How to Use Canon 80D

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How to Use the Canon 80D – Overview

The Canon 80D has proven itself as an exceptional camera with remarkable features. Nonetheless, to unlock new dimensions in your photography with this remarkable camera, it’s essential to consult the Canon 80D ‘how to use’ guide.

This camera features a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Dual Pixel AF, and the capability for 7 fps continuous shooting with AF, ensuring high accuracy and sharpness in every shot.

Getting Started with the Canon 80D

Whether it’s your first time with this camera or any other, the first steps involve inserting the battery and the memory card into their designated slots. Follow the user manual included in the package for guidance.

On its top plate, the camera has designated slots for the battery and memory card. After inserting the battery, charge it using the provided USB cable and AC adapter.

Next, attach the lens to the camera body. Align the two white marks on the lens with the corresponding marks on the camera body during attachment.

You’ll hear a click sound once the lens is securely attached. With the lens in place, you can embark on your photography journey. Look through the viewfinder, focus on your subject at the center, and capture the shot by fully pressing the shutter button. Review or delete the captured image or video in Playback mode.

Navigating the Menu Settings

In the menu, you can adjust settings such as picture quality, date, language, and time, which helps timestamp your shots for later review or editing.

To explore these settings, activate the menu display, then select the desired settings, controls, or features by tapping them.

Customize the menu settings to suit your personal preferences. Tap the Exit button to return to the shooting settings display.

Using Auto Shooting Mode

Auto mode is recommended for photography beginners. Set the mode dial to Auto, and the camera will choose the best settings for capturing your image or video.

Focus on the subject by pressing the shutter button halfway down to center the focus. Once focused, capture your shot by pressing the shutter button fully down.

To record a video, press the Movie button. A beep sound will indicate the start of the recording. Press the Movie button again to stop recording, signaled by another beep.

Image or Video Playback

Access the main menu settings and press the playback button to review your captured image or video. Use the arrow keys to navigate through your captures.

To delete an image or video, use the delete button. Remember, once deleted, the data cannot be retrieved.

Using Continuous Shooting Mode

In Continuous shooting mode, capture 3-5 shots per second, which is ideal for fast-moving subjects or capturing varied expressions.

Select Continuous shooting mode from the main menu using the arrow keys. Press the shutter button fully to capture your desired images rapidly.

Conclusion for the Canon 80D How-to-Use Guide

The Canon 80D meets all your photography needs. Being familiar with its unique features and settings is crucial, and this guide and the provided user manual will assist you.

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