How to adjust Canon 5D MARK IV Portrait Photography Settings?

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Canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography settings

First, let’s get this straight; you need proper equipment for the job. If you don’t already have one get a lens specifically designed for Canon 5D Mark IV portrait photography (Hey! It’s on Amazon)

The Canon 5D MARK IV is loaded with rich features that hold a 30.4-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and a powerful DIGIC+ 6 image processor.

The Canon 5D MARK IV has a total of 61 AF points(41 cross-type). They are connected to the metering system of this camera that enables you to detect and track colored objects but can also and execute face recognition.

A bright and large viewfinder with 100% coverage is present. You can do shooting up to 7 frames per second. The native ISO range is ISO 100-32000 expandable up to 102400 and again can be reduced to 50.

A portrait photo captured with canon 5D MARK IV proper settings

STEP 1. A wide aperture always helps

If you want to take good portrait shots, sometimes using a wide aperture is important.

Wide-angle aperture creates a shallow depth of field and gives the background of your subject a subtle blur making your captured photograph unique and flawless.

Furthermore, you can even use some special portrait lenses that will provide you with a more wide aperture (around like f/1.4-f2.8), helping you to blur the background extensively.

STEP 2. Experiment with different angles

Capturing portrait photographs with eyes being the subject makes the photo very engaging and improves the eye contact between the subject and the audience.

But sometimes choose a different angle from above where the focus would fall on the face rather than the body, or, below the eye level, that makes your subject taller and larger.

Keep experimenting with these angles and bring out a new perspective to the image.

STEP 3. Use a reflector

New 5 in 1 Portable Multi Camera Lighting Reflector

Using a reflector is a fast and cheap way to brighten up your portraits and give them a professional look.

Use them outdoors or indoors (near the windows) to bounce back the light onto your subject and fill up the unwanted shadow portion.

Many reflectors come with double-sided or detachable covers. So you can avail the best ones according to your need from a wide range of reflectors available in silver, white and gold surfaces.

STEP 4. Use higher ISO

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography - ISO

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – ISO

As you photograph people, they will blink or change their facial expressions. There is nothing worse than a photo where someone is half blinked or gurning instead of smiling.

To prevent these kinds of problems and avoid motion blur appearing in your captured images, you need a fast shutter speed. It will also help to get sharp shots by avoiding camera shakes.

STEP 5. Shoot in RAW and B&W

When taking portraits, shooting in raw format is advised. While shooting in a raw format, it creates a digital negative that preserves details and then produces high-resolution images that can be edited easily.

You can also shoot in black and white to give to highlight different textures within your captured photos and add more drama to them.

This is highly advisable to photographers that are trying to get a different impact from every portrait photo they are clicking for any given photo shoot.

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography - RAW and B&W

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – RAW and B&W

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography - B&W

Canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – B&W

STEP 6. Use gels on your Speedlite

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography - gel

Canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – gel

Adding CTO (orange) or CTB (blue) gels can change the mood of your photographs.

Sometimes when taking photos in an overcast and blueish environment, making use of a CTB (BLUE) gel will help to warm up the whole environment if you can adjust the white balance of your camera correctly.

Also, CTO (orange) can emulate sunlight as well.

These are a few of the key steps to be followed to get the best Canon 5D Mark IV portrait photography with every shot.

You can always experiment with the one-suited bets to your given requirements and background.

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