Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review and Price

Canon EOS 1D Mark III ReviewCanon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Canon’s EOS 1D Mark III camera is the latest super-fast, ultra-durable and top-shelf DSLR camera from the world leader.

At first glance, it looks extremely similar to its predecessor, the EOS 1D series cameras, which originated over 20 years ago. However, with a deeper look, you realize that Mark III is tremendously advanced.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Although the EOS 1D Mark III camera may seem big and bulky due to being a double-grip DSLR, it works extremely well as a high-end mirrorless camera in Live View mode.

Besides, the Mark III offers incredibly sharp 8-bit+ JPEG images, as well as AF subject recognition powered by machine learning. The EOS 1D Mark III is also capable of capturing impressive quality videos, such as Internal Raw videos.

Specifications of Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the Canon EOS 1D Mark III DSLR Camera:

Sensor – 20.1 MP full-frame CMOS sensor

Viewfinder – Pentaprism, 20mm eyepoint, 0.76x magnification, 100% coverage

AF Points – Optical 191 points (155 cross-type) phase-detection with AF-dedicated sensor

Image Processor – Digic X

Image size (max) – 5472 x 3648

Metering Modes – Partial, Spot, Evaluative, Center Spot, AF Point-linked Spot, center-weighted average, multi-spot

Video – 4K RAW, 4K UHD, 4K DCI, 4K DCI Cropped at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94 fps / 1080p at (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 120 fps

LCD – 3.2 inches fixed touchscreen with 2.1 million dots

Memory Card – 2x CFexpress 1.0 Type B

Burst (max) – Optical viewfinder 16 fps mechanical shutter / Live View 20 fps mechanical or electronic shutter

Connectivity – Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2), Bluetooth, HDMI mini, headphone jack, external microphone, N3 remote release terminal, gigabit Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T), Flash PC

Dimensions – 158 cm c 167.6 cm x 82.6 cm

Weight – 1,250 grams (body only)

As you can see, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is packed with incredibly advanced specifications that make it one of the most efficient DSLR cameras in its segment.

Features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Now that you know the impressive specifications of the camera, let’s take a closer look at its different features and performance:

What are the Key features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III?

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is built around the quintessential optical viewfinder, despite being packed with incredibly advanced features.

The reason is that the optical viewfinder allows shooting at 16 fps with a mechanical shutter using a 400,000-pixel metering sensor combined with a dedicated Digic 8 processor.

It joins the impressive 191-point Auto Focus (of which 155 are cross-type). This makes it possible to detect faces with Auto Focus tracking.

Key features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Key features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III

In the Live View mode, the Mark III can shoot at 20 fps with a mechanical or electronic shutter using a complete 20.1 million pixels of its CMOS sensor.

This, combined with the powerful Digic X processor and terrific 3,869 Dual Pixel CMOS AF points allows the camera full-eye detection Auto Focus, similar to the popular Canon EOS R model.

Although you may point out that the 20.1 MP sensor of the EOS 1D Mark III is significantly less than Sony A9 II (which has 24.2 MP), it is also lower than its own predecessor, the EOS 1D Mark II (which has 20.2).

The company explains that 20.1 MP is much more efficient in ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the advanced 20.1 MP sensor actually produces remarkably sharper and higher resolution images, as compared to a 24.2 MP sensor.

Talking about video quality, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is able to capture impressive full-width internal 12-bit 4K RAW videos at 5472 x 2886 at up to 30 fps (using 1,800 Mbps bitrate). Besides a large range of 4K crops, the camera can also capture 1080p videos at up to 120 fps using AF/E and tracking.

It can simultaneously record MP4 and RAW videos and store them in separate CFexpress cards.

What is the Control Quality of Canon EOS 1D Mark III like?

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III comes equipped with Smart Controller, which complements (and can even replace) the conventional joystick. The Smart Controller allows you to move your Auto Focus points around at high speeds.

How is the Handling of Canon EOS 1D Mark III?

The Mark III is almost identical to its predecessor series, the Mark I and Mark II. The reason behind this is that it allows people who are used to the Mark I series of the 1980s to handle the Mark III with equal ease.

The Smart Controller is a revolutionary AF point selection technology. As compared to conventional joysticks, the Smart Controller allows swift and precise movements of AF points over the entire frame.

This technology is set to revolutionize the DSLR industry in the near future, according to the company.

Although the body is similar in layout, the redesigned magnesium alloy chassis makes the Mark III incredibly durable and lightweight at the same time.

How Does the Canon EOS 1D Mark III perform?

Although many may believe that the 20.1MP sensor is smaller than most competitors, the impressive picture quality offered by the Mark III is more than sufficient proof of its superb performance. Empirically, the images may not be as sharp as that from a 24MP sensor. They are definitely sharper as compared to other cameras in the same sensor range.

The camera can capture crisp, movie-like 4K videos in full-frame cropping. It comes packed with an impressive electronic stabilizer to produce extremely high-quality videos.


To conclude, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III camera is lightweight and extremely powerful. Its 20.1MP sensor can capture stunning images and cinematic videos with ease.

Thanks to the extremely similar design, the Mark III can be used with utmost ease even if you’re used to the original Mark I series Canon DSLR cameras. Its advanced AutoFocus system allows you to click professional-quality pictures.

We highly recommend the Canon EOS 1D Mark III DSLR Camera for professional photographers looking for a reliable second camera and for amateurs who are learning the tricks of photography.

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