How to Attach Webcam to Monitor?

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How to Attach Webcam to Monitor – Overview

The world becomes smaller each day through various technological advancements. Webcams have played an essential role both in the business and social world. They allow video transmissions in real-time.

Most modern computer models have webcams built-in. Some, however, don’t. In this article, we look at how to attach a webcam to a monitor.

How to Position The Webcam

Webcams are an essential tool when it comes to video conferencing. For the best experience, you need to place your webcam in an optimal position.

This will create a good angle for the camera and the webcam will be able to transmit videos of good quality. Here are a few things you need to consider when positioning the webcam.

1. The webcams usually have a base. You can uncover it simply by unfolding the webcam. Some webcams have a flexible base that may either be used as a stand or as a clip. As a stand, the webcam needs to be positioned on a flat surface and as a clip, the webcam can be secured onto the monitor.

Usually, webcams with bases that can be used as clips need to be separated from the webcam before they can be used.

How to Attach Webcam To Monitor

2. Determine the desired location for the webcam. For a monitor, the center top would be preferable.

However, this may not be possible if your monitor is placed at an angle. In such a case, you can place the webcam toward one of the ends of the monitor. Feel free to try out different angles and then settle for the best.

3. Place the front part of the clip onto the monitor, ensuring the webcam is facing the front.

4. Release the back of the clip for a firm grip that will secure the webcam in place. The grip will vary based on the thickness of the monitor. When the monitor is thin, you will need to find a way to secure it and work around it.

If it is impossible to clip the webcam onto the monitor or place it on a flat base, get creative. Try using a tripod stand or even a stack of books.

How to Attach Webcam To Monitor

5. Once the webcam is secure, make any adjustments necessary. Ensure the webcam is straight and facing your preferred direction. Also, make sure that the lens is at the right height.

How to Attach Webcam To Monitor

How to Connect The Webcam to The Monitor

Now that you have successfully attached your webcam to your monitor, you need to connect it to the monitor for it to work.

  1. Most webcams come with USB cables that can be inserted into a USB port. Plugin the USB into an available port.


  1. You can then install the webcam software into the computer. The software may be recognized automatically for some webcams. Others provide a CD that has the software. This can be inserted into the computer CD Drive. In some cases, where there is no CD and the software is not recognized automatically. For such cases, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download the necessary drivers. This will make installation possible.
  2. A setup page should appear on the screen. Follow the steps provided. They are usually easy to follow.
  3. When you have completed all the steps, click on the install button. A popup icon should appear on the screen, notifying you that the installation is complete.
  4. You can then select the settings based on your preference.
  5. When the installation is complete, the webcam is ready for testing.

How To Enable A Webcam

  1. On the homepage, click on the start icon.
  2. Then select settings
  3. Click the privacy option
  4. On the left side, look for the camera and select it.
  5. Turn on the ‘choose which apps can access your camera’, option.
  6. There are several apps available. Select the camera app. However, you can choose several or all if you like.
  7. Close the settings.
  8. Go back to the homepage and from the menu, select the camera. You should now be able to test whether your webcam is working correctly or not.

How To Test And Use A Webcam

  1. On the homepage, click the Windows start menu button.
  2. In the windows search box, type camera.
  3. From the results provided, select the Camera app.
  4. The camera app should open up, allowing you to see a live video of yourself on the screen. You can adjust the camera for a better angle till your face is centered on the screen.
  5. Then, click the record button. While it’s recording, try speaking.
  6. Stop recording when you’re done.
  7. You can playback the video by clicking on the camera roll.
  8. Once you have viewed the video and confirmed that the webcam is working, you’re done. The webcam is ready to be used as a video conferencing app.

Final Thoughts

Webcams are essential tools in the digital age. They make communication easier and more effective. Once you have it set up, you can have video calls in real time.

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