How to adjust Nikon D850 landscape settings? 7 Steps

Nikon D850 landscape settings

nikon d850 landscape
nikon d850 landscape

If you are a professional photographer and have a lot of outdoor assignments like taking a photograph of animals, scenic beauty, or just idling to capture the intriguing ‘landscape’ frame, then NikonD850 DSLR camera is the right camera for you. Well, the name Nikon speaks great volumes in the world of photography. Since ages, photographers, both amateur and professionals have trusted the brand blindly. This comes with years of hard work, honesty, and offering the best technology available to its loyal customers. Like all Nikon camera, NikonD850 DSLR camera also is equipped with the state-of-the-art features like shutter speed, ability to zoom sharply and accurate focusing. These features are quite helpful when you take landscape photographs.


Guide to shoot amazing landscape photos with Nikon D850

Step 1. Accurate autofocus system:

nikon d850 landscape settings - autofocus
nikon d850 landscape settings – autofocus

The autofocus system is essential for landscape photography. The Nikon D850 is equipped with a Multi-Cam 20K autofocus system, with a total of 153 focus points, 99 cross-type. There are 15 focus points around the center of the camera that are sensitive to f/8 maximum aperture, which allows attaching a 2x teleconverter to an f/4 lens that will results in f/8 maximum aperture yet, be able to acquire focus on targets quickly.

Step 2. Using f/8 lenses:

nikon d850 landscape lens
nikon d850 landscape lens

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Amazing landscape photography can be availed through higher perceived resolution and to get the perfect feel in your given shot, use f/8 lenses. One of the biggest advantage with this increased autofocus sensitivity can be witnessed while using teleconverters. Focusing can be achieved with a 1.4x or 1.7x teleconverters but when it comes to attain the right and most precise focus for landscape photos, aperture value of f/8 is quite perfect.


Step 3. Setting Aperture:

nikon d850 landscape settings - aperture
nikon d850 landscape settings – aperture

With Nikon D850, you can easily do photography in the low light as the DSLR is among the best cameras available in the market. The 4 EV low-light sensitivity feature enables sharp focus even in the dark. The camera has a 46.0 MP full-frame sensor.


Step 4. Take help of Zoom lenses:

nikon d850 landscape zoom lens
nikon d850 landscape zoom lens

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The Nikon D850 DSLR camera is capable of capturing each detail while doing landscape photography. Nikon D850 comes with a standard zoom (24-70 mm f/2.8), a telephoto zoom (70-200m f/2.8), and a wide-angle zoom (14-24 mm f/2.8). With the standard zooms, the Sigma 24-35 mm f/2 Art stands out with extremely high brightness and fabulous image quality.


Step 5. Focus stacking feature:

nikon d850 landscape settings - focus stacking
nikon d850 landscape settings – focus stacking

The D850 features a built-in focus stacking feature. It allows capturing up to 300 shots at diverse focus points. These shots can be merged later together into a single image using third party post-processing software. This is very helpful for landscape photography. The DSLR allows shutter release intervals of 0 to 30 seconds, 10 levels of focus steps, and continuous shooting at approximately 5 frames per second.


Step 6. Adjusting WB to natural light auto function:

nikon d850 landscape settings - WB to natural light
nikon d850 landscape settings – WB to natural light

Adjust the WB to Natural Light Auto function and enhance the redness. Exposure plays a vital role while doing photography in the evening. This feature is helpful when you are clicking the light-yellow color before the sunset on the banks of the river. The light is going, and you need to capture the moment.


Step 7. High ISO sensitivity performance:

nikon d850 landscape settings - ISO
nikon d850 landscape settings – ISO


The native ISO speed range of the D850 is from ISO 64 to ISO 25600, which is further expandable by one stop from the lower ISO speed limit (equivalent to ISO 32) and two stops from the upper ISO speed limit (equivalent to ISO 102400). 

Finally, when shooting continuously, the camera can fit up to 51 14-bit lossless compressed RAW files that allow the camera to shoot continuously for over 7 seconds with the EN-EL15 / EN-EL15a battery at 7 fps and almost 6 seconds when shooting at 9 fps with the larger EN-EL18a / EN-EL18b battery. Nikon D850 is a proven camera for excellent landscape photography if used with precision.

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