How to Adjust Canon 90D Portrait Photography Settings?

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Canon 90D Portrait Photography Settings

Shooting a portrait is different from shooting a landscape. Canon Eos 90D is a good choice if you want to do both.

However, the settings for shooting a landscape are different from that of shooting a portrait. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind to get the perfect shot for your portrait.

Here is a step-by-step guide to adjusting the Canon Eos 90D portrait settings to get the perfect shot.

Best settings for Canon Eos 90D Portrait

Step 1. Using A Wider Aperture

canon 90D portrait - recommended aperture

Canon 90D portrait – recommended aperture

It is always advisable to shoot Canon Eos 90D portrait using a wider aperture. This is especially important in case you are shooting portraits outside. It helps your subject to pop out from the background.

The aperture is built inside the lens. It helps to decide the flow of light inside the lens.

The wider the aperture number, the less amount light will enter the lens. To change the aperture, you need to press the Av button down.

After doing so, you have to change the control dial to change the aperture. You will be able to see the current aperture on your camera screen and will be able to change it accordingly.   

Step 2. Control the shutter speed

canon 90D portrait - recommended shutter speed

canon 90D portrait – recommended shutter speed

Shutter speed is important to control the brightness of the picture as well as to shoot moving objects.

In case your subject is moving, you have to use a faster shutter speed like 1/1000. To do so, you have to rotate the main dial and select a faster aperture.

You can also make a perfect Canon Eos 90D portrait shot by changing the aperture using the touchscreen feature.

It is important to change the shutter speed according to the environment you are shooting in and whether your subject is moving or not.

Step 3. Change the ISO setting

canon 90D portrait - recommended ISO

canon 90D portrait – recommended ISO

ISO settings are critical in case you want to shoot Canon Eos 90D portrait. It helps to determine how sensitive your camera is to light. It is effortless to check the ISO settings on your Canon Eos 90D.

Speaking of portraits, an ISO setting between ISO 100 and ISO 400 is highly recommended to avoid excess noise within the portraits.

There is a separate ISO button present to change and check the ISO settings. All you need to do is to locate the ISO button and press it.

The settings can be changed using the touchscreen feature of Canon Eos 90D.

Step 4. Shoot in Manual mode

canon 90D portrait - manual mode

canon 90D portrait – manual mode

It is advisable to shoot in Manual mode in case you want to make active changes in your Canon Eos 90D portrait settings.

You can change the mode by using the Mode dial. You have to press the button for lock release and turn it around to select the appropriate mode.

Manual mode allows having maximum control over your Canon EOS 90D portrait settings. You can even choose to shoot in Bulb Mode, which is just a variation of the manual mode.

Step 5. Change the White Balance

canon 90D portrait settings - white balance

canon 90D portrait settings – white balance

Even though it is the easiest option to stick to the Auto-White Balance option, it is advisable to change the White Balance according to the circumstances.

To change it, first, you need to keep it under Auto-White Balance mode.

The next step is to fill the existing frame with a grey or white side and click a picture with your flash on.

The next step is to go to the Menu setting and choose a setting for Custom White Balance.

You have to choose the picture that you have just taken and change the White Balance to enable the Custom option.

Now that you know what to do, it is fairly a simple process to configure Canon Eos 90D Portrait settings to get the perfect shot.

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Pro tip: The first thing to get a good portrait shot is to shoot from various viewpoints. It adds a lot of finesse to your picture.

You also have to keep in mind how to use your subject and fill in the frame accordingly. Whether it is a close-up shot or not- it all boils down to what you want from the picture.   

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