5 Best Microphone For YouTube Vlogging

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Best Microphone for YouTube Vlogging

Using the best microphone for YouTube Vlogging can help you increase your YouTube channel’s reach and subscriber base.

While your viewers can forgive you for poor video quality, they can’t be so forgiving for poor sound quality. Video editing only takes you so far regarding YouTube; you need the proper equipment.

Hence, it’s always recommended to invest in some good microphones that can enhance the sound quality of your YouTube vlogs. Still, the question is, how and where do you find the best microphone for YouTube vlogging?

Well, it all depends on your chosen genre for your YouTube videos. While a Wireless microphone is handy for random interviews or discussion-related videos, the shotgun microphones are highly recommended for travel and food vlogging.

Best microphone for YouTube Vlogging

Microphone nameVolume control optionFrequency response Windshield
Blue YetiYes22 kHz to 192 kHz.Yes
Rode Rodelink Filmmaker KitYes20 Hz to 20 kHzYes
Movo Edge-DI-Duo Wireless LavalierYes35 Hz to 14 kHzYes
Audio-Technica ATR 3350No50 – 18,000HzYes
Rode VideoMic GOYes100Hz-16KHzYes

The below-mentioned list brings on some cool microphones that can add a whole new dimension to your Vlogging experience.

Recommended list of best microphones for YouTube Vlogging

best microphones for YouTube Vlogging

Best microphones for YouTube Vlogging – Recommended list

 1. Blue Yeti

There are various reasons for you to consider Blue Yeti as the best microphone for YouTube Vlogging. Besides boasting exceptional sound quality, it’s affordable and easy to use.

Almost every other famous Vlogger on YouTube can be seen using this masterpiece in their videos.

The front panel of the mic contains a volume control option along with a cough/mute button. On the back end, you can locate a gain dial and pattern selector.

The three-capsule system accommodates four recording patterns just to match up with your respective vlogging requirements.

2. Rode Rodelink Filmmaker Kit

This comes as a high-quality wireless mic system that carries all the big capabilities to take your vlogging experience to a new level. Although you may find its price on the higher side, the output quality makes it worth every penny.

The system brings along three main components: the receiver, which attaches to your camera with the help of the provided cable; the transmitter, which can be easily attached to your belt or side pocket, and a broadcast-quality Lavalier microphone.

The Filmmaker Kit is capable of functioning across eight channels, each with 1,000 transmission frequencies.

Now, this means that you can use two kits that are further using the same channel without creating any interference.

This device also uses 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, which is accessible across every part of the globe without a license.

3. Movo Edge-DI-Duo Wireless Lavalier

This device can go perfectly with all the iOS devices and gimbal stabilizers for smartphones like the DJI OM 4, and further transmits signal up to 200 feet at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Besides, its Dual channel selection offers mono and stereo modes and different options for volume control, gain adjustment, and headphone monitoring.

Besides all the other exceptional features, this best microphone for YouTube vlogging further sports a wireless receiver that features a Lightning jack that plugs right into your camera or Smartphone.

So, just in case you are planning your next Travel or Food vlog, this is the right deal to go with.

4. Audio-Technica ATR 3350

If the budget comes as a constraint to your Vlogging, this Lavalier mic is surely the ideal choice. It runs on a switchable power unit that is powered by an LR44 button cell. Still, the device is capable of offering a broader frequency response that runs from 50Hz to 18 kHz.

Besides, you will get a 6m cable that can be easily adjusted while capturing your required shot. So, regardless of whether you are shooting a travel vlog or an interview session, you can easily walk along in and out of the frame while wearing it.

The package also includes a foam windshield that is quite efficient during indoor usage. Still, if your purpose requires you to move out, it’s worth investing in a dead cat or a small furry mud puff instead.

The quality of the microphone is reasonable during random sound recording sessions. Besides, there’s an omnidirectional polar pattern that can help you to pick up sound from any given direction.

The design is quite apt for outdoor usage and if you generally indulge in Travel or adventure vlogging, this is the right deal for you.

5. Rode VideoMic GO

Best Microphone for YouTube Vlogging – Rode VideoMic GOAs we are talking of the best microphone for YouTube vlogging under budget, this microphone from Rode can certainly be added to the list. It’s powered by plug-in power from the camera’s mic socket, so you need not bring along a battery.

Still, there are no switches on board to ease out the output or change polar patterns and this can be termed as the only downside of this device.

The mic also boasts a foam windscreen to lessen the wind noise. Still, we would recommend using a separate windjammer for windy conditions.

Speaking of the frequency response, it runs from 100Hz to 16KHz.Still, there is no lack of bass, so you will find each of your recordings rich enough. The mic is easy to use and affordable in every sense.

The bottom line for the best microphone for YouTube Vlogging

All the best microphones for YouTube Vlogging in the above-mentioned list are picked according to the reviews and responses received from millions of global users.

Remember, shooting YouTube videos for fun is quite different than shooting them to get paid with YouTube monetization. If you are going to have a professional YouTube channel, you need professional equipment to stand in the crowd.

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