How To Connect Canon 5d Mark Iii To Computer

Connect Canon 5d Mark iii To ComputerConnect Canon 5d Mark iii To Computer

How to Connect Canon 5d Mark iii to Computer – Getting Started

As you look forward to a feasible solution regarding how to connect Canon 5d mark iii to a computer, there are a few points worth considering before taking the next steps.

There are two ways to make this connection possible: via a USB cable and via WIFI. If you are trying to connect Canon 5d Mark iii with a computer via USB, buy a high-quality USB cable beforehand.

This way, you won’t witness any lags and disconnection issues during the data transfer process between both devices.

On the contrary, connecting Canon 5d Mark iii with a computer is relatively easier. Regardless of the procedures, be careful during every step of the process.

Recommended steps regarding how to connect  Canon 5d Mark iii to the computer (via USB)

Step 1. Restart both devices

Check whether the computer or the camera is powered off. If they are not, try restarting both devices to disable any active connections or processes.

Using either of the devices with an active connection may create trouble while establishing a connection between the computer and the camera.

Step 2. Create a connection with the USB cable

Once you have restarted the devices, it’s time to connect them with the USB cable. Please remember to use a high-quality USB cable from an authorized vendor to avoid any inconvenience during the process.

Afterward, insert the respective ends of the USB cable to the provided USB ports of the computer and the Canon 5D Mark iii. As you see that both devices have been connected, check whether the camera is shown as a storage device on the computer screen.

Step 3. Your devices are connected!

Once the Canon 5D mark iii shows up as a storage device on the computer, you can now assume that it has successfully created a connection with the computer. Start transferring your favorite images or video files between the devices now.

As you just learned regarding how to connect Canon 5d mark iii to a computer via USB, we now guide you through to finish up the same task via WIFI.

Recommended steps regarding how to connect Canon 5d Mark iii with the computer (via WIFI)

Step 1. Download and install the EOS utility software on the computer

Download and install Canon EOS utility software from Canon’s official website. With this software, you can easily transfer files between both devices without any lags. As you do that, simultaneously check the power status of both devices.

Step 2. Enable the Camera’s WIFI function

The first thing you need to do here is to enable the Wifi function in the Canon 5d mark iii. To do that, enter into Setup menu 3 within the main menu settings and set the wifi function to ‘Enable’.

Once done, you then need to tap on the PC icon located below the same option.

Step 3. Select EOS utility as the connection type

The system will now start with the Wi-Fi pairing process while picking the EOS utility software as the connection type in the camera settings. Once through, go by the instructions prompted on the camera screen to configure the network settings properly.

As you finish up with the configuration process, the camera will prompt you to check the pairing process on the computer. Go to the computer screen and run the EOS utility software on the computer.

Step 4. Run the EOS utility launcher

This EOS utility launcher offered by Canon has proved itself as the best alternative to establish an easy Wi-Fi connection between a Canon camera and the computer.

Once the EOS utility launcher checks that there are no active USB connections within the devices, it will kickstart the process of enabling the wifi connection between Canon 5d mark iii and the computer.

As you proceed, opt for the ‘ Pairing over WiFi/LAN’ option and the computer will prompt any active connections between the devices at that time. As it detects the Canon 5d mark iii, it will prompt you to select the same device on the computer screen.

Step 5. Establish the connection between devices

To enable the Canon 5d Mark iii as the preferred connection on the computer, select the camera name and tap on the ‘ Connect’ option. The computer will prompt with a message confirming the establishment of a connection between the devices and you now need to check for further instructions on the camera.

The LCD screen of Canon 5d mark iii will now confirm that the device has successfully established the connection with the computer. This means that both devices are paired and you can now proceed with the transfer of your favorite video or image files.

Bottom-line for how to connect Canon 5d mark iii to  computer

The process requires some basic knowledge of the respective camera and computer settings. Do check the user manual for any help and assistance during the task.

Moreover, please let us know your feedback in the comments section so we can bring more such valuable posts in the future.

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