Difference Between 5GE vs 5G

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5GE vs 5G – Overview

5GE signifies 5G Evolution. AT & T put on this level on some of their phones to simply indicate that it is connected to a 5G Evolution network. If one device is displaying 5G and the other one is 5GE, that means they are connected to two different networks.

Even if both the devices are using AT &T network and are in the same location they can be connected to different networks. 

5GE and 5G

5G Evolution may sound like a type of 5G network. However, that is not the real case. It is a name simply used by A & T to indicate the 4G LTE-A service. A & T started using this term since the year 2018.

The idea of 5GE under the 5G umbrella has caused criticism. It has also caused legal sanctions from Sprint. Most service providers call this 5GE network advanced LTE. Service provider companies like T-Mobile or Verizon named this technology as LTE+ network.

What Is 5GE?

5GE indicates the 5th Generation Evolution. It is actually another name for the advanced version of LTE. 5GE was basically a marketing strategy by AT & T. However, it made the customers more confused about their technology.

Even though 5GE is not a real 5G service, it can offer a better speed and quality than a standard 4G network. It utilizes advanced technologies like MIMO and 256QAM configuration.

Customers can enjoy the 5GE network on any smartphone device. They do not need any special device to enjoy this network. The average speed of this network is somewhere around 28 Mbps.

You can consider it an improved and advanced version of the regular LTE network. Some service provider companies can call this LTE+ or LTE advanced technology as well. 

Connecting to a 5GE network is the same as connecting to a regular LTE network. You will only need a smartphone that supports the LTE+ network. You can only see the LTE+ or 5GE sign on your phone when you are connected to the network. It entirely depends on your internet service provider.

What Is 5G?

5G generally indicates the fifth-generation mobile network. In today’s market, 5G is the most advanced mobile service available. After 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, it is the new global wireless standard.

5G services can offer you 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps download speed which is faster than all other available network services. A wide spectrum of wavelength is the source of its reliability and speed.

You can only enjoy 5G services in a new smartphone model that supports a 5G network. This network can connect different objects, devices, and machines virtually with each other and help them to communicate.

This wireless technology can deliver ultra-low latency, multi-Gbps data speed, massive network capacity, more reliability, increased availability, and a better user experience to the customers. New users can have a better experience with a higher performance level. 5G network can also help to connect different industries. 

Difference Between 5GE and 5G | 5GE vs 5G

Difference Between 5GE vs 5G

Difference between 5GE and 5G – 5GE vs 5G

5GE is nothing but a marketing term given by AT & T. It is just another name for an advanced 4G LTE network. 5GE services are widely available, and you can enjoy their services on your existing smartphone devices.

However, the 5G network is the latest generation of mobile network technology. All the major network service providers use the term 5G to indicate this latest technology. It is way faster than the 4G network. 5G network is not widely available yet. To enjoy their network services you must use an updated smartphone that supports a 5G network. 


The 5GE network can offer an average download speed of 30 Mbps and a peak download speed of 1 Gbps. The latency in the 5GE network is less than 5ms. However, the 5G network can offer an average download speed of 500 Mbps and a peak download speed of 20 Gbps. The latency in the 5G network is less than 1 ms.

Compatibility and Availability

The 5GE services are available almost everywhere, and you can enjoy their services on your existing smartphone. However, the 5G services are available only in major cities. You have to buy a newly updated device that supports 5G to enjoy its network.

Different hardware is required to make a device 5G compatible. Even if your device is in the 5G range, that does not make it an actual 5G device. With this device, you may not be able to enjoy 5G network speed.


5G is the best quality and the fastest available network in the market. However, it is a bit costly. To enjoy the 5G network speed, you have to buy a new smartphone with the updated model. Whereas 5GE is a widely available network service that anyone can experience on their existing smartphones. 5GE services are available almost everywhere.

Whereas 5G is still not available except in a few major cities. That makes the 5GE network way more popular than the 5G network service.

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