Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings

Nikon D3300 Portrait SettingsNikon D3300 Portrait Settings

How Do Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings work?

The Nikon D3300 is a great DSLR with a lot of features to improve your portrait photos over those taken in Auto mode. Well, follow the below steps to perfect your portrait photography skills.

Portrait photography with Nikon D3300

Step 1. Determining the light metering modes

The D3300 features three light-metering modes, which you can control from the settings menu by pressing the “i” button.

Usually, the default mode is Matrix mode, in which the camera assesses the light in several parts of the picture and selects the settings for even exposure.

If you are not getting appropriate results from Matrix, you can try center-weighted or Spot Metering mode, or adjust the exposure compensation manually.

How Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings Work

Step 2. Optimum white balance

There are different white balance modes to choose from. Use preset manual white balance when you are shooting under mixed lighting.

By default, the white balance is set to Auto. To alter the color of the portraits taken, you may change the white balance to match the lighting conditions.

To display the menus, click on the MENU button. Select White balance in the shooting menu and press the multi selector to the right to reveal the white balance options.

Highlight on Preset manual and select the multi selector right.

Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings - White Balance

Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings – White Balance

Step 3. Aperture setting

You can change the value of aperture priority to control the depth-of-field in your portrait. An aperture value of f5.6 or lower is ideal for portraits.

It produces a shallow depth of field that wonderfully blurs out the background, keeping the focus on your subject. If you want to change the aperture you can do so by turning the rear Control dial.

Using a higher Aperture Priority setting of f9 or above can produce a deeper depth-of-field. When you fix the aperture using the command dial, the camera automatically sets the shutter speed.

Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings - Aperture

Nikon D3300 Portrait Settings – Aperture

Step 4. Accurate Shutter Priority

You can set the shutter speed using the Command dial on the back of the camera and select the mode marked S.

The camera will adjust the aperture of its lens to ensure that the photo is properly exposed. When you are shooting holding the device in your hands, use Shutter Priority and set the shutter speed at 1/30, 1/60 of a second, or faster.

For even lower values the Vibration Reduction system won’t be able to compensate and your portraits will appear hazy.


Step 5. Controlling in Manual Mode

The Manual mode is particularly useful as you can control not only the shutter speed but also the aperture. The camera will notify you if the exposure is turned off, but it won’t prevent you from shooting.

As a beginner, you might find it difficult to take a perfect portrait, adjusting both aperture and shutter speed at the same time.

However, you will learn with time and Manual mode can help you get complex shots with ease.

Once you start using Nikon D3300, you must follow the given guidelines to get the best portrait photos out of every click.

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