6 Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

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Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Looking for Samsung earbuds? There are plenty of Samsung wireless earbuds available in the market.

As per reports, more than 58% of respondents use earbuds as their wireless audio devices. With the increased usage of earbuds, the demand for excellent features in earbuds have surged as well.

Of course, it’s not an easy task to find the perfect earbuds that fulfill your requirements. That’s why we will discuss the 6 best Samsung Galaxy buds to educate you to buy best the best earbuds for you.

Nowadays, Samsung is showing fruitful outputs in terms of audio devices and is highly visible in the Galaxy Earbuds series.

However, which one is the best? To answer this, we have also mentioned some factors for choosing earbuds. Before getting into further details, let’s look at this comparison table below.

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Include:

Product NameConnectivityWater ResistanceBattery Life
Samsung Galaxy Buds LiveWirelessIPX2 Water Resistance8 hours
Samsung galaxy Buds ProWirelessIPX7 Water Resistance22 hours (music)
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2WirelessIPX2 Water Resistance29 hours (music)
Samsung Galaxy Buds PlusWirelessIPX2 Water Resistance22 hours (music)
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live ANC TWSWirelessIPX2 Splash resistant29 hours (music)
Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170WirelessIPX22 splash-resistance13 hours

Now that you have seen the table, let’s move on to the details without further ado.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung galaxy buds have excellent features and provide higher comfort. So, let’s see what more it offers us below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are exceptional wireless earbuds with ANC or Active Noise Cancellation features.

In addition, these earbuds come with AKG-tuned 12mm speakers along with exceptional bass tone so that you can get an immense hearing experience.

Get yourself exposed to earbuds that offer equal sound on both sides.

More importantly, these earbuds come with an auto noise cancellation feature that allows you to stay away from distractions.

You can even block out unwanted background noises while using these earbuds.

Furthermore, it has a long-lasting battery so that you can get a listening experience of 29 hours. What’s more, it also comes with a case that acts as a wireless charger as well.

These earbuds help you get a spacious and natural sound, and it even comes with voice assistance features to send messages, call or even search for music without using your hand.


  • It comes with ultimate voice assistance features
  • It has an ergonomic and tipless design with enhanced voice quality
  • These earbuds come with an enhanced bass tone

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung galaxy buds pro

Another excellent earbud we can put to notice is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

It has an intelligent, active noise cancellation feature so that you can get an excellent experience of delving into your world without any background noise.

You can even use its 4 different ambient levels for a better listening experience.

What’s more, it also has voice detection features so that you can do specific tasks like answering calls and searching for music through these earbuds without any hassle.

Both the bud pieces have an 11-mm woofer and 6.5 mm tweeter built for getting yourself exposed to every beat of the music you’re listening to.

Eventually, you will love to use these earbuds during your workouts since they are water-resistant so that sweat won’t ruin your listening experience.

Irrespective of where you are, outside noise won’t ruin your meetings or essential calls with these earbuds.

We loved how its long-lasting battery allows us to enhance the music-hearing or movie-watching experience during long traveling days.


  • It comes with a touch control for music
  • It comes with a wireless charging case
  • These earbuds have intelligent, active noise-cancellation features
  • You can switch between modes through its voice-detection features

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung galaxy buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 allows you to reach new heights when it comes to an enhanced hearing experience. These earbuds allow you to listen to booming music.

When you watch movies with these earbuds, you will feel as if you are sitting in a cinema and the voices/music are coming from all around.

In addition, you can now block any unwanted sounds through its active noise-cancellation features so that you can keep your focus levels stable.

Along with this added comfort, you will also get buds with an excellent design.

Furthermore, it is 10% smaller than the Samsung Galaxy buds plus, allowing you to get an even more comfortable experience.

It comes with 3 microphones and noise reduction technology to get crisp and clear voice/music.

Moreover, its long-lasting battery allows you to use it for longer hours after charging it for some time. You can even shift between different devices through these earbuds’ auto-switch features.


  • It comes with auto-switch features to switch between devices without the hassle.
  • It has 3 microphones and noise reduction technology
  • It’s small, lightweight, and compact
  • It allows you to get access to touch control for answering calls or listening to music

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung Galaxy Buds plus

Whether you want to isolate yourself from distracting noises or have a crucial virtual meeting in a noisy place, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is the best choice.

It filters out the outside noise effectively. Furthermore, you can use it for up to 11 hours straight without any disturbances.

The best thing about it is that you can get additional 11 hours of listening time by just charging it with the case itself. You can charge it for 3 minutes to get one hour of listening experience.

These earbuds come with efficient microphone features so that people on the other side of the call can hear you.

You can even use the Galaxy Wearable app to get exposed to more about your earbuds.


  • It comes with a boosted driver and a dynamic speaker system
  • You can even check the charge status of your earbuds through your smartphone
  • It comes with quick-charging features

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live ANC TWS

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung galaxy buds live anc TWS

These earbuds are the best if you are into iconic designs. The buds are bean-shaped and have an ergonomic design. It allows you to get a comfortable experience when wearing the earbuds.

These Galaxy true wireless earbuds have incredible active noise cancellation or ANC. In addition, it has AKG’s 12mm speakers for clear notes, high or low. 

Usually, people can use it for 6 hours and talk on call for up to 4.5 hours.

Furthermore, it is IPX2 Splash resistant, but you can’t exactly call it waterproof. Hence, it would be better to keep it away from excessive water.

Turn yourself away from distractions with just a long press to turn it on. Of course, connecting it to your PC is also possible.


  • Active noise cancellation for clearing out background noises
  • It has PX2 Splash resistance for better water resistance
  • Its ergonomic design adds a classy look to it with added comfort

6. Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds – Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170

Want to get exposed to premium sound in your home’s comfort? If so, then you can try out the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds SM-R170 which comes with a balanced, dynamic, and natural sound.

In addition, it offers complete accuracy when it comes to sound.

It comes with an option called “Ambient Aware” so that you can also control the amount of noise you want to let in.

Its quick ambient mode allows listening to traffic, hear when someone calls out to you and catching flight announcements.

These earbuds have 6 hours usage capacity after one full charge. Furthermore, you can also keep the wireless charging case to get an additional 7 hours of charge.

So when you charge these earbuds for merely 15 minutes, you will get charged for up to 1.7 hours of usage. Its added advantage is the IPX22 splash-resistant technology so that a bit of sweat will not harm.


  • It allows usage of up to 6-7 hours after one change
  • It comes with USB connectivity features
  • It has a comfortable and ergonomic design

Are The Samsung Galaxy Buds Series Worth Buying?

For Samsung users, the Samsung Galaxy buds are the best choice for selecting wireless earbuds. Using Samsung galaxy buds with Samsung devices is similar to using iPhone with Airpods.

In addition, you will get an immense sound experience since the ecosystem of these two devices will be integrated.

Since these earbuds were made specifically for Samsung Galaxy devices, it would be an incredible experience to use them for the same.

Although, you can also use these earbuds with different models and get an incredible listening experience.

These earbuds are compatible with different Android devices and iPhones as well. However, if you are an iPhone user, these buds aren’t that great.

We mean that these buds are worth it for those who use Android devices and are perfect with Samsung Galaxy phones.

Design and Ergonomics of Samsung Galaxy Buds

Whichever model of the Samsung Galaxy earbuds series you choose, all their designs are exceptional.

When it comes to typical in-ear silicone tip design, Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro are exceptional. Moreover, they have a rounded shape that helps with added comfort while using them.

When it comes to the comfort part, then the Galaxy Buds Live is the best choice since they have bean-like shapes for generous comfort.

You can use these earbuds for longer hours without any irritation in your ears.

Due to the soft silicone tips added in almost all the Samsung Galaxy earbuds, these series become the best earbuds for running, gym, and even general usage.

The added advantage of these earbuds is the noise cancellation features. Some of these earbuds even come with ambient control technology, which allows you to choose the level of noise you want to keep from the background.

This feature is helpful when you are in an airport waiting for your flight (to hear announcements) or traveling (to avoid any accidents).

These earbuds are comfortable, reliable, manageable, and secure, especially perfect for long listening sessions.

However, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Live earbuds, you shouldn’t use these for high-power physical activities or running. For such activities, you can consider Galaxy Earbuds Pro or 2.

How to Choose A Suitable Earbud?

Although we have added the 6 best Samsung Galaxy buds here on the list, considering certain factors to choose the best earbuds is an excellent idea for you.

So often, people get confused about deciding which earbuds to buy. That’s why we’ve come up with three critical factors that you can look into to buy the best earbuds. Let’s get into it then!


The price doesn’t always determine an earbud’s quality. Rather than that, you should focus on their specifications.

Before using an earbud, it’s best to check their specifications, including their sensitivity, frequency response, drivers, etc.


Size matters a lot. It depends on your ears and the design of the earbuds that you are selecting. These two aspects can enhance or degrade your comfort levels when using earbuds.

That’s why it’s best to find earbuds that have snug designs and will fit securely in your ears. In terms of size, Galaxy Buds Live is the best choice since they are bean-shaped and snug.


When buying earbuds, you also have to focus on the features and types of earbuds. Different earbuds have different purposes.

For example, suppose you want earbuds for traveling, then you will need earbuds that don’t entirely cancel out all the outside noise.

Some of the types or features of earbuds include sound isolation, noise cancellation, sweat resistance, and Bluetooth/USB connection features.

All the earbuds of the Samsung Galaxy series have most of these specialties so you can choose anyone you find suitable.

Editor’s Choice

Among all the 6 best Samsung galaxy buds, we prefer the Samsung Galaxy buds pro. The best part is that these earbuds cover the base incredibly.

It means that you can get an enhanced experience of listening to accurate sounds with a complete base.

Along with the existing features of the galaxy buds series, these earbuds have a functional balance, excellent sound, and dynamic. You can also use Samsung wearables with it for added customization.


This article lists the 6 best Samsung Galaxy Buds. Although our top choice is the Samsung Galaxy buds pro, each earbud listed here has excellent features and choosing one depends on your requirements.

These buds won’t ever disappoint you if you are an Android user!

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