6 Best Apps for Chromebook

Best Apps for Chromebook Best Apps for Chromebook

Best Apps for Chromebook – Overview

A Chromebook is not simply a laptop. It can handle a wide array of tasks as the Chrome OS can rival any mid-level Microsoft or Apple laptop. The best Chromebooks offer true value for money.

Manufacturers are also hopping on the popularity bandwagon and making their Chromebooks even more advanced and efficient.

On average, a reliable Chromebook laptop can be bought for anywhere between US$500 to US$ 600, with higher and lower-priced versions also available.

This is a great way to save money when buying laptops for personal or professional use.

Chromebooks are app-based laptops and have numerous types of apps available for use in the Google Play Store and App Store.

To make your work smoother, more efficient and convenient, it is advisable to have a pack of essential apps that can help you achieve maximum productivity.

To help you decide, we have listed the best apps for Chromebooks in 2022.

Must-have Apps for Chromebook

Here’s our list of the best apps for Chromebook:

1 – Evernote

Evernote is an extremely efficient app that helps take down short notes and reminders. This is an excellent digital diary.

Evernote also works as a secure place to store every important reminder or note with password access. This app also allows users to access their notes when in offline mode too.

The touch-friendly user interface in Chromebook works excellently for Evernote. It can also generate notes quickly through an optional notification feature, which is one-of-its-kind.

If you are looking for an app that lets you create quick notes and keep them secure, then this app is perfect for you.

Highlights of Evernote

  • Access files anytime and from anywhere
  • Attach images, scanned photos and notes on the move
  • Easily share data through multiple platforms
  • Password protected app for maximum security

2 – Solid Explorer and File Manager

Solid Explorer for NeatBytes is excellent for exploring files stored in your Chromebook. This app helps to manage files on the device and access them within seconds.

The app features high-level security protocols that use end-to-end encryption to protect all your data.

This app also helps you manage your files and data through internet cloud space. It also allows users to create cloud backup of their data anytime and anywhere.

Highlights of Solid Explorer and File Manager

  • Dual page layout helps manage files more efficiently
  • Full end-to-end encryption module
  • Convenient cloud backup for device data
  • Easily analyze storage status
  • Organize remote files effectively

3 – Office Suite Pro

Much like Microsoft Office for Windows users, every Chromebook user needs to have an office automation app on their device.

OfficeSuite Pro is considered to be one of the best alternatives for the Microsoft Office software suite, especially for Chromebook. The OfficeSuite features numerous essential apps, such as slides, sheets, documents, etc.

OfficeSuite Pro offers remarkably fast operation and also contains additional features that enhance the use of cloud space for Chromebook users.

This version features an integrated PDF reader that allows users to edit documents easily.

The OfficeSuite Pro is an extremely popular office automation software suite and over 20 million users from more than 195 countries use OfficeSuite Pro regularly.

Highlights of OfficeSuite Pro

  • Password protection for files
  • Multiple author support for documents and sheets
  • Documents contain Format Painter for efficient formatting
  • Directly insert pictures from the camera or use an external image file
  • Easy to insert Conditional Formatting, Filter, Import Image, Define Name, Save as CSV and Edit Chart in Sheets
  • Supports PDF features, such as radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, etc.
  • Legacy formats compatible for .DOC, .PPT, .XLS as well as .ODF file formats

4 – Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is yet another excellent app from Microsoft, designed for use by Chromebook users.

This app is more than sufficient to handle organizational tasks, such as capturing ideas, taking notes and organizing your data in general.

OneNote is excellent for creating documents quickly. You can add images, charts, graphs and other similar media to your notes to make planning and organizing more effective.

The app also allows users to share files with editing or read-only mode. This is one of the best alternatives for the Microsoft Office suite because of its incredible efficiency and optimal integration.

Highlights of Microsoft OneNote

  • Organize data more efficiently
  • Capture and create content quickly
  • Works incredibly well with Microsoft
  • Easy to share data for smoother collaboration

5 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar also ranks on our list of the best apps for Chromebook in 2021. This is a productivity-enhancing tool that works equally well online and offline to organize your daily tasks.

The app allows you to create detailed reminders of events, such as color-coded tags, time settings and location features.

Google Calendar can be easily synchronized with numerous other apps on your Chromebook.

The offline access mode is especially helpful for Chromebook users who are often in situations without reliable internet connectivity.

Highlights of Google Calendar

  • Get real-time notifications
  • Manage tasks with enhanced efficiency
  • Discover innovative ways to communicate with team members and coworkers

6 – Messenger

The Messenger app is an excellent alternative to conventional instant messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger or Google Hangout.

Messenger for Android helps to ensure instant and smooth communication at all times.

This is a simple-to-use communication app and excellent to communicate swiftly with collaborators and coworkers across different regions.

Highlights of Messenger

  • New Vanish Mode
  • Customizable privacy setting
  • Chat in group mode
  • Create custom reactions for replies
  • Attach GIFs, emojis, videos and customizable content with chat


This is our list of the best apps for Chromebooks. These apps are designed to enhance the efficiency of use and to ensure optimal productivity from users.

These office automation, communication and organizing apps are incredibly helpful in ensuring smooth, efficient and streamlined daily work.

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