How Do Doorbell Cameras Work?

How Do Doorbell Cameras WorkHow Do Doorbell Cameras Work

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work? – Overview

Doorbell cameras, also called camera or video doorbells, are doorbells that have an in-built camera system that records the footage that can be viewed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.

In the last decade, video doorbell cameras have become the norm in most homes. Why? Because they make it easy to see and communicate with anyone at the door, whether the homeowner is inside the house or far away.

Some doorbell cameras allow homeowners to communicate with the person at the door, thanks to the built-in mic and speaker. This comes in handy when people get at-home deliveries when they aren’t around, allowing them to inform the couriers when they’ll be back.

Also, a video doorbell can improve the security of a home because homeowners can see who is at the door before opening it. But how exactly do these devices work?

How Do Doorbell Cameras Really Work?

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work

How Do Doorbell Cameras Really Work?

A doorbell camera works like a smart home security camera because it’s connected to WiFi. Also, some of them are connected to existing standard doorbells. When a person at the door presses the doorbell switch, it will chime like a standard doorbell.

However, video doorbells have motion detection, and when they detect someone at the front door, back door, or a couple of meters from the door, they will automatically start recording.

The homeowner will be notified on their PC, smartphone, or tablet that someone is at their front or back door. The homeowner must have previously installed the video doorbell’s companion app on their smartphone to get notifications.

When the homeowner is notified that someone is at their front door, they can click on the notification to view the live stream from the doorbell camera.

A doorbell requires substantial storage space, so it should be linked to a cloud or have a Micro SD card.

Doorbell cameras record in HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), or 4K Ultra HD (2160p), depending on the model and manufacturer. They also have a night mode feature that allows them to take stills and record footage at night clearly.

Since video doorbells are smart, they can be integrated with smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant. This means they can be incorporated into smart home ecosystems and be controlled using smart speakers or smart displays. Regarding smart displays, homeowners can use them to check the live feed from their doorbell cameras.

What is Two-Way Audio On Doorbell Cameras?

Two-way audio implies that the doorbell camera features an inbuilt microphone and loudspeaker. As a result, the homeowner can converse with the person at the door even when they aren’t inside the house.

To use the two-way audio feature, homeowners should use the doorbell camera’s companion app. They can use this feature to advise delivery people whether to leave or go back with their deliveries or call their kids who are playing on the lawn.

They can also use this feature to converse with people at the door before opening it, which helps improve security if they don’t know the person.

How Far Can a Video Doorbell Camera See?

Doorbell cameras have a viewing range of between five and fifty feet. While doorbell cameras with high viewing ranges are better, they can cause homeowners trouble if they reside in a community or city with laws against filming roads and walkways.

What’s Their Field of View of a Video Doorbell Camera?

Field of view is the measurement of how wide of an area a camera’s lens can see. Most video doorbells have a field of view between 150° to 180°, albeit some reach 200°

The larger the field of view, the larger the area a video doorbell lens can see. For instance, a video doorbell with a 180° field of view can see an entire lawn.

What Powers Doorbell Cameras?

Video doorbell cameras can be powered with electricity, albeit borrowing current from the existing doorbell, or have rechargeable batteries.

However, some video doorbells can be connected to solar panels so that the homeowner never has to worry about them running out of juice or not working when there is no power.

The doorbell a homeowner chooses depends on their needs. For instance, a rechargeable battery doorbell is best if a home doesn’t have an existing doorbell. But a wired or solar-powered doorbell is best for homeowners who don’t like recharging batteries.

In conclusion, that’s how a doorbell camera works. There are many options in the market that can confuse homeowners regarding the best one.

However, your primary consideration should be features like the field of view, resolution, night vision, etc.

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