How to Record D-link Camera to Cloud

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Many of D-link Camera users often come up with the question –of how to record D-link cameras to the cloud. Now, if you are a D-link camera user with the same issue, there are a few things you must be aware of beforehand.

D link Camera Recorder simultaneously records the videos and gives the live view on playback recorded video alongside. Again, it can store that camera video on up to two attached USB external hard drives.

So, you can record the motion-based recording along with the video and high-quality audio. The easy-to-set-up auto camera technology now comes in a compact size to place it anywhere.

Recommended steps regarding how to record D Link camera to the cloud

Step 1. Launch the mydlink app > sign into your account.

Step 2. Tap the menu icon that you can see in the upper left corner.

Step 3. Click on Cloud Recording.

Step 4. Tap Subscribe.

Step 5. choose an Available Plan.

Step 6. Tap Subscribe Now.

Step 7. Click on OK.

Step 8. Tap Next.

Step 9. Make a selection of the camera you want to enable for cloud recording > tap on the tick mark on the top right.

Step 10. Tap the tick symbol that you see on the top right.

Step 11. set up a recording on the camera.

In case you want to add additional cameras with Cloud Recording, you will have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Tap the menu icon that you will see on the top left.

Step 2. Tap on Cloud Recording Optio.

Step 3. Tap the gear icon that will open the settings window.

Step 4. Now, make a selection of the additional camera(s) that you choose to enable Cloud Recording. After doing so, or then tap on the tick mark.

Step 5. Tap on the option Set a Rule.

Step 6. Tap the settings icon once again

Step 7. Click the + that you will find on the bottom right. This will lead to the addition of a rule for the new camera.

Step 8. Select the event that you prefer to add to automation> tap Next

Step 9. Select the action of your choice and then proceed towards adding to your automation> tap Next

Step 10. Tap on the tick button.

Step 11. Now, you can see the set of two Rules for the two cameras.

Why choose Dlink

D-Link takes pride in offering a camera lineup with a higher capability than the lower-end applications.

When you update the HD Wi-Fi cameras for the current D-link camera lineup, it will give affordable and feature-packed home monitoring options.

Moreover, you get cloud recording with Google and Alexa support. The cameras are good enough for adding the current connected home setup.

The all-new MyDlink application will allow users to set up and manage the cameras all in the palm. The Dlink users can now watch the cameras’ live video from anywhere and receive the alerts.

Whenever something suspicious is discovered, it will also give alerts and comprehensive surveillance.

The mydlink application supports free local recording with the micro SD card. So, there are various subscription options available from which the users can choose.


  • How to record on the Dlink camera?

Doing the same is quite easy. All you have to do is select the box field to choose the camera name.

Now, you must type the username and password to access the camera’s web configuration. Choose the OK button, and you will see that the camera gets added to the software.

Now you have to select the option always record, and you can see that the recording starts by itself. Now click on OK.

  • Is the mydlink app available for free?

The myDlink light application will give you free offers and options for connecting to everything you want to watch. So, you will get a similar functionality tailored to the bigger and better iPad or Android tablet screen.

Summing it up

You have reviewed the most appropriate methods and steps for recording the D-link camera to the cloud. Keep checking this space for all the latest updates and news regarding your favorite security gadgets.

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