How to Use Canon 80D

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How to Use Canon 80D – Overview

The Canon 80D has already proved its worth as a superior camera with some striking features. However, you still have to go through the Canon 80D ‘how to use’ guide if you are looking to give new dimensions to your photography with this gem of a camera.

The camera brings a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel AF and 7 fps continuous shooting with AF. So, you can remain guaranteed to get high accuracy and perfect sharpness with each of your captured shots.

Getting started with Canon 80D

No matter if you are using this camera or any other camera model for the first time, you initially need to insert the battery and the memory card into their respective slots before getting started. To get ahead with the same task, you need to adhere to the user manual provided in the package.

The camera has specific slots for inserting the battery and the memory card on the top plate. Once the battery is inserted, you need to charge it with the provided USB cable and the AC adaptor.

Once you are done with the battery and memory card insertion, the next task is to attach the lens to the camera’s body. The Lens comes over with two white patches on its body that need to be set with similar patches on the camera’s plate during attachment.

Once the lens is successfully attached, you will hear a Click sound instantly. Once you are finished with the Lens attachment, you can start ahead with your photography aspirations. For that, you need to glance through the viewfinder and begin focusing on the viewfinder center over the subject.

Then you can go ahead with the capturing of the shot by fully pressing the shutter button. Once the image or the video is captured, you can review or delete it in Playback mode.

Scrolling through the menu settings

While checking through different camera controls and settings in the menu, you can likewise set the picture quality, date, language, and time. This is required to create a Timestamp on the captured shot in case you want to check or edit them later on.

Once through with the same task, you can set the Basic and creative zone modes on the Menu screen. To check through all of these settings, you first need to Display the menu. Once done, select any of the required settings, controls, or features by tapping on it.

You can also customize the menu settings according to your personal needs and preferences. Once done, exit the menu by tapping on the Exit button and you will now return to the shooting settings display.

Using the Auto Shooting mode

This mode is recommended to all beginners in Photography. To start ahead, you first need to set the Mode dial to Auto and let the camera select the best settings and controls to capture the image or the video.

Subsequently, focus on the subject while pressing the shutter button halfway down. This will set the focus to the center of the subject. Once the focus is properly set, you can now go ahead while pressing the shutter button fully down.

The shot will be captured, and the camera will respond with a click sound to confirm the same. On the other side, press the Movie button if you are aiming to record a video. The camera will respond with a beep sound that will confirm the beginning of the recording process.

As you finish with the recording process, press the same Movie button again, and the camera will prompt you again with a beep sound.

Image or Video playback

Once you are done with capturing the image or video, enter the main menu settings and tap on the playback button. The camera will prompt you with the last shot of the video or the image. You can make the selection of the image or the video by using the arrow keys.

The same image or video can then be deleted by using the delete button present on the main screen. Do remember that once deleted, the image or video cannot be recovered later on.

Using Continuous shooting mode

You can capture 3-5 shots per second while using the Continuous shooting mode. It becomes viable for shooting quick-moving subjects. Likewise, The mode is best for catching the subjects with random facial expressions.

Enter the main menu setting and opt for the Continuous shooting mode by using the arrow keys. Once selected, press the shutter completely once, instantly capturing the required images.

Bottom-line for Canon 80D how to use guide

The Camera serves perfectly all your photography aspirations, and all you need to do is stay aware and updated regarding its unique features and settings. That’s where the Canon 80D how-to-use guide will be helpful.

Additionally, you can refer to the user manual provided in the package for further help and assistance.

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