Is the Canon Powershot SX730 Good for Vlogging?

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Canon Powershot SX730 for Vlogging

With the growing popularity of Smartphones, people have completely forgotten about the need for a digital camera. A smartphone boasts a high-end lens to capture and record quality videos.

For professionals, there are good options in the digital camera range, such as Canon Powershot SX730. “Is the Canon Powershot SX730 good for Vlogging?” is what makes you confused, and the answer lies within this article.

The Canon Powershot SX730 is the newest travel-friendly digital camera that fits in a compact size.

The camera does offer the same set of features as its predecessor with a few noticeable improvements, which is why it is considered the best pocket-sized camera for casuals and pro-users.

The camera houses a powerful 40x Optical Zoom lens within a super-sleek design. The small-size lens of the camera doesn’t ask for extra space to store.

You can store it anywhere you want with its pocket-friendly design. The camera’s design is quite ergonomic, which makes it very comfortable. It also features rubber gripping to hold it tightly.

Auto-focus with continuous focus allows you to capture the shot from a very close distance of just 1cm. The same camera can take perfect shots from a far distance with a 40x zoom capacity.

It comes with a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor powered by Digi 6 image processor. It can give you the best image quality with ultra-sharp resolution.

With an extra-large 3.0” LCD screen, you can set the frame and can view your photos and videos on this screen.

It’s a tilting screen at 180 degrees. You can easily adjust the screen while recording a video or taking a far-angle shot.

The mode dial of the camera is located on the front side for easy handling of the modes. The zoom frame assist button of the camera is placed on the backside of the camera.

The zoom button and the shutter button are located on the top side of the camera for quick capturing of the scenes.

To make it more convenient, the camera features a quick video recording button. The availability of the video recording button makes it an ideal option for vloggers who can start recording of their videos quickly by pressing the button.

The on/ off switch is also there within hands-reach to turn on and turn off the camera.

What makes the Canon Powershot SX730 Camera a reliable option for Vloggers is it features multiple selfie modes for taking selfies and recording videos.

You can make use of self-portrait mode, tone adjustment, skin tone, and many other functions using the settings menu.

For quick sharing of your photos and videos, it comes with always-on Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi compatibility. You can share photos and videos wirelessly between the devices.

The Canon Smart Connect app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can also connect this camera to your Smartphone for easy control through your mobile phone.

Unlike high-end cameras, this budget-friendly pocket-sized camera can shoot videos at full HD resolution i.e., with 1080 pixels.

Since the camera has built-in image stabilization and an image processor, it can give you the best quality photos every time you use it.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 40x optical zoom with zoom framing assist
  • Autofocus, object tracking, flashlight, etc. are available
  • Records high-quality videos at 1080 pixels
  • 3 Megapixel^ CMOS sensor with Digi 6 image processor
  • Ergonomic design with pocket-friendly size
  • Easy-to-use control dialer for managing the shots and video recording
  • Dedicated Quick Video Recording Button
  • Extra-large LCD tilting screen

In general, it’s an all-rounder camera pack with all the features and functions that you may want for your professional work.

It gives you full freedom to record high-quality videos and take distance shots with ease.

Before you finalize your choice, we would like you to follow the drawbacks or limitations of this camera, which are listed below:

Limitations of Canon Powershot SX730

  • The built-in touchscreen of the Powershot SX730 is not touch-sensitive. You have to control the shooting mode of the camera manually. You cannot make changes to the settings using the screen. You have to control it using the built-in physical buttons.
  • The camera can capture only standard JPEG images and not RAW images. It is not an ideal option for professional photographers. You will get what you capture. You can’t edit the photos as you won’t get RAW files of the images.
  • The USB cable is not provided. You have to deal with limited connectivity options when it comes to sharing data between devices.
  • The camera can record videos at 1080 pixels and not 4K. Most new buyers want a camera with 4K compatibility, but here, you will get 1080 pixels of compatibility.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon Powershot SX730 HS is undoubtedly one of the best cameras on the market which is there for casual users and pro-users.

A few features and functions of the camera make this edition of Powershot a unique option for professional vloggers.

Vloggers can record quick videos with the dedicated video recording button.

It can also adjust the camera’s focus with auto-focus and can take shots from a very close distance of less than 1cm to a very far distance using its fixed 40x Optical Zoom Lens.

The Powershot SX730 HS comes within your budget and will give you the best photo-capturing and video-recording features of a high-end DSLR camera. Go for it. You will not be disappointed!

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