Canon EOS Rebel T6 Wifi Review and Features

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Canon EOS Rebel T6 Wi-Fi Review

One of the main reasons why the Canon camera models are trusted is basically due to their engineering quality, proper contrast and dual pixel autofocus properties.

The latest offering from the brand house of Canon is the Canon eos rebel t6 wifi. Let’s use zoom-in and focus on this product a little closer.

About Canon EOS Rebel T6 Wifi

The Canon rebel T6 Wi-Fi camera can be considered an upgraded version of the previous models from the same model line.

One of the prime reasons for the product’s instant success among the customers is the low price. This Canon T6 DSLR camera from Canon has an entry-level DSLR that is focused on users who are new to photography.

Also, the ILC users and the smartphone upgraders are going to favor the Canon EOS rebel t6 wifi due to its sheer ease of use.

What Sets the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Wifi a Class Apart?

canon t6 wifi review

Canon t6 wifi review

canon rebel t6 wifi review

There is a wide range of attractive features in the Canon rebel t6 wifi. This product comprises the 18MP APS sensors and Wi-fi with NFC.

This particular feature is what makes the Canon rebel t6 wifi unique, as it offers the option to share pictures on the go.

Also, one of the prime advantages that the product has over the previously launched models is the fact that it consists of a comparatively faster processor.

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The other feature that sets this camera apart is the 9-point AF module. Canon eos rebel t6 wi-fi also has 1080/30p video and built-in WiFi.

This comes along with the NFC feature as well. One can say that the battery life of this product is quite impressive. The camera offers 500 shots per charge; a feature which is the main reason for the top position it enjoys.

However, one can argue that while the features of this product might be cutting-edge, it is still the price tag of the camera that takes away the cake.

Within this price range, this camera is a killer, with the product literally ‘flying off the shelves.

canon eos rebel t6 wifi review

canon eos rebel t6 wifi review

canon eos rebel t6 wifi review


The Main Features of Canon EOS Rebel T6 Wifi

Some of the much-desired features about Canon rebel t6 wifi are:

  • WiFi with NFC
  • ISO 100-6400, which can be expanded to 12800
  • 9-point autofocus system
  • 1080/30p video capture
  • 3 fps burst shooting
  • Fixed 3″ 920k-dot LCD
  • 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor

The Packaging of Canon T6

Essentially the Canon EOS Rebel T6 flip screen with wifi is made from plastic. This makes it easy to use and carry about.

It does not cause a strain on your shoulders or make your purse heavy from an entire day of taking pictures. However, that being said, the plastic build also makes the product highly susceptible to damage and breakage.

The camera is great to use both by beginners and advanced users. This model consists of the ‘Quick Control’ menu which is easy to read and navigate.

The much-advanced modes consist of the single easy-to-use ‘single control dial’ situated on the Camera’s shoulder. The AV+/_ controls are utilized for the aperture value, shutter speed, and exposure compensation.

For the new users, the Program mode is suitable while the ‘core settings’ can be accessed by the much more advanced users.

The Image Quality on Canon EOS Rebel T6

The image composition is assisted by the live optical viewfinder. The Canon eos rebel t6 wifi is a DSLR camera with a flip screen, this is the main added advantage of the product when it comes to fine photography.

Another attractive feature of this model is the ‘optical viewfinder’. This feature is usually much preferred over the LCD or EVF. But as a user, one must be aware that you must not expect a 100% view, as this is still a low-budget camera after all.

Live View on Canon Rebel T6

Also, the ‘Live View’ shooting is another added feature of the Canon rebel t6 wi-fi. Again, there are a few reasons, as a user, you might not find it all that good.

To start with the ‘Autofocus’ is quite slow as compared to the other camera models.

The interface of the camera is not optimized sufficiently to be used for shooting as you use the screen. The battery life exhausts faster than expected once you have all the features running.

On the brighter side, the images captured by the camera are good to say overall. The colors are vibrant and pleasant to look at.

However, a few users have observed that the photos tend to get a little ‘over-saturated’ and ‘heavy-handed’ sometimes.

The ‘pixel-level’ details are not up to the mark as expected out of the brand ‘Canon’. There are also times when the normal skin tone might appear slightly ‘greener’ under a ‘bad lighting condition.

The Autofocus on T6

The ‘auto-focus’ feature of the Canon rebel t6 is slow under low light conditions. Even the live view focusing speeds are slow.

The camera features the AF point selection which is a ‘single-button’ operation, but it offers only limited AF coverage.

Smartphone users are likely to miss out on the touch-to-focus capability, 20X many focus points, face detection, and faster focusing in live view.

What works for the Canon EOS Rebel t6 wifi

Under the case of a high contrast situation, the highlights tend to get overexposed by the camera. The model’s ‘exposure compensation dial is something that many users will surely appreciate about the camera.

The best part about the canon eos rebel t6 wifi is the ‘Raw capture’ feature. This allows the protected highlights to be exposed, thus allowing the user a wider range of flexibility during the post-processing stage.

The Range of Canon Rebel t6

The range offered by the Canon rebel t6 wifi is quite impressive. With a 100-6400 ISO range, an added advantage is the expandable range to the upper limit of 12,800.

Overall, the Canon wifi rebel t6 is a wonderful camera for a beginner on a budget.

canon rebel t6

Canon has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and innovation of electronics related to imaging technology.

The reason for the brand in maintaining its prime position has been continuous re-invention of the latest that technology has to offer.

This is the main reason why Canon wifi cameras are trusted by the photographers in being able to deliver good results.

Canon T6 external monitor