3 Things To Look For In Nikon D3400 External Monitor

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Nikon D3400 External Monitor

Nikon D3400 external monitor comes in handy for several reasons. Besides letting you get a bigger screen to preview your shots, it facilitates the manual focus process smoothly and easily.

Especially when shooting TV shows or movies, the team can have a detailed preview of the video footage via an external monitor.

Nikon D3400 has some exquisite features and specifications, although some photographers may find its autofocus feature a bit embarrassing. Nikon D3400 external monitor can also enhance your accuracy while working with autofocus.

Let’s examine certain pointers and elements to help you decide which Nikon D3400 external monitor to use.

Factors to consider while choosing the best  Nikon D3400  external monitor

1. Compatibility with the camera

You cannot pick a Nikon D3400 external monitor without checking its compatibility with the camera. This way, you can stay assured of getting all the desired services from the external monitor. Feelworld is a leading external camera screen and you possibly can’t go wrong with it.

Hence, you must check whether the external camera screen and camera are compatible in terms of Resolution offered, Frame rates offered, and Connectors in use.

The Nikon D3400 boasts flawless high-res video capability. Additionally, it offers Hi-Speed USB connectivity and HDMI output with the provided Micro-USB connector and Type C HDMI connector, respectively.

In terms of video recording, the Nikon D3400 offers a 1080p quality. The same capability is sometimes referred to as Full HD and sports a resolution of 1920×1080. Talking about the framerate, in 1080p, the Nikon D3400 can easily shoot at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 frames per second (fps)

So, when you think of buying the best Nikon D3400 external monitor, check whether or not it is going well with all the above-mentioned aspects of the camera.

2. Better Resolution and Brightness

As you are looking for the best Nikon D3400 external monitor, you must not disregard the resolution and brightness aspects. In layman’s language, better resolution facilitates a sharper image or video shot.

The resolution thing is majorly co-related to the screen size i.e., a smaller screen can do well even with a lower resolution, as the pixel density makes it look sharper anyway.

A larger screen, on the other side, demands higher resolutions. So, while you are going out to buy a full-fledged Nikon D3400 external monitor, going for a screen size between 5-9″ would work well with the resolution capabilities of the Nikon D3400.

The screen size of the Nikon D3400 external monitor must bring along the perfect resolution, right according to your photography needs.

The brightness of the Nikon D3400 external monitor, on the other hand, can bring a lot of difference to your photography aspirations.

Being a photographer, you may have to shoot around sunny or well-lit conditions. So, the brightness needs to be right on point to help you see the screen.

3. Other add-on monitoring tools and accessories

Besides having the best Nikon D3400 external monitor on your side, you can further think of going for add-on monitoring tools like LUT, HDR, and waveforms.

Now, before putting those add-on monitoring tools in use, you have to bring in certain adjustments to the Nikon D3400 camera settings.

Zoom-in or punch-in settings are helpful to check focus before you tap on that Record button, especially if the Nikon D3400 external monitor is capable of drawing a full 4K feed to display on its Full HD screen.

This is when add-on monitoring tools like vectorscope, waveforms, false color and RGB parade will assist you in enhancing the brightness and color within the captured shot.

All or most of these add-on monitoring options are way better than what you get as a built-in feature in various cameras. Even though the Nikon D3400 offers most of the required monitoring tools, you may not get the desired quality, resolution, or customization.

So, as you are looking forward to that perfect exposure and focus with your shots, these monitoring tools will come in handy.

LUT (lookup table)

LUT allows the person to preview the image with all the applied edits and basic grades. Most of the  Nikon D3400 external monitor available in the market comes with default options for common log profiles (C-Log, S-Log3, etc.).

Yet, only the best ones would let you customize the LUTs according to your photography aspirations. Besides, you can ensure that the exposure and color within the image go right according to your expectations.

HDR (High dynamic range)

The Nikon D3400 doesn’t have HDR options, so you may have to look for that as an added feature in the Nikon D3400 external monitor.

You may not call it a must-have for your Nikon D3400 photography, but it still can add some more dimensions to the captured shot. You can use HDR and then bring on the Nikon D3400 external monitor for grading while connecting it to an external device that supports HDR.

You may not get that top-grade HDR grading, yet you will be able to bring that satisfactory HDR finishing to the shot.

The bottom line for Nikon D3400 external monitor

The Nikon D3400 brings along a Fixed Type 3.00″ LCD screen with a resolution of 921k dots. So, you may have to bring the best Nikon D3400 external monitor in play to get that perfect preview of your shots.

Yet, before you go ahead with the purchase, having a detailed overview of all the factors and pointers mentioned above is highly recommended.

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