5 Reasons To Buy An External Monitor For Nikon D3500

External Monitor for Nikon D3500External Monitor for Nikon D3500

External Monitor for Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 external monitor can effectively help you take your photography aspirations to the next level.

While the camera itself brings some unmatched features onboard, the inclusion of an efficient external monitor goes as the perfect icing on the cake.

Now, some photographers and filmmakers can bring perfection to their photography without any add-on accessories. Yet, the addition of a Nikon D3500 external monitor makes things easier and more convenient for the end user.

Didn’t find it convincing enough? Well, take a sneak peek at the below pointers that explain the significance of the Nikon D3500 external monitor for your photography aspirations.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an External Monitor for Nikon D3500

External Monitor for Nikon D3500

Reasons to Buy an External Monitor for Nikon D3500

1. Enhanced image and video quality

You can always stay assured of an improvised picture and video quality while bringing a Nikon D3500 external monitor into play.

This is because a 10-bit video recording (with the external monitor) brings along bigger and better color information per RGB channel in comparison to an 8-bit (without the external monitor).

You may not notice the difference while shooting in low-lit conditions with limited color shades in the background.

Yet, when it comes to shooting on a bright and sunny day with the background having more shades of the same color, the difference is evident.

Let’s say you are carrying on the shoot during the golden hour. That time, you can figure out countless shades of red and pink color. So, if you are not using a Nikon D3500 external monitor, you can only capture 256 shades per channel (RGB) with its 8-bit video capturing capability.

Now, think of capturing the same moment with a Nikon D3500 external monitor (with enhanced 10-bit video capturing capability).

The camera can now easily capture 1024 shades of the same color during the shooting. So, just by adding an external monitor, you can capture 4x shades of a given color. Isn’t that amazing?

Having said that, we must also mention that every camera comes with its limitations in terms of recording capability. So, you may not find that 8-bit video recording capability in every camera available in the market.

That’s where using a Nikon D3500 external monitor can help you to cover up for this lag quite efficiently.  Even when you are using a high-end DSLR, its capabilities can be enhanced by bringing an external monitor into play.

2. Accurate monitoring of the desired shot

With all the recent innovations and advancements in technology,  photography lovers have witnessed the arrival of some high-end camera gear and accessories.

You can find bigger sensors, lenses, and other stuff that can take your photography aspirations to a whole new level.

Even though you have to pay a good cost to it, the investment eventually brings that much-required perfection to your captured shot. Discussing the Nikon D3500 external monitor allows you to bring that add-on monitoring tool to your existing camera.

Moreover, you cannot deny the importance of waveforms and scopes in image grading. While the Nikon D3500 does have its unique camera features, it may not offer the required monitoring efficiency when and wherever required.

So, just by adding that external monitor, you can pay attention to critical aspects like brightness, focus, and chrominance. Besides, it will help you to load in Look Up Tables (LUTs)- another essential color space mapping feature.

3. Bringing XLR audio inputs into play

You may not find the much-required XLR audio input feature in all those entry-level DSLRs. Hence, opting for a Nikon D3500 external monitor with the required feature instead of buying an upgraded camera comes over as a perfect and cost-effective alternative.

Now, before you proceed with the purchase of an external monitor, check whether the device is equipped with the mentioned feature.

4. A perfect backup to your capture shots

As you record with both the camera and Nikon D3500 external monitor, you are providing a perfect backup option for all of your shots. You may not find it convincing enough, yet it may come critical in case the recording or storage feature of the camera gets corrupted.

This further becomes crucial at times when you are shooting for a client or agency. So, besides facilitating you with the perfect monitoring feature, the external monitor backs you up as a storage device.

5. Low Compression with enhanced Codecs

Most of the external monitors sport low-compression ProRes codec features. These codecs can facilitate high data rates and color space- something that makes it a standard for every external monitor around.

Discussing the commonly used ProRes formats, you can include ProRes 422HQ, ProRes 422, and ProRes LT in the list.

 The bottom line for the Nikon D3500 external monitor

The reasons to opt for a Nikon D3500 external monitor could be many. Yet, you must stay watchful about the features and capabilities of these devices before making a purchase.

Moreover, let us know if you want us to cover more such topics in future posts.

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