The Truth About Commercial Solar Panel Installation Cost

Commercial Solar Panel Installation CostCommercial Solar Panel Installation Cost

How Much Commercial Solar Panel Installation Cost?

The year 2020 saw a significant surge in the renewable industry sector. This trend is expected to continue through 2021. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) of the US predicts that the proportion of renewable energy used to produce electricity is expected to grow from the current 20% to over 22% by end of 2021. The EIA also estimates that the electric power sector will face a rise in demand of over 15.4 Gigawatts (GW) on the industrial level this year. Additionally, the year 2021 is also expected to witness an increasing dependency on solar energy as the technique is set to contribute over 39% of US electricity demand.

If you are looking to switch to a cleaner source of energy and want to cut back on utility bills simultaneously, then we highly recommend that you install solar power panels at home.

Why choose to install solar panels?

The cost of conventional electricity keeps rising daily resulting in an ever-increasing demand for cheaper and cleaner energy. There are several express benefits that you can expect when you choose to install solar panels for power at home. Some of the major benefits and advantages of choosing solar energy panels for home and work include:

Why choose to install solar panels

Why choose to install solar panels

1 – Cost-efficient energy

Saving money is the biggest benefit to you, as a consumer when you decide to install solar power panels. As compared to industrial and commercial rates, the cost of installing rooftop solar panels is significantly cheaper, by as much as 17% and 27% respectively.

When you install solar energy panels on your building, it supplies the building with sufficient power. This makes conventional grid-based electric connections obsolete for many.

2 – Safe investment

Electricity prices are never stable and tend to increase with time. Hence, it often gets difficult to calculate expenses on electricity over a particular period of time. However, this is not a problem with solar power panels.

The formula to estimate the cost of using solar power panels to generate electricity for homes or offices can be easily calculated. This makes investing in rooftop solar panels a smart choice.

3 – Easily accessible energy

Despite being immensely advanced the conventional power grid is prone to be shut down or malfunctioning often. To prevent loss of production and avoid lack of power you can choose to install rooftop solar panels.

Rooftop solar panels work by harnessing the power of the sun, which makes it an incredibly clean source of energy too.

How much does commercial solar panel installation cost?

The actual cost of commercial solar panel installation varies. There are several different factors that come into play to decide how much solar panel installation would cost a consumer.

How much does commercial solar panel installation cost

How much does commercial solar panel installation cost

The major factors that can affect the cost of installing commercial solar panels include:

1 – Equipment

There are loads of different types of solar panel equipment available in the market today. You have a wide variety when it comes to choosing the type of inverter or batteries you want to go with the solar panels. A larger requirement obviously costs more.

Top-quality commercial-grade solar energy systems come at a higher price but have additional benefits to balance the rise in cost. Additionally, good-quality equipment comes with a warranty and ensures sufficient power generation for all your daily needs.

2 – Permits & Labor

Commercial solar panel systems need to be connected with the conventional power grid. Besides, significant numbers of labor are required to install the solar panels equipment which includes designing the system, planning site visits and the actual installation process. Additionally, you will also require filing for permits of installation. All this adds to the total cost of solar panel installation.

3 – Property

Another factor that affects the cost of installing solar power panels for commercial use is the type and location of the property where the solar power system needs to be installed. Buildings with south-facing rooftops with a 30-degree slope are considered to be ideal for installation as these do not require additional preparation of the site.

How to estimate the cost of commercial solar panel installation?

Installing commercial-grade solar panels helps to ensure seamless, clean and cost-efficient power production. Seeing the different factors that affect the cost of installation, it is highly recommended to choose a leading solar power panel company. Experts at such companies will be able to assess your needs and the property to give you a more accurate estimate of the total cost of solar panel installation.

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