How to Connect Canon rebel T7i to Computer?

How to connect Canon Rebel T7i to a computer?

Connect Canon t7i to the computer to transfer your photos and videos and exercise various other functions like remote live shooting.

Before you begin make sure you install the EOS Utility software on your computer.

The EOS Utility app will establish communication between your computer and your Canon rebel t7i.

You are going to need a high-speed interface cable as the high-resolution files may take too long to transfer:

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Connect Canon Rebel T7i to the computer using a dual charger and connector bundle

How to connect your Canon T7i to your computer

Step 1.

Make sure that your camera is not connected to your computer yet. Canon recommends you first plug your camera using AC adapter kit ACK-E8 as a power supply (sold separately on Amazon>).

Step 2.

Connect your interface cable

connect canon rebel t7 to computer

connect canon rebel t7i to computer

Step 3.

On your desktop, double-click the EOS Utility icon. The screen will prompt you with three options: Download images to the computer, Remote Shooting and Camera settings.

connect canon rebel eos t7 to computer

connect canon rebel eos t7i to computer

Step 4.

Select “Download images to computer” and tap OK.

Step 5.

Next, when the Start automatic download message appears, click on Settings.

Step 6.

In the next step, you are to select a condition for downloading images. Hit OK.

Step 7.

Click on Start automatic download.

The images start downloading and are saved in the Pictures folder of the computer.

Once complete, the DPP pops up automatically to display the images downloaded.

When you are done transferring your photos and videos from Canon T7 to the computer select Quit on the EU app, switch off Canon T7i and disconnect your camera from the computer.

Follow the steps below to download selective pictures:

  • Choose Download images to a computer
  • Next, choose Select and download
  • Select the image or images you wish to download
  • Click Download
  • Specify destination folder.
  • Click OK
  • After downloading, the images will show in the Quick Preview window.

Decompress the files on your computer:

For Windows Users

If you are a Windows user, you will have to click on the installer file displayed on your computer to begin the installation process.

Windows 7

Control panel→ devices and Printers→ double click on the camera icon connected to your computer→ change general settings→ click on TAKE NO ACTION when the device connects to the computer.

Windows 8.1

Control panel→ devices and Printers→ double click on the camera icon connected to your computer→ change general settings→ click on TAKE NO ACTION when the device connects to the computer.

Windows 10

Start→ Settings→ Devices→ AutoPlay→ Take no action option in the pull-down menu.

For MAC Users

If you are a Mac user you will find a dmg file that’s created. Here are the steps to start the installation process:

  1. Double click on the dmg file
  2. Now you will see an installer file and drive icon displayed on the desktop.
  3. Click twice on the installer file
  4. The installer will start running.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation process.
  • Once you are through this process, the installer might propose to restart the computer. Restart the computer or laptop, and you should be good to go.

Before you start downloading pictures, switch on your camera, and your computer is to conform to specific settings:

There are four ways of how to connect Canon rebel t7i to computer

  1. Card Reader

  2. USB cable

  3. EOS Utility App

  4. Wifi (Canon Camera Connect)

#1 Downloading images to the computer using a card reader

Once you have ensured the installation of the EOS software, insert the memory card from your Canon t7i into a card reader. Insert it into the computer, and then use Digital Photo Professional for downloading the image.

In case you do not have the software installed, you can copy the DCIM folder to the computer from the card.

#2 Connect Canon Rebel t7i to the computer using a USB cable

      • Install the EOS software.
      • To connect via cable get a USB cable for Canon Rebel t7i (sold separately) Hey! It’s on Amazon.
      • Connect the cable to the Canon t7i’s digital terminal that has the cable plug’s icon.
      • Connect the larger plug to your computer’s USB terminal.
      • Use the EOS app to complete the transfer of pictures from Canon t7i to the computer.

#3 The EOS Utility app software exercises three primary functions: 

      • Enables transfer of images from the camera to the computer.
      • Set various camera settings.
      • You can use it as a remote to shoot on your computer

         To download the EOS Utility software, follow the steps given below:

      • Go to the official canon website:
      • Next, select your residential country or region.
      • Download the software.

#4 Connect Canon Rebel t7i to Computer Using Wifi

If you are an Android user you’d enjoy Canon Rebel t7i built-in NFC compliance. There are no steps required for this. Simply tap your rebel t7i to your Android device and you are in!

For all other devices including android, you can use the Canon Camera Connect app. This device-agnostic app will allow all your devices to easily connect to your Canon Rebel t7i via wifi.

Now that we have discussed how to transfer images from Canon t7i to computer, let us take a look at the other functions:

      1. Remote Shooting with Canon Rebel t7i

      • Connect the two devices via interface cable and switch on your camera.
      • Select Remote shooting among the other options displayed.
      • Set the camera.
      • Select the Setup menu indicated by a wrench and cross.
      • Set the Live View function.
      1. Change Canon Rebel t7i settings from your computer

      • Connect the two devices using an interface cable and turn on the camera.
      • On your computer, select the Camera settings option from among the other options- Download Images to computer and Remote shooting.
      • The camera setting window will appear displaying the following options- Firmware update, Date/Time/ Zone Setting, Register lens aberration correction data, register Picture Style File, and Owner’s name/ Author/ Copyright.

There is a lot more you can do using this function in the “Items Settable with the Camera Settings Window”.

You can register Picture Style files, lens aberration correction data or even personal white balance settings.

Wrapping It Up

The Canon t7i is one of the best DSLR camera lenses in the market with its high-end features.

Connecting your camera to the computer is no rocket science. In case you have trouble, we have outlined the necessary steps that will help you connect your device to your computer.

It is recommended for you to use the authentic interface cable manufactured by Canon.

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