Can Arlo Cameras Be Hacked?

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The manufacturers of Arlo cameras have diligently worked to safeguard these devices from unauthorized access or hacking. Despite robust security measures, vulnerabilities may still be exploited by malicious actors. Understanding potential security weaknesses in your cameras is crucial to ensure their safety against digital threats.

The creators of these security cameras assert their resilience against hacking and snooping attempts. However, given that the base station of the Arlo security camera communicates with the camera devices via WiFi, there remains a potential risk of hackers.

It’s important to note that a device’s security does not guarantee the protection of data transmitted between the device and WiFi/wired access points. In other words, while the camera may be secure, the data it transfers could be at risk if basic security protocols are not followed.

Here, we outline common methods by which Arlo Pro cameras might be compromised, helping you prepare against potential hacking or snooping threats to your Arlo camera.

How to Protect Your Arlo Cameras From Hackers

Step 1. Securing the Default Password

Malicious individuals can hack into an Arlo security camera or any wireless security camera by exploiting the default password. Ensure that your cameras are not operating with the factory-set password.

How malicious parties attempt to hack surveillance systems using default passwords

Attackers search for the security camera’s IP address and then locate your camera brand’s login page to access your account.

They utilize password engines with customized lists of commonly used passwords for these devices, often called “dictionaries”.

This vulnerability exists because many Arlo security camera users neglect to change their cameras’ default passwords, allowing hackers easy access.

Understanding this method and protecting your cameras can safeguard your system more effectively.

Step 2. Protecting Your User-ID

Hackers also attempt to access Arlo security cameras by finding the default user ID. Like the default password, many users forget to change their camera’s user ID, creating a vulnerability for hackers.

Once they obtain the user ID, they can access the entire security system and potentially reset the account. It’s crucial to change the default user ID of your security cameras.

Experienced hackers have indicated that acquiring the user ID makes accessing the user’s phone numbers, emails, or other information extremely easy.

Step 3. Updating the Firmware

Neglecting to update the security camera’s firmware allows hackers to exploit outdated security measures through the command line of codes.

Recently, a leading security device manufacturer identified flaws within their cameras. Immediate actions were taken to address the issue, but it highlighted concerns over the safety and security of these devices. Always keep your firmware up to date.

Step 4. Protecting Your Wi-Fi Access Point

Hackers who cannot directly compromise a security camera may attempt to access the system through the Wi-Fi network.

Secure communication between devices and the network is crucial, as they exchange data over WiFi. Securing remote access to your Wi-Fi network is essential to protect the entire security system.

The bottom line on how to protect Arlo cameras from hacking

Hacking is an unlawful activity, and it is important to consider the implications of such actions. The methods described above warn Arlo camera owners to take extra precautions when setting up User IDs and Passwords for their security cameras.

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