3 Best Canon 4000D External Microphone

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Canon 4000D External Microphone

Canon 4000d external microphone is now part of the journey for adventurers. Moments are captured the best while being on the move and the sound quality of these moments is as important as the image.

With smartphones becoming our constant electronic companion, it is only obvious for every user to look and be at their best when in front of the camera.

Now, it is normal for people to capture their ‘airport look’, ‘the gym look’, ‘what I ate’, ‘where I went, or ‘say hello to my dog’ look every single time. For this, you need to be camera-ready.

The Canon EOS 4000D is one of the best Canon options to capture both video and ‘voice-over’ tasks simultaneously.

3 Best Canon EOS 4000D External Microphone available in the market

1. Shotgun microphone MAONO CM10S

This comes as one of the best 3 canons 4000D external microphones that checks all the parameters of a good external microphone.

Well, it’s not just about the Microphone and you will also be getting a tripod and an adapter along with this package. While you may not get these add-on accessories with any other brand, this one comes as a real deal.

Be it interviews, vlogs, indoor shots, outdoor shots, YouTube short films and much more, the shotgun Microphone is the best for a DSLR camera type.

One must also keep in mind that these external microphone types are so precise that they can also pick up the background noises.


  • It can be attached on top of the camera
  • Overall a good product
  • It can also be attached to the BOOM pole
  • Audio capture is high quality


  • Background noise can be picked up

2. Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video Microphone Super-Cardioid Condenser On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

Well, here we have another exceptional external microphone for your Canon EOS 4000d and this one also comes loaded with some of the best features on board.

Talking about its specification, this best external microphone for Canon EOS 4000d can also be sued in various other devices like iPhones, Camcorders, androids, Audio recorders and so on.

It is further equipped with a Camera plug-in power feature which can minimize the background levels while taking the need for a battery away in the process.

The microphone also sports a shock absorption shock mount feature which is quite effective in minimizing all that unwanted vibration in the process.

The external microphone also features an off-axis rejection aspect which will let your take off all the unwanted noises and surrounding sounds during the shot.


  • Plug-in power feature
  • Unique shock-free design
  • Reject all the undesirable sounds


  • May pick certain background noises

3. EACHSHOT Video Microphone Mic for Canon Camera

Even though this best canon EOS 4000D external microphone isn’t compatible with the T6 model, it comes with its special features and specification to go for.

This external microphone is made up of high-quality aluminum and this certainly makes it a delicate and cardioids mic altogether.

It is further equipped with a super internal mic which can perfectly assist you during your video recording or shoot in the process. Well, it also sports a back electronic condenser.


  • Made up of high-quality aluminum
  • Inbuilt super mic


  • Not compatible with Canon Rebel T6

Bottom line

We just took you through the 3 of the best external microphones for Canon EOS 4000d and you can pick the one that best suits to your requirements. Well, before you head on for the purchase, ensure checking all the features and specifications for the given products.

Major features and specifications of Canon EOS 4000D

Canon EOS 4000D wifi is a DSLR camera with an easy social-media setting. This is a cool 18-megapixel camera with in-built WiFi.

This camera also has a Sensor that is about 19 times larger as compared to the regular smartphone lens. Also, this camera model from Canon is Instagram-friendly and easy on the budget as well.

The main USP of this model is the ‘WiFi’ feature which allows the users to easily transfer the photographs captured over to a tablet, smartphone or any compatible device.

You can also control the camera through your smartphone, a feature that is much appreciated by users who desire rapid results and live-by-the-moment.

Overall, this DSLR camera is quite a good deal with all the features it boasts of. So, when it comes to adding good sound quality to your videos, you need an external microphone attachment.

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