only be retrieved while using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

What makes this parameter more secondary to judging the condition of the camera is that some models do not even record its shutter count. On the other hand, some models require specific software to read it directly from the internal memory card hidden in the camera body.

A Concluding Thought

Just like you would not buy a second-hand car without checking the number of miles it has traveled, you would not purchase an old camera without determining how many shutters fired. Although as mentioned before, it is a secondary reason for deciding the working condition of a camera. A camera has to be taken care of and handled with care. Dents, wear, and chips are also determinant of the usage of the camera and the condition it is in. Remember, even shutters have a lifespan and can die after prolonged usage. Usually, a Canon DSLR is rated to support 50,000 to 300,000 shutter actuation before it calls for a replacement.

Understanding shutter count on Canon 7d is a critical step to take before making your final decision. If you are interested in a comparison table you can check out the best wireless Canon remote shutter release buying guide.


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