6 of the Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One

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Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One

The best external hard drive for Xbox One is a great investment to complete your gaming setup. It’s still an essential piece of equipment.

With the vast library of Xbox games that can now be played on this generation and the Xbox Series X or Series S, you’ll be well-served during this fantastic cross-generation period.

If you fill up the console’s SSD and move items around, this is far faster than re-downloading them.

With these external hard drives, you may also transfer your existing Xbox One content across when you upgrade.

The following post contains the best external hard drives, so go over to discover which ones perform best for your requirement.

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One – List of the Top 6

The aged Xbox One line of consoles continues to give fantastic gaming experiences to millions of users, even with the debut of the powerful Xbox Series X and sleek Xbox Series S.

Space for downloading and playing video games is always a worry, especially with older Xbox One systems that may have less capacity.

We’ve already covered all you need to know about selecting and utilizing an external drive with your Xbox One, but it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad when it comes to selecting the ideal drive.

These are the finest external drives for Xbox One right now, whether you’re searching for a low-cost, high-capacity HDD or a super-fast, future-proofed SSD.

The top Xbox One external hard drives are listed here, balancing price and performance.

1. WD_BLACK 1TB P50 Game Drive SSD

WD_BLACK 1TB P50 Game Drive SSD

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One – WD_BLACK 1TB P50 Game Drive SSD

The WD Black P50 SSD is pretty much all you need. What a strong package it is.

Starting at the top, the P50 is a rectangular-shaped drive roughly the size of a smallish (at least in today’s terms) Smartphone.

One of the short ends has a small but visible LED indication, which is always useful, but one minor drawback is that it gets a bit warm when in use, so take that in mind while deciding where to put it.

When it comes to speeds, what you’re told and what happens are almost identical. Its remarkable performance for an external SSD and quoted rates of ‘up to 2000MB/s’ was spot on.

In terms of real-world performance, the P50 delivers all you’d expect from a high-quality external SSD.

It’s a guaranteed SSD that will improve your gaming experience by minimizing the amount of time you spend waiting for loading screens and increasing the amount of time you spend playing.

While the P50 costs a little extra, it’s well worth it. It’s difficult to overlook this as the strongest SSD competitor among Xbox One external hard drives.

Key Features

  • 4TB Storage Capacity
  • Up to 2000mbps
  • USB 3.2 connectivity
  • Shock-resistant
  • High-performance SSD
  • Built for Gamers

2. Seagate 8TB Game External Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One - Seagate Game External Hard Drive

Seagate Game External Hard Drive

This officially branded external hard drive on Xbox One comes in an 8 TB option giving you a choice depending on if you want to go for media storage or games.

It’s essentially a standard Seagate drive in a flashier shell, and you’ll pay around $200 more for the embossed Xbox logo.

It’s still a terrific option if your budget allows it and aesthetics are important to you.

You can easily take care of your storage demands and make deleting old games a thing of the past with an enormous 8TB capacity. 

Moreover, the drive is also capable of storing more than 200+ games. Game-save data and downloadable content can both benefit from the extra space on the Game Drive Hub for Xbox.

Key Features

  • 8TB Storage Capacity
  • 140 Mb/s Transfer Speed
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • High Capacity Hard Drive
  • Compact Design
  • Dual Port

3. Silicon Power A62 External Hard Drive

This is a great value option for those seeking a tough-as-nails hard drive with decent and reliable transfer rates. Furthermore, the speed and design of this external hard drive are very excellent.

It’s a sturdy piece with a lot of weight to it. This gives it the appearance of being able to withstand a few drops or bumps around the house.

The drive is shockproof, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant, putting a strong focus on durability.

A rubber bumper is also present on the outside. This improves grip while driving and adds a layer of protection to the drive.

When on the go, the rubber breaks away from various portions (safely) to act as a holder for the USB cable. A small USB port cover is also included, which is a lovely touch for storage.

In the hard drive department, this is an all-around good purchase.

It’s incredibly easy to set up and operate, and the transfer speeds are very fast, even if you’re just using it as an Xbox One external hard drive.

The Armor A62 also comes with a three-year warranty that covers all servicing and technical support. 1 x Silicon Power Armor A62 External Hard Drive and 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Cable are included in the box.

Key Features

  • 5TB Storage Capacity
  • Up to 5Gbps Transfer Speed
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 Connectivity
  • Stylish and Slim Exterior Design
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant Protections
  • Military-grade Shockproof

4. Seagate 4 TB Expansion Hard Drive

Seagate 4 TB Expansion Hard Drive

Seagate 4 TB Expansion Hard Drive

The new Seagate Expansion is a small, lightweight drive that fits easily into your purse or pocket.

The top-of-the-line 2TB disc is an easy recommendation for anyone in need of portable storage.

However, if your games are large, the drive is also available in 4, 6, and 8-TB models, each at a different price.

The Seagate Expansion 4TB is USB 3.0 compatible and provides far more capacity than you’ll ever require.

It’s the best option for the Xbox One enthusiast who only wants to buy one hard drive and never worries about storage.

The Seagate Expansion 8TB weighs 2.1 lbs and has a 6.93 x 4.72 x 1.46 inches dimension.

However, compared to similar high-capacity external hard drives, it is lighter.

The 8TB disc requires an additional power adapter (provided in the box), but it is surprisingly attractive for such a massive device.

Key Features

  • 4TB Storage Capacity
  • 5.0 Gbps on USB 3.0 / 480 Mbps on USB 2.0
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Xbox One Compatible

5. WD 5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

WD 5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One – WD 5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

The Western Digital 5TB My Passport series is one of our top selections for the best Xbox One external hard drive.

This USB 3.0 (and USB 2.0) compatible hard drive comes with 256-AES encryption and cloud storage, as well as WD’s backup software.

You should also think about the 2TB version (which is still more than large enough for most people).

However, with the increased size of 4K games and Xbox One X ownership, this is the greatest method to future-proof oneself.

In actuality, all you need to know is that it strikes the perfect balance of size, speed, and price.

This 5TB external hard drive can store up to 40 Xbox One X games or more. It’s a beast, and with a three-year limited guarantee, you have every reason to be confident in your purchase.

There’s also a 2TB version, but 5TB feels like the best deal. Furthermore, the new design is outstanding, and stylish and maintains all of the positive aspects of the previous design in a sleek new style.

Key Features

  • 5TB Storage Capacity
  • Up to 5Gpbs Transfer Speed
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 Connectivity
  • 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption
  • Small Size
  • Password Protection feature

6. Toshiba Canvio Gaming External Hard Drive

Another excellent option for the Xbox One external hard drive is this one. The Toshiba Canvio Gaming is a gorgeous piece of equipment with a clean appearance and a nice logo on top.

It doesn’t require any additional power and works by simply plugging into the USB port on your Xbox One console.

It features read and write speeds that are comparable to all of the other drives on this list, as well as a normal two-year guarantee.

Password security and automated file backup are useful features that boost this model over our previous budget recommendation, the Canvio Basics if you wish to use it for PC as well.

The Advance’s only significant flaw is that it doesn’t come in a green hue, meaning it won’t match your console. You may, however, acquire black, which looks good next to most Xbox consoles.

Key Features

  • 4 TB Storage Capacity
  • 100-140 Mbps Transfer Speed
  • USB 3.0/2.0/C Connectivity
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Feature Always-On Mode
  • Xbox One Compatible
Toshiba Canvio Gaming External Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio Gaming External Hard Drive

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