Play Station Games for Kids [by Age]

With an ocean of flagship game titles oriented towards older players, it seems hard finding let alone picking the best PS4 games for kids.

We have therefore removed some of the guesswork by piecing together this article and by the time you finish reading it, you will enjoy the plethora of game options for your dear ones; from building games to sports titles, to idiosyncratic adventures and so much more.

Playing PS4 with kids has this crime image of two young siblings playing together but with the older one having the younger player’s console unsuspectingly unplugged, and the gullible younger sibling seemingly thrilled to the bone with a game he/she is not playing.

Such a bummer if you grow up to see yourself as the victim of this ludicrous charade because you deserved better as a kid.

Well, we may excuse this older sibling because one; that would make a great meme, let’s admit that and two; maybe the game played was intended for a mature audience and it would be extremely complex for the younger kid to play.

However, if your five-year plus kiddo has outgrown that favourite blanky and fluffy toy, don’t fret because the play has just begun thanks to ps4 games for kids.

PS4 Games for Kids

Are you a Sony partisan looking for ps4 games for kids that would contribute to your kid’s cognitive development without divulging their violence? Here is where you can start.

Best PS4 Game for 8 years old and up

LEGO World 

Chances are that you once enjoyed the classic toy which now presents itself as LEGO Worlds –which is free from messes and the excruciating pains that presents themselves when stepping on the blocks.

LEGO World drops away your kid in an open world filled with brick and blocks. This sandbox game allows your kid, or even you, to create and destroy anything while exploring the vast world while riding motorbikes, helicopters and even gorillas.

With the only limit being your kid’s imagination, just about anything can be manipulated into existence; brick by brick.  The game is perfect for all ages and with a two-player split-screen, a family member can join in the fun and adventures for a great bonding experience.

This game greatly inspires creativity and imagination.

Best PS4 Game for 5 years old and up

Overcooked 2 is a gem for the culinary enthusiast; especially those girls who like spending time in the kitchen trying to help out.

With this game, you and your kids can enjoy accomplishing restaurant orders at the double. It has the shortest learning curve with just three control buttons to learn from and use.

Overcooked 2 gives room to four players for a team effort in preparing decorated meals that would fit a king.

Although easy to play, it can get more intricate as you slowly progress. However, the amount of fun achieved with every objective most certainly outweighs the defeats.

Young kids can bone up cooking tips while enjoying the chaotic and hilarious experience. Overcooked 2 will essentially build their concentration and help them become organized in the long run.

Best PS4 Game for 3 years old and up

Little Big Planet 3 

Little Big Planets is an award-winning title that boasts in blooming a generation of creators. It is a fun-filled game with different cute characters, customs and stickers to choose from.

The game allows kids to fashion their levels and objectives –creating opportunities in this game that are truly endless. To make it even better, they can share these built levels with friends online.

By playing Sackboy – the main character – and his friends, you can solve puzzles, customize characters and explore the furthest reaches of this adventurous world.

This amazing 2D side-scroller has incredible graphics allowing kids to enjoy every bit of it.

This game is great at refining your kid’s creativity and imagination.

Best PS4 Game for 8 years old and up

Minecraft (for 8 years old and up)

It’s impossible to compile a list of the best ps4 games for kids without having Minecraft at the centre of it. This game quickly rose to fame becoming a favourite to not only kids but adults as well. 

Have 9 years old? Check out ps4 games for 9 years olds 

Minecraft is not your average building game. With a vast pixilated world to create on your own, you will stay hours on end unleashing your greatest imagination in the Creative Mode.

On the other hand, you might opt to fight the Creepers alone or with the help of family members in the Survival Mode.

Considered as the 21st Century Lego, Minecraft typically gives you the key to your domain; make it, rake it and explore it. This possibility is highly recommended for young kids.

Not many addictive games are also good at brain development, and this is where Minecraft shines.

However, as your kid engages in the virtual primal life where creativity sparks best, be sure to foresee and curb undesirable interactions from strangers in that Minecraft world.

Best PS4 Game for 10 years old and up

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (for 10 years old and up)

Another PS1 throwback that makes a grand return with updated PS4 animations and colourful graphics.

If you still get that nostalgia when hearing about Crash Bandicoot, good news presents itself with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. See the full list of best ps4 games for 12-year-olds

This Oldie but Goldie revamps the silly marsupial to modern standards and recreates the three adventures he takes on.

With lots of fun to go by, your kid will spend hours after hours collecting gem shards, finding secret floors and beating the levels. You can even share with them tricks you remember and how you used to collect the enchanting Wumpa fruits that gave you lives.  

This trilogy creates a bonding experience with your young one, especially when joining hands to triumph over difficult levels.

It is a good game to teach your kids resilience as they think through and find ways of accomplishing tough missions. You kid will enjoy the adventurous and I kid you not, the game might get you hooked as well.

Best PS4 Game for 10 years old and up

Just Dance 2019 (for 10 years old and up)

For lovers of music and the latest dance songs, Just Dance gives you the chance to enjoy yourself and also keep your kid entertained. It allows your kid to learn the beats and moves of their favourite songs.

Even if you or your kid have an inflexible taste in music, you won’t miss a tune that will get you frenzied –especially with an accessible library that has over 300 different tracks.

The latest songs and crazy dance style graphics will effortlessly lighten up the little kids and keep their parties going hours on end. Parents can also join in the fun in co-op mode and show kids how they ‘Busta move’. Kids and family members can also compete against one another in a dance-off competition.

Music and dance breathe air to good genes, helping in mood, learning, memory and elementary brain functions. Just Dance will therefore make sure of this.

By and large, you can rely on Just Dance in keeping your little rascals active and entertained.   

Best PS4 Game for 8 years old and up

FIFA (for 8 years old and up)

Created by EA, FIFA has gained popularity as the ultimate sports game that would suit both kids and adults alike. It’s never too early to introduce your kids to this franchise.

Kids can play with friends online and offline. The game has a career mode that allows them to manage an entire soccer team.

Kids can also create characters and have a feel of how soccer players get signed to clubs, train and play matches.

Each year, the game is enhanced with new signings, players, teams and stadiums.

The gameplay is also improved and updated to the current standings of teams and players making the game more realistic year in, year out.

It would take some time teaching your kids controls but on the upside, games can be standardized from beginners to legends, giving room for kids to progressively learn the game.  

Also, controls never change with the annual update and thus mastering them becomes a breeze.

It’s a great game to build your child’s intelligence as it enhances their memory and coordination.


You can now easily pick the most appropriate game for your kid that we have listed for you the best ps4 games for kids.

Let them have fun and at the same time grow cognitively for a more enhanced childhood. 

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