How To Check Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark III?

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How to Determine Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark III

Released in March 2012, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a high-end digital single-lens reflex camera featuring a 22.3-megapixel sensor.

For those considering an upgrade from the Canon 5D Mark III to the Canon 5D Mark IV and planning to sell the former, knowing the camera’s shutter count is crucial as it informs potential buyers about how extensively the camera has been used.

The camera is designed with a durability rating of 150,000 shutter actuations. This article guides you through the process of accessing the shutter count.

Canon 5D Mark III Wireless Shutter Release

Understanding Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Camera

The shutter count, akin to a car’s mileage, indicates how many shots have been taken with the camera. It’s an essential metric for both DSLR and SLR cameras, which primarily consist of two moving parts: the shutter and the mirror mechanism.

The shutter, being mainly delicate, is susceptible to wear over time, though it often exceeds its rated lifespan. Each actuation— the rapid opening and closing to expose the sensor to light—counts as one shutter actuation.

Repeated stress from usage can lead to shutter failure, necessitating either a costly repair or a camera replacement.

Checking the Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark III

Canon does not directly display the shutter count in the camera’s menu, making it necessary to use third-party software to retrieve this information. Here’s how you can check the shutter count using such software:

1. Visit and navigate through the site.

2. Download the application from the site.

3. Install the application on your computer.

4. Adjust your Canon 5D Mark III’s communication settings to PTP mode.

5. Connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable.

6. Close any auto-launching applications like Image Capture or Photos, then click “Get Shutter Count” in the software interface to view your count.

Why Shutter Count Matters

Shutter count is a key factor in assessing the value of a used camera, alongside physical condition, maintenance history, and overall care. It helps estimate the remaining lifespan of the camera.

Additionally, knowing the shutter actuations can be crucial when evaluating the camera’s usage and potential maintenance needs.


While Canon cameras often omit shutter count data from the EXIF information, third-party software like freeshuttercounter provides a viable solution for Canon 5D Mark III owners. This tool is free and facilitates easy access to the shutter count.

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