How to work with Canon EOS R high speed shooting

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Tips on excellent photography with Canon EOS R high-speed shooting

Photography, for many, is a blend of passion and profession. While some pursue it professionally with vast equipment, many are enthusiasts or amateur photographers. For those in the latter category, the Canon EOS R’s high-speed continuous shooting feature is a boon.

The Canon EOS R is a mirrorless camera known for its user-friendly features and flexibility, making it a favorite among amateurs and professionals for effortlessly capturing high-quality images.

Beautiful Photo clicked with Canon EOS R

Tips on excellent photography with Canon EOS R high-speed shooting

Step 1. Lenses for best clicks:

The lens is crucial for capturing quality photographs, and the Canon EOS R supports a wide range of lenses. It offers a standard RF mount compatible with RF and EF lenses, providing a focal length equivalent to 1.0x its focal length. With EF-S lenses, the focal length equivalent is 1.6x.

Step 2. Any picture style possible:

Canon EOS R’s high-speed continuous shooting mode captures stunning photographs in various styles, including Portrait and Landscape. Its Vari-Angle LCD screen allows for shooting from multiple angles, including challenging low angles, enhancing compositional flexibility.

Canon EOS R for high speed shooting

Canon EOS high-speed shooting

Step 3. Filters for perfect picture:

The Canon EOS R can be equipped with high-resolution filters made from fused quartz glass, capable of resolving up to 100 megapixels. These filters can enhance image quality by blocking 3 to 16 light stops, adding a professional and cinematic quality to the footage.

Circular Polarizing filter: Enhances image intensity and contrast, enriching colors while reducing glares and reflections.

UV Filters: Ideal for outdoor shooting, reducing haze caused by UV light and preserving image detail over long distances.

Neutral Density filters: Limits light reaching the sensor, allowing for exposure control and enabling effects like the smooth motion of water or cloud movement.

Step 4. Silent Shutter for soundless clicks:

Silent Shutter mode, which must be enabled in the camera’s menu, is perfect for quiet situations, such as emotional events or press conferences. When activated, the EOS R’s mechanical shutter remains open, with the CMOS sensor capturing the image silently, eliminating the sound of the shutter click.

The Canon EOS R’s high-speed shooting capabilities and versatile features make it an excellent tool for capturing the perfect shot in any situation.

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