How to work with Canon EOS R high speed shooting

Tips on excellent photography with Canon EOS R high-speed shooting

Photography is a passion, and all of us have a hang for clicking photographs. Some turn professional and rest armature.

Those who have opted for photography as their profession have many types of equipment to make their frames memorable.

The fact is a good percentage of people are armature photographers, and for them, Canon EOS R high-speed continuous shooting is highly recommended.

The Canon EOS R flip camera has super user-friendly features that help you to click photographs at ease.

Beautiful Photo clicked with Canon EOS R

Tips on excellent photography with Canon EOS R high-speed shooting

Step 1. Lenses for best clicks:

The lens plays the most critical role in a camera as to click a good photograph; you need an excellent focal point. Canon EOS R comes with a Focal Length equivalent to 1.0x the focal length of the lens with RF and EF lenses and 1.6x with EF-S.

Step 2. Any picture style possible:

The Canon EOS R high-speed continuous shooting helps you to click excellent photographs in modes – Portrait and Landscape.

Unlike other cameras, Canon EOS R is equipped with a flexible Vari-Angle LCD screen that lets you shoot frames from various angles, including the low angles that often pose a challenge for even professional photographers.

Canon EOS R for high speed shooting

Canon EOS high-speed shooting

Step 3. Filters for perfect picture:

Canon EOS R  comes with filters that are made of fused quartz glass and can withstand the harshest of conditions.

They can resolve up to 100 megapixels. These filters can block anywhere between 3 and 16 stops of light.

They will help to enhance your footage to make it look more professional and cinematic.

Circular Polarizing filter:

CP filter allows you to capture intensity and contrast in an image. It helps to enhance the colors of the image, at the same time, reduce glares and reflections from the photograph or video.

UV Filters:

Useful while shooting outdoors. It helps to enhance the quality of the image in a variety of ways. For example, UV light manifests itself in the form of haze that can rob the image’s detail, especially at longer distances with longer focal lengths.

Neutral Density filters:

ND filter helps to restrict the amount of light that can reach your camera’s sensor.

Not only does it allow you to control the exposure while taking photographs but also prevents you from having to overextend the use of your camera’s settings, like ISO, aperture, or white balance.

The filter helps to click the milky effect of water, and also shows the movement of clouds in the sky.

Step 4. Silent Shutter for soundless clicks:

The feature does not come with the factory setting. You need to activate in the 6th red shooting menu screen (Silent Shutter – Disable or Enable).

This helps those photographers who want to take photographs without the sound of a click, especially while taking pictures on some emotional or solemn occasion.

The feature is also effective during press conferences when the sound of the shutter becomes an embarrassment for the photographer.

When you activate the Silent Shutter option on your Canon EOS R high-speed shooting, the mechanical shutter blades remain wide open, without any movement.

The shutter stops automatically actual image recording, scanning its surface again after the initial scanning to capture light and image detail.

The shutter remains silent because it happens within the CMOS image sensor.

The Canon EOS R high-speed shooting helps you to click the best frame that you have always desired.

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