Canon R5 Autofocus Settings

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Canon R5 Autofocus Settings – Overview

Optimizing the Canon R5 autofocus settings is crucial for achieving sharp and well-composed photographs. Utilizing these settings efficiently allows for quick adjustments to image composition, mode selection, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, enhancing your photography experience.

Available AF Methods in Canon R5 Autofocus Settings

The Canon R5 offers a variety of autofocus methods, including Face + Tracking, Spot AF, 1-point AF, and Zone AF, catering to different shooting scenarios.

Face + Tracking

This method enables the camera to detect and focus on faces, whether of people or animals, placing an AF point over the detected face for tracking. The entire AF area is used for auto-selection AF if no face is detected. In Servo AF mode, you can specify the starting point for monitoring.

Spot AF

Spot AF is a crucial feature in Canon R5 autofocus settings, offering precise control by focusing on a small subject area. This is particularly useful when focusing on a specific part of the subject amidst obstructions.

1-point AF

Single-point AF evaluates whether the subject is stationary or moving and selects either AF-S or AF-C accordingly, using only one focus point for subject focus.

Zone AF

Zone AF is an automatic AF point selection confined to a small group of AF points within the viewfinder. It focuses on selected zones, applicable in both One-Shot AF and AI Servo AF, and includes options for Large Zone AF: Vertical and Horizontal for adaptable framing.

‘Subjects to Detect’ in Canon R5 Autofocus Settings

The Canon R5 allows selection from three subject detection options: People, Animals, and No Priority, enhancing subject focus accuracy.


This setting prioritizes detecting human faces or heads, tracking the entire body if faces or heads are not detected.


Selecting Animals enables the camera to focus on animals and birds, placing AF points on their faces and attempting to detect their bodies if faces are not visible.

No Priority

The camera automatically detects subjects without prioritizing their type, allowing flexible subject selection under specified conditions.

Points to Ponder While Using Canon R5 Autofocus Settings

  • To refocus, press the shutter button halfway even after achieving focus.
  • Manually adjust image brightness as it may vary before and after focusing.
  • Autofocus speed may vary with the subject and environment, potentially affecting continuous shooting speed.
  • Screen flickering and autofocus issues may occur in uneven lighting; restarting the camera may help.
  • Manual focusing is recommended if autofocus does not perform as expected.
  • Use AF point or Zone AF frame for subjects at the edge of the screen, then recompose the shot.
  • Compatibility issues may arise with certain lenses; using lenses well-suited for the Canon R5 is advisable.

The Bottom Line for Canon R5 Autofocus Settings

Familiarize yourself with the Canon R5 autofocus settings to leverage them effectively during shoots. Consult the camera’s user manual for comprehensive details on each setting and feature.

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