How to adjust Nikon D3300 Landscape Settings?

nikon d3300 landscape settings

How to shoot landscape photos with Nikon D3300?

Nikon D3300 Landscape Settings

Step 1. Using RAW image format

Having a thorough understanding of file formats and their differences is necessary for photographers to make the right choice while clicking pictures.

Using the RAW format is better than JEPG as the RAW format keeps the extra data that allows you to get more range concerning exposure, color and white balance in the post-production.

Step 2. Choosing the best lenses for landscape photography

First of all, being expensive does not mean it will be the best. Sometimes the cheapest lens can do wonders, it is totally up to You.

There are different types of lenses in the market and they follow diverse requirements.

Like, some focus on light, others on chromatic aberrations and some other effects. You can use a wide-angle lens that offers a great depth of field and keeps foreground and background sharp.

Step 3. Learning how your Histogram works

d3300 landscape histogram settings

d3300 landscape histogram settings

Histograms are essential for taking the best pictures. The histogram is a simple graph that shows you the distribution of tones in your image.

The left side of the tone is for dark tones and the right side is for brighter tones. Using the LCD screen, you can determine how shadows and highlights can create a misleading appearance.

Step 4. Using Tripods for better results

A tripod is an indispensable tool when you are taking pictures of landscapes with a quick shutter.

In fact, after the camera and lens, Tripod is the 3rd most vital piece of equipment you need for clicking the best shots.

Step 5. Using the Rule of Thirds:

d3300 landscape settings

d3300 landscape settings

One of the crucial basics in photography is the Rule of Third. Let’s say if you are taking a photo of the sunset just adjust your frame so that the horizon is at the bottom third or top third.

Try to position the brightest or the most colorful area you can find at the right third or left third.

Never head out without a plan. Check the weather, determine the location, find out the exact time of sunrise or sunset, choose the position you desire for taking the picture, etc.

By doing this, you will be more than ready to take the perfect shot with Nikon D3300.

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