4 Tips Using Canon T6i Shutter Speed

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Canon T6i shutter speed

Talking about the key elements of photography, the Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO can certainly be enlisted in the same category.

Specifically, it’s the ‘Shutter speed’ of your camera that plays a key role in ensuring the desired outcome with your capture shots.

Hence, we can say that even when you are carrying a gem of a camera like the Canon t6i, understanding the Canon T6i shutter speed is your first step towards becoming a good photographer in the future.

Recommended tips and techniques while using Canon T6i shutter speed

Tip 1. Controlling the shutter speed

Most of the Canon cameras come with ‘Sports-specific ‘scene modes and the same goes true with the Canon t6i too.

This setting is specially designed to automatically set up the camera’s focusing settings and exposure for all the moving subjects.

Now, even if the customized setting is there, you can still create a different touch by controlling the Canon t6i shutter speed.

Simply set your Canon t6i to shutter priority or Tv(Time value) mode.

Now, just set the right Canon t6i shutter speed by rotating the main dial of the camera. Your Canon t6i will now automatically adjust the aperture to create the right exposure.

Tip 2. Avoiding the unwanted Camera shake

Canon T6i shutter speed - unwanted shake

Canon T6i shutter speed – unwanted shake

Before getting further with this point, you must first understand that the term ‘ camera shake ‘ is more relatable while you are shooting with a handheld camera.

Now, the role played by Canon t6i shutter speed in avoiding this ‘ Camera shake’ largely depends on three factors :

  • You are using a lens with a built-in IS(Image stabilizer)
  • The speed of wind during the shoot
  • The focal length of the lens you are using

Among these three, the focal length of the lens you are using is the most important factor.

Now, this is where you got to use a Canon t6i shutter speed that is equivalent to or more than the effective focal length of the lens in use.

For example, if you are using a lens with a focal length of 100mm, using a Canon t6i shutter speed of 1/100 or faster is highly recommended.

While doing the same, do consider the movement speed of the subject as well.

Tip 3. Faster shutter speed for capturing action

Canon T6i shutter speed - capturing action

Canon T6i shutter speed – capturing action

When we talk about the required Canon t6i shutter speed to capture a moving subject, it largely counts on three factors-the the speed of the subject, the direction in which it’s moving, and its distance from the camera.

This is where you would need a much faster shutter speed that you can think about. Let’s say you are capturing a walking person, a shutter speed of 1/250 would do the job for you.

Now if you compare the same to a shot focusing on a running person or an animal, the shutter speed required hereby has to be between 1/500 and 1/1000.

The same would vary in the case of a flying bird or a fast-moving car/bike and you have to set the shutter speed between 1/1000 and 1/4000.

It must be noted that while you are increasing the Canon t6i shutter speed for shooting sports or wildlife, do also ensure to increase the ISO settings.

Tip 4. Mastering the Panning

Canon T6i shutter speed - panning

Canon T6i shutter speed – panning

Once you are shooting action sequences while adjusting the Canon t6i shutter speed, you have to ensure that the captured shots must look more dynamic.

Now, this is where you are required to sharpen the subject while blurring the background.

To achieve the same effect with great excellence, you have to slow down the shutter speed while also moving the camera along with the subject (with speed similar to the movement of the subject).

This is known as ‘Panning’ and you can master it with some good practice.

Speaking of the right Canon t6i shutter speed during the process, it depends on the speed of the subject along with the amount of blur you want in the captured shot.

Hence, you can set the AF mode of your camera to AI servo or Servo, as this would allow the camera to match up to the movement of the subject in focus.

Well, this is where you also require a high-quality Lens with a built-in Image Stabilizer (IS) that would help you to manage the ‘ Camera shake’ while you are panning the camera either vertically or horizontally.

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