How to adjust Canon EOS R FV mode settings

How to adjust Canon EOS R FV mode settings

With its latest release, the Canon EOS R FV mode or Flexible Priority has gained popularity among photographers.

It is a combination of full manual exposure mode, aperture priority (AV) and shutter priority (Tv) with full auto.

When set to FV, aperture priority, shutter speed control, the ISO is set to auto.

With the new Canon EOS R Fv mode, you can adjust each of these manually, and the other functions will adjust accordingly to maintain proper exposure.

Previously Photographers who wanted a fully automatic exposure had to select the shutter speed and lens aperture, along with the option of Program AE mode.

It is still an effective context in those situations where a beginner photographer would not want to make initial camera settings.

Shooting with the Canon EOS R FV mode

Tricks of using canon EOS R FV mode for photography:

Step 1. Understanding the Flexible Priority (FV) mode

To understand the functionality of Flexible-priority AE or Fv mode, it’s best to look at the option as something similar to Program AE mode which was available on most Canon cameras.

The Program AE or P mode is a fully automatic exposure mode that allows the camera to select the shutter speed and aperture value by itself.

It is a useful setting, especially when you’re not sure about what effect a particular aperture or shutter speed will have on the image.

Step 2. Flexible Priority option

Canon R Flexible Priority option

Canon EOS R Flexible Priority option

Even if you claim to be the most creative and experienced photographer, you will admit that you always want to be ready for quick opportunities to click a good photograph.

At that time you are least bothered about a particular shutter speed or lens aperture. For several years, fully automatic Program autoexposure — the “P – AE” mode on Canon EOS cameras provided this facility.

The new Canon EOS R Fv mode allows photographers to skip all kinds of controls of any shooting settings during a quick shot.

Step 3. FV Mode functions

Fv mode is quite similar to the P-mode. It has a fully functional auto exposure where the camera considers the lens and focal length being used, the ISO selection, shutter speed, and lens aperture opening.

Visually, in Fv mode, you’ll see a bold underline beneath the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO through the camera’s viewfinder or on the LCD monitor. It symbolizes that the camera is automatically controlling each setting.

Step 4. Fv Mode exposure control

With the help of Canon EOS R Fv mode, you can quickly transition from a fully-auto Program AE to Shutter- or Aperture-priority.

You can take off both shutter speed and aperture to get Manual exposure control. You can also decide whether you want Auto ISO or total manual ISO. All this is made possible with the Canon EOS R Fv mode exposure control.

Step 5. Fv Mode over P Mode

The fall of P mode has several reasons for which many photographers refuse to use it now.

Photographers spend considerable time switching the Canon EOS R Fv mode dial to shutter priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), or Manual (M) results in a poorly captured photograph.

With the out-of-the-box Fv mode, use the rear thumb dial to toggle between shutter speed, aperture size, exposure compensation, and ISO, and adjust the exposure variable that perfectly lights up your photos.

In other words, you can rapidly switch the camera from fully automatic Program AE to shutter or aperture priority by selecting the precise controls.

If you are a beginner in photography, it will take time to get familiar with working in Fv mode. Soon it will be hassle-free, and you won’t revert to shooting in your normal way.

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